Silvina Moschini, the Argentine entrepreneur on the way to being the next pink unicorn tells us how women can raise capital

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  • Moschini mentions several challenges that women entrepreneurs face when raising capital, according to the entrepreneur it is a question that has to do with culture.

Silvina Moschini is CEO and founder of SheWorks! A platform that connects professional women with companies around the world, in the same way, allows them to work remotely and in flexible hours that adjust to their needs and is president of Transparent Business , a remote work team management platform.

While many companies suddenly had to make the transition to remote work in the wake of the pandemic, she already had the advantage of using the necessary software to have people working in a virtual and organized way. “We don’t have offices, we never had them and we won’t have them,” Moschini says.

“Transparent Business is a company that is already worth 500 million dollars today, and by the end of the year we are going to do what is called a mini IPO, a public offering of shares that will take the company to be worth a trillion or 1,000 million, It is as we say, this is going to be at the end of the year. Next year our goal is to carry a large IPO, from $ 10 billion to $ 10 trillion, ”says the entrepreneur.

The challenges women face when undertaking

The businesswoman says that the term “unicorn” corresponds to being able to achieve a larger company and “pink” attributes it to the female leadership style, hence the term pink unicorn.

“It is much more difficult for women to undertake because it is a great challenge for us to make companies that are truly great, among other things because it is very difficult to get capital. In addition to the fact that there are a lot of other factors that make it not very easy for women or we do not get involved in projects that have to do with cove ventures, many times we go for smaller and more beautiful projects, linked to more initiatives. girls, less scalable stuff, and the pink unicorn concept is precisely a $ 1 billion company at least, ”explains Moschini.

Nowadays, it is becoming very fashionable, because traditionally the male leadership style is linked to a tougher, more assertive issue and in times of crisis, women contribute in more inclusive, conversational and participatory ways.

Photo: Courtesy of Silvina Moschini.

“For example, the countries that best handled crises in the world of the pandemic were those with female presidents or leaders and that has a lot to do with leadership, with the feminine style that has not so much to do with gender, but with the way of directing. We women like to listen more, make more committed teams, because people feel that they can participate, give more opportunities, integrate and understand that you have in front of a human being who is going through difficult times and put the person first and then to the function, ”adds Moschini.

Moschini mentions several challenges that women entrepreneurs face when raising capital, according to the entrepreneur it is a question that has to do with culture and that from a young age we were educated in a certain way and those same barriers must be be eliminated.

“Since we were little they taught us that we had to be pretty, sit up straight, be like a princess, that the prince is going to come, he is going to rescue you, that later your problems are going to be solved and that is not done. The reality is that when a prince does not appear and if you are to wait around, they are not enchanted nor does he come in shining armor or he is a disaster. What my dad taught me is what I am looking for too, because I work hard to empower women by helping them to be financially independent, true independence always begins with the wallet, by being able to be the owner of your economic independence, why not You can talk about empowerment only in words if you don’t have money, you are not empowered, ”explains Moschini.

That said, it is very important that, as women entrepreneurs, these cultural obstacles and blockages that are quite ingrained are eliminated.

“The reality is that we can do whatever we want, because we have the capacity to do it, because today women are better prepared than men, and I am not saying this in an airborne way, women achieve the highest number of university degrees, master’s and doctorates, which are acquired at universities. So we are more prepared and these are not opinions, they are numbers ”, adds Moschini.

Take the risk to raise capital, it doesn’t hurt to try

The goal is to change the chip and modify that mentality to celebrate the possibility of being strong, successful women and not living it with guilt. He also mentions that women are hampered when it comes to asking for money and that fear must be lost.

“When women go to ask for money they always ask for it timidly and it shouldn’t be like that. When we are going to request money we have to be more assertive, aggressive and say give me your money, because if you don’t give it to me, you will have the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and you will lose the opportunity to bet on entrepreneurial women, it also applies to any woman who is working in dependency relationship. We work harder, we come better prepared, we produce more and when you transfer it to companies led by women, they have a 21% better return on profits than those run by men. If you don’t have access to capital, you can’t create a great company. In other words, you need money to hire good people and pay them well, ”explains Moschini.

It is also important to remove the impostor syndrome, have the false belief that it does not matter what we do and consider that if you get to lead it was because you were “lucky”.

“We arrived because we are capable and we have to overcome that limit that we often impose on ourselves, we believe that things work out for us because we were in the right place and at the right time. Women do not apply to positions because they feel they are not 120% qualified, while men say yes, – I go there simply – it does not matter that I am 70% or 80% prepared, they dare. It is difficult for women to overpromise and sell ourselves, because we are ashamed, we think that if we are proud and present ourselves as capable people, we are going to make people uncomfortable and make the other person feel bad ”, says the entrepreneur.

Considering the above, women tend to take work very seriously and put in too much effort, which is pretty good. However, she indicates that it should be valued, since what they do has a positive reflection on what others see and on investment funds.

“0.4% of venture capital, investment capital, entrepreneurial capital, Venture Capital – as the United States says – in diverse women entrepreneurs, means that not ‘gringas’, we are diverse, because we are Latinas, while 2% go to American entrepreneurs, that is nothingness itself, “says Moschini.

She tells of her experience, that she went directly with investors, with CEOs of companies and explained that she was doing a company that was going to be worth a lot of money and that it would transform the way companies and people work, that it was going to allow talented women from anywhere in the world to access employment from home, regardless of where they are, in this way they would have the possibility of working for Cisco, Google, Mastercard or any startup in Silicon Valley, because Today the work is remote and you can be at home with a computer and work for the company you want.

Photo: Courtesy of Silvina Moschini

“That is how I raised more than 13 million dollars and I became the first entrepreneur in the world, definitely the first Latina without even having to go to submit to being told that they did not agree to give me investment funds, because it was or very pretty, or very ugly, very tall or short, very fat or very skinny, any excuse. What I want to share for the entrepreneurs is that it can be done, that if I could do it, anyone can do it, because I have nothing different from what we all have. It seems to me that these are the challenges that we have to face so that we can all know that we deserve and that we have enough confidence to be able to achieve what we propose, because we won it and this also applies to request a salary increase and not only for entrepreneurs ”Says Moschini.

What is the current assessment of the market for women?

“I believe that the labor market today with the pandemic for women has the opportunity of the century, because it is a challenge when you think about why women leave the labor market. 51% of moms leave when they have their first or second child, when they become mothers no matter what they studied, how capable they were, what a good job they had, they quit their job due to lack of flexibility, since it is super difficult the power to have a family and to be able to comply with rigid work models. I think that with the pandemic, normalizing remote work opens a whole world of opportunities so that women no longer have to explain to our employer that we can work from home, because they have already seen it, they have already realized that that job that they swore not It could be done, yes it can be done ”, Moschini responds.

The above gives us to understand that there are opportunities for all women, because remote work offers them that flexibility, you can carry out various activities such as traveling, taking care of your children, studying, among many others. For several women it is liberating, because it allows them to be independent both economically and in their availability of schedules, since when you have a fixed schedule from eight to seven in the afternoon, it is not life, after that time, you get up at 6 : 00 am and you have no desire for anything and life is not only work.

“This allows you to say, I am going to grab some clients and I am going to work for them from anywhere, earning an income and depending on what you want to do you can earn more or less, but I think the pandemic brought, as the Chinese say, in the symbol of crisis is danger and opportunity, in this case to change the dynamics of the market to make talented women from all over the world able to work from home or wherever they want and not have to choose between personal life and professional life ”, Moschini points out.

Regarding work, they work from home and their goal is to become the operating system of remote work to make companies of all sizes able to structure teams with technology and flexibility, so that is their mission with the people who work in their team.

“We are hiring many people, there are many people out there who are unemployed today, we seek to invite them to register and look at the open positions, we are with 20 open positions, we are going to add more in our company and we want to have a lot of Mexican talent , for men and women who are super capable and we would love to be able to connect and facilitate their work from our platform ”, adds Moschini.

How to overcome the gender gap?

“One is daring and encouraging ourselves to want to change things. Many companies and people talk about how good it would be, but with that we do not solve, it is actions and not intentions that change reality. The next is to come together, women do a good-bad job of supporting each other. There is a phrase that says that the true queens are the ones who accommodate the crowns between them, however women still feel that we have to compete, instead of helping each other, that is wrong. We grow and evolve raising other people, we must think more about the community. It is also working with men so that they understand that this is not against them, that women’s right is a human right and that it creates better societies where we have people with different points of view and we have to work with men to create a world in which the decision is made in the same way that the world is made up, half by men and half by women. So looking for men as allies. Finally, think big and without limitations ”, says Moschini.

Bearing the above in mind, it is very important to dare, create community and support each other, seek allies and above all to think big, in projects that generate a great impact.

“Being ambitious and not feeling that by being ambitious we are evil, because the use of power by women well used can generate a lot of positive change in society, when women work, we educate the community more, we give back, we create ecosystems that help and each time But this whole circular economy culture is taking shape. We have a project called SheWorks! Academy where with Google, Facebook and the Inter-American Development Bank we educate women online so that they can develop skills so that they can get jobs from home, as community managers or experts in digital communications. I studied communications and I know how important skills in this field are to be successful in the market and that is what we also seek to add with digital skills, so that those who studied the same can understand how it is a fundamental pillar of the operation of all the companies, ”says Moschini.

Photo: Courtesy of Silvina Moschini

Helping to obtain all the aforementioned skills is important, in addition to always having a human quality, not for fashion, but as an intrinsic value.

SheWorks! Academy is an academy that they made online, always being remote first, that is, they never had a paper version and that they are very excited about a project in Guatemala and that now they are working to do it regionally, the girls who are there, Now they are working for Pepsico, Google and other very interesting companies, they never imagined being able to do it.

Current outlook for entrepreneurs

“Regarding entrepreneurs, it is a great opportunity for those who are not digitized, to virtually transform their companies. For example, many companies that had businesses are now going to be able to do social commerce or electronic commerce. In the case of sports centers, you can tailor your classes on the Internet and expand your audiences to clients from all over the world. The transformation opened up a much larger potential market panorama for them. The opportunity also arose to create companies that are already born digital. For example, a good friend of mine who is an incredible Mexican entrepreneur named Ricardo Weder is the founder of a company called Justo MX, it is a 100 percent internet supermarket, you can order your entire market without having to set foot in a store ”Says Moschini.

So, it is a good opportunity to transform businesses to make companies 10 times more agile, economical, effective, inclusive and that can hire women remotely online, have a larger market and without geographical limitations.

“Taking this crisis as a great opportunity to get out of the comfort zone and be encouraged by the need to take a step forward, to accelerate this digital transformation that one way or another was going to happen to them, only that people were putting it off. When there is a crisis it is because the past does not want to go, the present is not ready to enter and this is what the pandemic did, it accelerated the exit from the past, because working in offices was ridiculous, they polluted, it made people waste time , the hours paid did not count for anything, women lost opportunities, it was expensive and now one says it is so obvious that this did not make sense, but why did we keep doing it? and it was because we didn’t have the need to change, ”says Moschini.

Future plans

“We are planning a very strong landing in Mexico, we have many clients there, such as Telcel, América Móvil, etc., many companies that are super special for us, so our goal is to launch operations in Mexico in the next two months with equipment own, beyond the partners and take the company to a public offering of shares demonstrating that financing can be obtained and create companies that are one hundred percent anchored in technology ourselves ”, concludes Moschini.

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