Alliance Data’s Seamless, Complete Digital Payment Experiences Improve Consumer Holiday Shopping

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alliance Data Systems (NYSE: ADS), a leading provider of data-driven marketing, loyalty and payment solutions, today announced its Card Services business continues to add to its comprehensive suite of digital tools to help brand partners and consumers alike this holiday shopping season. As a provider of market-leading private label, co-brand and commercial credit products, Alliance Data’s Card Services business combines payments products and digital capabilities with data analytics to help retailers acquire customers and drive spend by offering easy, seamless credit and payment options whether in-store, online or on a mobile device.  

This year, more than 53%1 of retailers jumpstarted their holiday sales and marketing campaigns in October to allow consumers more time to shop. With the holiday shopping season looking different from years past and customers expected to lean heavily into e-commerce, retailers must take steps to capitalize on changes in customer behavior. Data insights, payment solutions, communications and marketing must work seamlessly together to meet customers where they are to deliver impactful digital experiences throughout the holiday season.

“While digital technologies give brand partners the foundation to meet customer demands, the competitive edge comes when used in tandem with Alliance Data’s powerful data analytics and insights,” said Wes Hunt, senior vice president of enterprise data and analytics, Alliance Data’s Card Services business. “When we back digital shopping trends with data, we can predict and pinpoint consumers’ shopping patterns and preferences to tailor personalized point-of-sale purchasing options that are safe and secure. This improves the customer experience and accelerates transactions for the 40%2 of holiday shopping conducted exclusively through digital channels, and helps our brand partners expand their customers’ basket size at checkout.”

In addition to a seamless, contactless experience, consumers expect visibility into their purchasing power this holiday. This is achieved through frictionless, digital solutions that make financing a key part of the customer journey. When paired with data, these solutions allow consumers to easily apply for and use the payment option that’s right for them, in the channel of their choice.   

With the dramatic consumer shift to online shopping, Alliance Data’s full suite of digital capabilities and data insights will further help its brand partners reach more customers and increase sales. The recently launched Enhanced Digital Suite improves the customer experience by presenting payment and credit options earlier in the online shopping process, and can be easily implemented for Alliance Data’s brand partners with a few lines of simple code.

“Enhanced Digital Suite is a comprehensive toolkit for our brand partners to leverage our online digital features so their customers can take advantage of a variety of payment solutions, giving shoppers a complete payment experience without ever leaving the brand’s website,” added Val Greer, chief commercial officer, Alliance Data’s Card Services business. “Building upon these digital enhancements, and to appeal to Millennials who favor digital payment options, Alliance Data recently announced a definitive agreement to acquire Bread3, a digital payments company offering innovative

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Greenwich-based Breast Cancer Alliance raises over $900,000 with virtual fashion show

Central Greenwich

Every October to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Greenwich-based Breast Cancer Alliance packs the Hyatt Regency hotel in Old Greenwich for a fundraising fashion show with “models of inspiration” who walk the runway as funds are raised to fight cancer.

But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BCA fundraiser went virtual on Oct. 19, and organizers said it was still “meaningful, fun and fashionable.”

It featured remarks from actress Kate Walsh, best known for her roles on “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” and the models of inspiration still dazzled on the runway for the fashion show, which was filmed in advance at Richards on Greenwich Avenue.

The models were 12 “strong and radiant” breast cancer survivors who showed off Richards “stunning fall collection,” organizers said. For the part of the event with Walsh, the actress interviewed Reshma Gopaldas, a breast cancer survivor who talked about her mother’s battle with the disease and how “the generosity of donors directly improves lives.”

More than $900,000 was raised to fund the 2021 grants from the BCA, which go toward fund training in cutting-edge surgical techniques, research into new treatments and to make sure underserved communities have access to mammagrams and other detection services.

There was also a memorial tribute to celebrate BCA co-founder and past president Lucy Day, who passed away earlier this year. Her “unflagging commitment to finding the cure” was remembered by all, the organizers said. Scott Mitchell, owner of Richards and a longtime BCA supporter, opened up the live auction with

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National Alliance reveals shocking truths about the world’s leading killer of women

OTTAWA, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the country’s leading cause of premature death in women. The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance (CWHHA), a national network of women’s heart health experts and advocates powered by the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre (CWHHC) at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), released eye-opening research this week revealing the scope of the problem.

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance ATLAS on the Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Women – Chapter 2: Scope of the Problem is published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology Open. It is the second chapter in a series of nine to be published chronologically within the year.

“The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance ATLAS aims to guide clinicians and the public in recognizing the unique aspects of women’s heart health care while providing policy makers with information they need to ensure equitable care for women with CVDs,” says Dr. Colleen Norris, a professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta and scientific director of the Cardiovascular Health & Stroke Strategic Clinical Network with Alberta Health Services. Dr. Norris chairs the CWHHA’s Health Systems and Policy Working Group and is the paper’s senior author. “Most people are unaware that cardiovascular conditions are a woman’s main health threat, leading to more hospitalizations and deaths every year than other health conditions. In Chapter 2 of the ATLAS, we summarize the impacts of CVDs among Canadian women, we highlight sex and gender gaps in research and treatment, and, we look at how being female overlaps with other factors that affect CVD outcomes in women, including Indigenous identity, ethnicity, disability, and socioeconomic status.”

Some of the key findings are highlighted below:

  • Coronary artery disease (CAD), including myocardial infarction (heart attack), and followed by stroke, are accountable for most CVD-related deaths in women.

  • Most emergency department visits and hospitalizations by women are due to CAD, heart failure, and stroke.

  • Indigenous women in Canada experience increased CVD, linked to colonization and subsequent social, economic and political challenges.

  • Women from racial and ethnic backgrounds (i.e., South Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Hispanic, and Chinese North-American women) have greater CVD risk factors, and CVD risk in East Asian women increases with duration of stay in Canada.

  • Canadians living in northern, rural, remote and on-reserve residences experience greater CVD morbidity, mortality and risk factors.

  • Increase in CVD risk among Canadian women has been linked with lower socioeconomic status background and women with disabilities have an increased risk of adverse cardiac events.

“In the year 2020, women continue to be under-aware, under-researched, under-diagnosed, and under-treated when it comes to cardiovascular conditions,” says Dr. Thais Coutinho, head of the Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, chair of the CWHHC, and chair of the CWHHA’s Executive Steering Committee. “The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance ATLAS is the most comprehensive review of its kind, summarizing the state of women’s heart health in Canada. Chapter 2 forms the

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Ingraham: Biden alliance with teachers’ unions should alarm women wary of Trump

President Trump could make gains among women by pointing out Joe Biden’s support of teachers’ unions who have pushed to keep schools closed to in-person instruction amid the coronavirus pandemic, Laura Ingraham suggested Tuesday.

“The Ingraham Angle” host cited a recent New York Times poll that showed Trump leading Biden among likely male voters by six percentage points, but trailing by 23 percentage points among women.

“If that poll is anywhere near accurate, the president would have a hard time closing that gap with women but he could narrow it,” said Ingraham, who added that many media members and public health authorities have “frightened and misled” women across the country about the nature of COVID-19.

“They are afraid the kids will go to school and they will get sick or they will bring sickness back to their own communities and back to their own homes,” she said, “when any honest adult knows virtual learning is a train wreck for almost every kid out there, especially for those who are poor.

“But Biden and his handlers don’t care about the kids,” she continued. “They keep concerning themselves with what their political allies think: The teachers’ union. They need to keep them happy.”

Ingraham pointed out that in Fairfax County, Va., one of the richest school districts in America, the local union has pushed to keep classrooms closed until August of 2021.

“This is child abuse,” she alleged. “My hope is school officials see how damaging it will be to children but my expectations are low.”

“The left,” Ingraham went on, “doesn’t care about the science it invokes if it conflicts with their goals … Teachers’ unions are ignoring the science to make absurd demands.”

The host later warned that “with Biden in the White House, what we are seeing in Fairfax County will be happening nationwide. You won’t be able to just move across county or state lines to escape. Your child won’t see the inside of a classroom for a very long time.


“What he or she learns online about America will be left-wing propaganda courtesy of the 1619 Project,” Ingraham continued. “Under President Biden this scenario might be great for Black Lives Matter and the NEA but horrendous in every other way. How can any parent, especially any mom, support this?

“I think women are naturally protective of our children. That’s just the way we are,” she concluded. “For this reason alone, female voters should drop their old hang-ups about Trump. He is not the heartless or mean force in this race. He is the opposite. He wants your sons and daughters in school and learning. He wants you to be free to work for your family.”

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