Shop These Cool Asian-Owned Clothing Brands, and You’ll Be the Most Stylish Person

There are an endless amount of clothing brands out there to shop from, but if you’re tired of fast fashion and want to give some love to other labels, check out these amazing Asian-owned ones. And yes, we’re aware that the word “Asian” can lump together vastly different countries and cultures, so we included a mix of brands that are Chinese-, Japanese-, Nepalese-, Vietnamese-, Taiwanese-, Indian-, and Pakistani-owned (and more!), so you can see the variety of all these amazingly cool designers and their creations. From colorful knitwear to luxe silks, there’s something here for everyone. Also, some designer brands are more established while others on this list are relatively new and up-and-coming, but all of them warrant your attention for their unique and downright stunning designs. Keep scrolling below for 28 Asian-owned clothing—and accessory!—brands that you’ll want to start shopping at immediately.

If you want to continue to show your support to BIPOC-owned brands, especially for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season, click the links to check out these Black-owned brands, Indian fashion designers, and Latina-owned businesses. Now go forth and browse through all these awesome labels!

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