Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Claims of Stolen Design Being Used in Fashion Nova Collection

Megan Thee Stallion, now a four-time Grammy nominee, has seen her recent Fashion Nova collaboration pop into headlines on multiple occasions in recent weeks. Unfortunately, claims of stolen designs came along with it, which Megan addressed in a Morning Hustle interview on Tuesday.

“A lot of times people say that they talked to somebody from my team. I don’t know what year that was. I don’t know who … or what are you talking about. And a lot of times they won’t even bring me, you know, they don’t tell me who they talking to,” Megan said around two minutes into the interview, particularly noting the claims sometimes made against public figures regarding allegations of having held discussions of some sort with the person’s supposed rep.

As for the design in question, Megan pointed out that it’s been a frequently reinvented basic for years now.

“It’s been a dress that has been done a lot over the years,” she said. “So I feel bad that, you know, people’s initial reaction would be to just come at me like ‘Oh, you a Black woman. You stealing from Black women’ and I’m like, damn, hold on, sis. I don’t know you.”

However, if there had been a “real misunderstanding,” Megan said she would have had no problem addressing it. Per Megan, she would have given the money to the designer if an actual issue had been brought forth.

Peep the full Morning Hustle interview, first spotted by HotNewHipHop, below:

As reported by TMZ last week, Megan’s Fashion Nova collection ultimately brought in an estimated $1.2 million in sales in jut the first 24 hours of availability.

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A young Dallas woman addresses period poverty with a new clothing line

Any woman who’s ever had a period (most of us) knows how important it is to have supplies on hand. But for women who live in poverty or those who are homeless, keeping a stock of tampons and pads isn’t possible and having a period is one more burdensome — and often shameful — problem to manage.

Emmy Hancock didn’t know anything about the issue of menstrual equity when she first heard of the issue as a student at the University of Pennsylvania. The Hockaday grad became interested in the issue in 2015, which was dubbed by the media The Year of the Period. It was then that she learned that there were women who have to choose between food for their families and tampons for themselves, who miss work because they don’t have money to buy pads, or who resort to using newspaper or other unhygienic materials to absorb their menstrual flow.

“During that time, there were a lot of news articles and viral activism surrounding menstruation,” the 25-year-old recalls. “The idea really struck me at the time. I had no idea all of the different facets of it. There’s a luxury sales tax on menstruation supplies. Women are more likely than men to experience poverty, yet menstrual supplies aren’t covered by WIC or SNAP. There’s been a bill in the House of Representatives that’s been struck down 10 different times to have the ingredients on the label of a tampon package. … Most of the research on these products is funded by brands.”

The movement, which was accompanied by the hashtag #periodsarenotaninsult, gave Hancock an idea. Coronavirus gave her the opportunity to pursue it.

After graduating from Penn in 2018, Hancock went to work in real estate in New York City. Things were going well, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she moved back to Dallas and in with her parents. Suddenly she had a lot more time and a lot fewer expenses — that’s when she decided to launch her brand.

Hockaday grad Emmy Hancock launched Oluna in October with the mission of bringing attention to menstrual health inequity.
Hockaday grad Emmy Hancock launched Oluna in October with the mission of bringing attention to menstrual health inequity.(Courtesy of Oluna)

“The day I graduated in 2018, I actually created the LLC for Oluna,” says says. “I had this vague idea of combining a brand and a for-profit company and a one-for-one model with a secondary impact angle, but I didn’t have the allocations or funds or time to do it.” Coronavirus changed that.

The first order of business: Design a pair of easy-to-wear pants. She did that with her aunt. Then she focused on an ethical, all-female supply chain, choosing a local pattern maker, textile manufacturer and clothing manufacturer. Once she had samples, she hired a photographer, built a website and reached out to homeless shelters in the Dallas area to see if they were interested in her mission. “They were so excited,” Hancock says, noting that coat drives and food drives are common, but drives for feminine hygiene products are rare.

The plan, Hancock

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Moses Lake SD addresses rumors about Ritzville-area wedding link

The Moses Lake School District is “watching developments closely” after nearly 40 COVID-19 cases were tied to the “super-spreader” wedding in Adams County.

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — The Moses Lake School District addressed rumors on Wednesday that positive coronavirus cases among students and staff are connected to a “super-spreader” wedding in the Ritzville area.

Nearly 40 COVID-19 cases had been connected to the wedding that more than 300 people attended as of Tuesday, Nov. 17. Grant County Health District said it is working with a long-term care facility and a school district due to direct links through wedding attendance or secondary cases due to contact with those at the wedding, but did not address either by name. 

KREM reached out to the Moses Lake School District following an anonymous tip claiming that the closure of Sage Point Elementary School for in-person learning was related to the wedding.

Claren McLaughlin, a spokesperson for MLSD, said the district is “watching the developments closely in cooperation with the Grant County Health District.” 

RELATED: Coronavirus ‘super-spreader’ wedding near Ritzville linked to 2 outbreaks

Sage Point is transitioning to distance learning and will be closed for two weeks effective Tuesday, Nov. 17, according to an update posted on the MLSD website. In-person learning is scheduled to resume on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

The decision to close the school was based on five positive coronavirus tests —  three students and two staff — on the same day across three different cohorts of students, McLaughlin said. 

“While there are a great number of rumors related to the connection to a wedding, we respect the privacy of our students, staff, and their families. HIPAA laws protect the identity of our students and staff in this matter,” a statement from McLaughlin reads in part. 

Dr. Joshua Meek, who serves as Moses Lake School District Superintendent, was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, McLaughlin confirmed. His entire family was impacted, including his wife and three sons, she said. 

“This has nothing to do with any wedding or any such rumor. In fact, their family situation was through close contact with a personal family friend,” McLaughlin added. 

In a prepared statement, Dr. Meek wrote, “We must remain focused on strong preventative measures to practice good protocols, safe practices, and making sound choices. Our entire district is working hard to keep learning as the center of our purpose during these times. Our community, like many places, continues to struggle with this virus and our response. As a silent virus, nobody should assume anything.”

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Carol Vorderman addresses attending Raquel Welch’s son’s wedding ‘Like Deliverance!’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Fred’s then 87-year-old mother Ethel was said to have confronted the actress and model and said: “You know, young lady, that’s not the kind of outfit to be wearing at a wedding blessing.”

The cricketer’s sister, Flo, later said: “Raquel thought she was joking and said, ‘Now I know where Freddie gets his humour from’. But mum was deadly serious.” 

Fred’s first wife, and Rebecca’s mother, Enid, was also deeply unimpressed, reportedly saying afterwards: “She completely ruined my daughter’s wedding.”

But Rebecca insisted: “Damon and I were really the daisies on the lawn compared to Raquel and my dad, but we didn’t have a hard time with that – even if it seemed like everyone else around us was concerned about it. What else would you expect when you put a sex symbol and Yorkshire sporting hero together?” 

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Gwen Stefani Addresses Rumors She Called Off Wedding to Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani


Rumors are constantly circulating online regarding The Voice coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship, and one of the most popular ones is that the couple had a wedding planned but ended up calling it off.

Stefani did not confirm or deny the rumor in an interview with Hoda Kotb on the Today Show, but she did say that she’s not sure what’s going to happen with their eventual wedding, or if they’ll have one at all.

In the segment, Kotb said she Googled the term “Gwen and Blake,” and it autofilled to “Gwen and Blake call off wedding,” which is something that seems to continuously circulate online among fans of the couple. When asked what’s happening with the wedding, Stefani said that it’s a good question.

“Wow, oh, that’s a really good question,” Stefani answered. “Well, the good news is that we still like each other a lot, so that’s good… Um, I don’t know, we’ll see what happens, you know what I’m saying?”

Rumors Say Stefani and Shelton Called Off Their Wedding

Rumors appeared in September 2020 that Shelton and Stefani called off wedding and engagement plans following a fight over a prenup and political views. This news came out of a report by Us Weekly after a source told the outlet that the couple was having a hard time in quarantine. then reported that the couple called off their upcoming wedding.

“They feel suffocated and stressed,” a source told Us Weekly. “They’re both stretched to the limit.”

The news came out after Shelton and Stefani moved to Los Angeles after purchasing a $13.2 million home. According to the source, the couple had a hard time with that.

“As of now, the wedding is off,” a source reportedly told the outlet. “Gwen and Blake have put their plans on hold for the foreseeable future.’

These rumors, however, don’t seem to have much truth to them, as the couple has not announced an engagement.

Shelton Says He ‘Loves’ Rumors He & Stefani are Already Married

The couple doesn’t mind that people assume they’re already married. Stefani has said it’s “cute” that people already refer to Shelton as her husband even though they aren’t married, Shelton has said that he enjoys rumors that the two have already tied the knot.

When ET asked Shelton about the rumors that he and Stefani were already married or engaged, he said he “loves” the rumors.

“Those rumors are great,” he said in the December 2019 interview. “Anybody that thinks that I’m married to Gwen already, I love it. My God. Who wouldn’t want to be married to Gwen Stefani?”

At that time, he said that their relationship is getting stronger each day, but if they do decide to get engaged or married, they won’t break the news

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Gwen Stefani Addresses Rumors That She & Blake Shelton Are Calling Off Their Wedding

Click here to read the full article.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are finally returning to The Voice tonight, and the No Doubt singer is clearing up some common misconceptions about the duo before we dive in. Chatting on Today about how excited she is for the new season, Stefani fielded a series of questions from Hoda Kotb on the rumor mill’s biggest question this summer: Did Gwen and Blake call off their long-awaited wedding?! Since starting their romance in 2015, the couple has fielded questions about engagement and marriage at every turn, but just when it seemed like wedding bells might be in the air, COVID-19 struck. And while Stefani and Shelton have been cozied up all quarantine as far as we can tell, whispers did intensify that all was not as it seemed in their relationship this fall. So: any truth to the rumors?

Kotb asked Stefani about the state of her relationship in the least shady way possible, informing the “Nobody But You” singer that when she Googled “Gwen and Blake” she got the following search results: “Gwen and Blake song. Gwen and Blake married. Gwen and Blake engaged. Gwen and Blake call off wedding.”

“So, what’s happening with the wedding?” Kotb asks in conclusion, while a laughing Stefani takes it in stride.

“Wow. That’s a really good question!” she tells Kotb. “The good news is that we still like each other a lot. That’s good.”

So, no split on the horizon — phew. But Stefani is still infuriatingly noncommittal about when that actual wedding might happen.

“I don’t know,” she shrugs. “We’ll see what happens.”

Stefani and Shelton have been spending quarantine together at the country star’s ranch in Oklahoma, getting used to country living and waiting for a return to normal — like their current shooting schedule for The Voice. Now, Stefani’s just glad they’re back to doing what they do best — coaching up-and-coming superstars and keeping us guessing about their wedding plans.

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