Women’s FA Cup: Manchester City win and 5 big moments of the 50th final

Manchester City players celebrate winning the Women's FA Cup trophyGetty Images

Manchester City also won the FA Cup in the 2016-17 and 2018-19 seasons

On Sunday, Manchester City beat Everton in a thrilling 3-1 victory to become the 2020 women’s FA Cup champions.

The score was 1-1 after 60 minutes, but two extra-time goals from Georgia Stanway and Janine Beckie gave City the win.

We’ve picked out the five biggest and best moments from the game…

Manchester City celebrating with the FA Cup trophy at WembleyGetty Images

Manchester City won their 3rd FA Cup trophy at Wembley on Sunday

1. A header from a World Champion

United States midfielder and World-Cup winner Sam Mewis scored the first goal of the game with a header 40 minutes in.

Mewis joined City from the former Women’s Super League champions from North Carolina Courage back in August. She was part of a massive flurry of big stars who came to play in the WSL this season.

US legends like Tobin Heath and Alex Morgan came to the WSL, plus one of the world’s best players, Pernille Harder, from Denmark. The Mewis goal was a great example of the standard that these players are bringing to English football.

Why are football’s biggest female stars coming to England?

Sam Mewis (centre) celebrates winning the FA Cup with Georgia Stanway (left) and Janine Beckie (right)Getty Images

Sam Mewis (centre) celebrates winning the FA Cup with fellow goal-scorers Georgia Stanway (left) and Janine Beckie (right)

2. Gauvin’s equaliser

It was another header! After halftime, Everton’s Valerie Gauvin from France headed in a corner from teammate Izzy Christiansen to make it 1-1.

This was a big moment for Everton who were now contending for a trophy. The reason that was so significant is because since 2014, only the ‘big-three’ clubs in women’s football – City, Arsenal and Chelsea – have won major domestic trophies in the English women’s game.

Sadly for Everton, though, it wasn’t their year to break that cycle.

Chelsea Women celebrating winning the FA Women's Continental League Cup in February 2020Getty Images

Chelsea won 2019-20 WSL trophy, as well as the FA Women’s Continental League Cup in February 2020

3. Stanway’s last minute goal

Substitute Georgia Stanway was the one to put City back in the lead after Gauvin’s equaliser, bringing the score to 2-1 and making sure it didn’t go to penalties.

It was the England forward’s 28th goal for City.

Georgia Stanway celebrates her FA Cup final goalGetty Images

Cutting it fine – Georgia Stanway put City back in the lead in the final few minutes

4. It was the 50th Women’s Cup final

The first Women’s FA Cup began in 1970 – half a decade ago!

Back then it was organised by the Women’s Football Association. Since 1970, Arsenal have won the trophy a whopping 14 times.

Manchester City women celebrate winning the 2018/2019 FA CupGetty Images

Manchester City won the 2018/2019 FA Cup

5. Two wins in the same season?

After the game, City manager Gareth Taylor said his team “want to achieve big things and make history” by attempting to win the FA Cup twice in the same season by winning in 2021 as well.

This year’s final should have been played in May but was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. That meant the competition started again in September

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