Raya Abirached, Sherine Reda, Meena Shalabi And Kinda Alloush Weigh In On Fashion And Film

Arab cinema has impacted the world of film for over a century, and Egypt has been at the helm of movie-making with its robust industry since 1896. With the Middle East film and media industries comes great fashion through red carpet events. While film and fashion should not be thought of as the same, they are related. Four women from the region, three actresses and a TV presenter weigh in on their work and how fashion and the personal style of Arab women is something that’s important to women in the Middle East.

Raya Abirached

Raya is a Lebanese TV presenter on Dubai’s MBC, where she has her own show ‘Scoop with Raya,’ of interviews with Hollywood actors and directors. She’s also known for co-hosting Arabs Got Talent. She knew she was meant to be a TV presenter when she found herself in front of a camera by mistake. “I remember the feeling of comfort I felt in front of the camera, as if it was exactly what I was meant to do,” she recalls.

Abirached’s personal fashion style is two-fold with her public role and her personal one. “On my day-to-day life, my fashion is very practical. I have a four-year-old child and I want to be comfortable and wear clothes that I can run around in. I’ll have the occasional trendy pair of sneakers or a bag, but I wouldn’t say I wear designer clothing on a day-to-day basis.” But, she does enjoy dressing up for industry events like the El Gouna Film Festival and she sees the two worlds as going hand in hand. “Of course, cinema and fashion go hand in hand. Think of the golden age of cinema. The other day I watched a new documentary by Luca Guadagnino at the Venice Film Festival about how Salvatore Ferragamo helped morph the golden age aesthetics of fashion in Hollywood.” But Abirached is clear that there is an aspect of cinema that’s not about fashion- “there is an aspect about humanity and telling stories and highlighting other subjects, so I think it goes both ways.”

Sherine Reda

For Egyptian actress Sherine Reda, acting and performing was in her family blood. Her father was head of the

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