Shopping Carts and ATVs Do Not Mix

ATV Safety is paramount considering the high-performance machines on the market today. To illustrate this point let me tell you of a story that I witnessed recently. I was RV'ing and had stopped at a Wal-Mart near a huge open space, nothing around really and there was about 100-miles of open space in one direction. You could literally ride your ATV until you ran out of gas I guess. Well apparently there is an area not to far from that local Wal-Mart where all the ATVs like to meet.

It is indeed a good location where no one would complain about the dust or the noise and so everyone is looking to have a good time. Well all except one person who had to be airlifted out of there and I cannot imagine where to, as I do not know of a reasonable sized city with a hospital for a good 300 miles. Nevertheless, let me continue this story.

It appears someone bought groceries at the Wal-Mart and took the shopping cart off campus into the hard dirt area where some of the RVs with ATV Trailers were. The RVs then left and there was a jump area up to the plateau that the ATVs were riding up and catching some serious air.

Well one ATV jumped up and then while coming down hooked the front tire in the shopping cart and proceeded to cartwheel to his demise. Compound fractures, blood and everything and it was a mess indeed. I was reloading my digital camera with a memory stick and missed the shot, too bad. But alas there is a moral to this story; ATVs and Shopping Carts do not mix.

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