Surat’s Fashion Students Design Unique Garba Costume with PPE Kit

The novel coronavirus spike which clamped the world order continues to take its toll on the festivities too. As India prepares to onset the festive season today with Navratri and the Durga Pooja soon, followed by Dussehra and Diwali, it will be a muted affair this year due to the pandemic. The Covid-19 spike has forced many state governments to issue strict safety protocols and social distancing norms which have dampened the usual fanfare.

The Navratri festival that spreads across nine days is celebrated in India with different names. With no scope to organise mega fairs, Ramlila shows and great food offered will not be the case this year. In Gujarat, where the Navratri celebrations are conducted on a grand scale across the state, it will be a lack-lustre affair this year. Many look forward to the auspicious nine-day period to dress-up, gorge on good food and dance the night away while worshipping the nine avatars of Goddess Durga.

In a rare set back, due to the pandemic, the state government has banned Garba dance but has allowed no-contact worship of the Goddess. However, the students of a fashion designing institute have come-up with a safe workaround.

A group of students from the Institute of Design and Technology (IDT) in Surat designed a ‘Covid Garba Dress’. The costume which is made of polypropylene fabric is approved by the South India Textiles Research Association (SITRA). The two-layer personal protection jumpsuits (PPE) are embellished with hand painted motifs and mirrors. It also features a face mask and dandiya sticks.

The redesigned Covid-19 safe garba costumes resemble PPE overalls resembling the ones worn by doctors and frontline workers in hospitals. However, this Garba costume in white is covered from head to toe and has multi coloured dupattas and detachable skirts featuring traditional motifs and sparkling mirrors to add some bling, NDTV reported.

The video of the new Garba costume posted on Twitter has cracked-up netizens and many have commented with funny memes.

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