How Fashion Brands Can Achieve Inclusion Through Design

Fashion is about representing your identity, in whatever way that manifests. The challenge, for some, is that the clothes on the shelves don’t always adequately reflect them.

This is especially true within minority groups, plus-size consumers, transgender communities and those who simply don’t align with gender stereotypes. Too frequently, fashion for these groups is about form fitting into pre-set normative standards. However, fitting into those standards leads to a constant dialogue of subtle self-hate.

Several celebrities have helped bring these underserved communities to the forefront and break through stereotypes. Lizzo, for example, wears what she wants at every size, not what others think she should. She works out and eats healthy, even though some of those who comment on her Instagram page think otherwise. Her story particularly resonates with me, as I am a cyclist who has biked 545 miles four times from San Francisco to Los Angeles but certainly don’t look like a chiseled athlete.

And therein lies the issue. Many athletic women and men who don’t look like Michael Phelps or Simone Biles are not represented by fitness apparel models. In addition, these consumers can’t find athletic wear in their sizes. This leads these audiences to think of shopping itself as a traumatic experience, one that diminishes their confidence rather than empowering them. In addition, this lack of body representation seems to suggest the confines of what being an athlete is and isn’t, limiting who can be included based on body type alone.

Some brands are shifting to ensure marginalized communities are better represented. Last week, the athletic apparel company Superfit Hero shifted entirely to phase out their smaller sizes and extend through 7X, thereby offering plus-size fitness apparel only. The brand didn’t simply offer a larger range of sizes but instead decided to focus more wholeheartedly on the needs of an underserved community.

Diversity of body types has been linked to the LGBTQ+ community as Jonny Cota, Amazon Prime Video’s Making the Cut winner, reflected that “a fundamental aspect of ‘queer power’ is body positivity and appreciating all bodies.” Some brands are running strong in this direction.

Nik Kacy designs a luxury footwear brand that is gender-free, offering designs that help individuals across the entire gender spectrum more effectively express themselves. As clothing is a way of helping some trans people address gender dysmorphia, the need for clothing that adequately reflects their own identity is critically important.

Last but certainly not least, fashion still has a long way to go in offering options for racially diverse communities. This past summer, some brands felt they were solving the problem by serving up Black Lives Matter social posts without truly addressing the lack of Black models, designers, photographers and executive representation at the brands themselves.

The lack of diversity in fashion is on a par with a lack of inclusion when it comes to defining beauty in the consumer marketplace. The impact of this can be fully realized from visual representations that do the exact opposite. For example, in

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How to Use the LET GO Model to Achieve Forgiveness

You can master the art of forgiveness over time and through practice, by implementing the LET GO Forgiveness Model. You will learn how to move through its five stages, from feeling victimized and disempowered, to being fully connected with your inner purpose and free to create happiness and experience joy.

There is not a definite time frame in accomplishing the steps of LET GO. It depends on how profound your loss is, how willing you are to forgive, how motivated you are to move on, and how ready you are to give up destructive behaviors. Completing this process may take weeks, months or even years. But once you choose to follow the steps of LET GO and achieve forgiveness, you will enjoy the rewards of a fresh beginning with a lighter heart and strengthened hope.

The five steps of the LET GO Forgiveness Model are:

1. Lament the harmful events.

2. Emote safely.

3. Tell your real losses.

4. Get clear about your needs.

5. Open yourself to fulfillment-appropriate actions.

1. Lament the Harmful Events. Focus more on what was done to you than who did it. Speak about the harmful events that took place and name the physical, material, emotional and spiritual harms they caused for you.

2. Emote Safely. This phase may be challenging, because you must allow yourself to experience all the pain-related emotions caused by the harmful experience, as they arise. Make sure you do this with safety. In other words, give yourself space and time to emote, and surround yourself with people you trust. Avoid further harm by not making yourself vulnerable to people who do not care. Be gentle with painful emotions. When they are intense, rest and sleep well. Do not strain yourself when you are in emotional pain. Respect your need to emote and make this phase of LET GO as safe as possible.

3. Tell your Real Losses. Once you have allowed yourself to emote safely, it is time to tell your real losses. These are the current financial and physical damages caused by pain-driven actions, which are within your control to recover. In this step, you must answer two questions:

a. How is my pain affecting my current relationship with my finances?

b. How is my pain affecting my attitude toward my physical health?

Now, name your current pain-driven behaviors and how they damage your financial and physical health.

4. Get Clear about Your Needs. In this step, you are called to identify what needs you must fulfill in order to recover your emotional and spiritual losses caused by the harmful experience. Such losses may be your innocence, trust, enthusiasm, love, hope, power, sense of control, faith in justice, sense of security, etc.

Answer the following question as concisely as you can by identifying the emotional and spiritual losses you suffered and expressing them as needs that you must fulfill:

What spiritual or emotional loss did this harmful experience cause in me that I need to give back to myself?…

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Want to Achieve That Vintage Style Look in Your Home? – Vintage Wallpaper Is the Key!

The most crucial element when considering vintage style is to find a style that best matches your personality and likes. You may need to put in some valuable research time searching for vintage items such as furniture, ornaments & accessories. Perhaps the best advice is to start hunting in local antique stores, vintage shops, flea markets, and even online stores. Keep in mind to be patient when you are looking for vintage items and antiques as it can take some time to find that perfect piece, but the wait is almost always worth it, as you will achieve that much desired unique style in your own home. The quality of the items should be assessed carefully but one of the best things about vintage and antique items is the quality of craftsmanship meaning that they are often created with such quality that they can really stand the test of time, as well as being a great investment for the future.

There are several key areas that you should consider when styling your vintage home. There are chairs & sofas, storage furniture, tables, crockery, glasses, cushions, vintage bedding, and of course the delightful vintage wallpaper. If you want to achieve that vintage style look in your home, then vintage wallpaper is one of the most important areas for you to consider.

Vintage wallpaper holds such an important role in the vintage look and nowadays there are so many different varieties and styles available meaning that instead of leaving your wall plain and bare, you have the option of adding more elegance and style to the room simply by applying some vintage style wallpaper.

The many varieties of vintage wallpaper are truly endless, some of the more popular varieties such as vintage floral wallpaper can really bring back the original theme of the style as well as nostalgic memories from your childhood! Rose wallpaper is also very en-vogue at the moment and comes in a huge variety of patterns and colour options to suit any interior design scheme. The wonders of modern technology and the digital age mean that you can source both modern versions and also genuine vintage samples very easily online and from the comfort of your own home. Indeed quite often samples can be ordered from online stores and be with you in a matter of days giving you the confidence in making your final choice. You can purchase some of the best Vintage Wallpaper or remakes of the original patterns from specialist online stores and also some of the bigger stores such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay, where often a bargain can be had!

So, what can you do to emphasise vintage style in your home decoration?

Windows walls and fireplaces can be framed with wallpaper to create a beautiful feature wall, which acts as a focal point and draws the eye to the feature that you would like to show. There are so many different patterns of Vintage Wallpaper, from the floral to geometric shapes as well …

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