PS5 Accessories Will be Arriving Earlier than the Console

PS5 devices are slated to begin releasing later this month on October 30 based on new information from Sony.

We started hearing earlier this week that those in the UK would seemingly have access to games and accessories for the PS5 prior to the console’s actual launch in the region. Now, it sounds like that is going to ring true for others around the world, too.

PlayStation started sending out emails today to those who purchased PS5 accessories directly from Sony a few weeks back and confirmed that items will begin shipping out before the next-gen platform itself. October 30 is said to be the date in which these products will begin to release, which is just about two weeks prior to when the PS5 itself will drop. Noted deal-finder on Twitter, @Wario64, also said that this rings true for some other retail storefronts as well.

While I’m sure many are excited to get some of their PS5 goodies ahead of time, there won’t be much use for them until the console arrives as well. Still, the fact that we’ll likely start to see this stuff, and perhaps some games, appearing on store shelves about two weeks from now is only another reminder of how close we actually are to launch.

The PS5 is due out next month on November 12 in select regions, with others to follow on November 19. If you want to see more of the console today, you can also check out the recently-unveiled UX in addition to the console’s packaging.

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