Pet owner who heard teens LAUGHING after bashing her dog to death moved by stranger’s powerful gift

By Jackson Barron and Levi Parsons For Daily Mail Australia

09:09 18 Oct 2020, updated 09:09 18 Oct 2020

  • Patricia Pendergast had her foxy jack russell Mim beaten to death by four teens
  • The local neighbourhood watch said the dog was violently beaten with a pole 
  • Anne Scott offered to re-home her dog Missy to her after hearing her tragic story
  • Ms Pendergast said she was thankful for Ms Scott’s gift while grieving for Mim
  • Police are still investigating the ugly incident but no charges have been laid 

A pet owner whose Jack Russell was beaten to death with a pole by a gang of teenagers has been gifted a new dog by a kind stranger.

Patricia Pendergast’s pet dog, Mim, was killed by four teenagers aged between 14 and 16 in the front yard of her home in Riverview in Ipswich, Queensland, on Tuesday.

Ms Pengergast rushed outside in the middle of the night to investigate after hearing the youths laughing, only to find her seven-year-old pooch lifeless on the ground.

The horrific story sent shock waves through the community and prompted a fellow dog lover to offer Ms Pendergast a precious gift.

Anne Scott contacted Ms Pendergast and offered to re-home her Foxy Jack Russell named Missy to the grieving pet owner after hearing her tragic story.

Patricia Pendergast is pictured with her new dog Missy

‘I love dogs so much and it would have been devastating for me to have that happen,’ Ms Scott told Courier Mail. 

Ms Scott had been having issues with her grandson playing too aggressively with Missy.

‘I thought that Missy would love Patricia because she seemed like a dog lover,’ she said.

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Ms Pendergast said she was incredibly thankful for Ms Scott’s generous gift and was still coming to terms with the loss of Mim.

‘We will get through it, but it’s going to take a bit of time,’ she said.

Mim’s ashes will be delivered to Ms Pendergast this week by the RSPCA.

Ms Pendergast said she was thankful for Ms Scott to gift her Missy (pictured) while still grieving for Mim

Riverview Neighbourhood Watch said the group of teenagers were last seen running up Diamond Street and may have gone as far as the 7-Eleven at Dinmore. 

‘One was carrying a large pole,’ the organisation posted to their Facebook page.

‘They were seen to be laughing as they ran off. When the victim returned to her yard (after a short chase) she discovered that her dog had been beaten to death.

‘It had head injuries consistent with being hit with a pole numerous times and had suffered a very violent and painful death.’ 

Anger and disgust is now rife in the 3,000-strong community as word of the attack continues to spread.

‘This is sickening. I can’t imagine what this poor dog went through and how distressed his owner must be,’ one Facebook user posted.

Ms Pendergast’s dog Mim (pictured) was bashed to death with a metal pole, leaving a normally quiet community shocked and outraged

Another wrote: ‘It is difficult enough to lose a fur baby, but to suffer such a cruel loss is heart wrenching. I hope they are caught and severely punished.’

Police are still investigating the ugly incident but no charges have been laid.

They are urging anyone with information or CCTV vision to contact police. 

‘Talk about signs of serial killers in the making!… May the psychopaths who committed this murder brought in jail,’ a Facebook user posted.

Another said: ‘What scares me even more about reading this, is if they could do that to an innocent pup, what else are they capable of? And they are still out there.’  

‘Sure hope they are caught and punished severely,’ an angry resident added.

Ms Pendergast found four teens between 14 to 16 in dark clothes and Mim (pictured) lifeless on the ground

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