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The relevant REITs we’re going to discuss in this article are shown below:

Company Name Ticker Div Yield AFFO or Core Yield
Retail Opportunity Investments Corp. ROIC 0.00% 5.79%
Urban Edge Properties UE 0.00% 5.55%
Site Centers SITC 0.00% 7.80%
Acadia Realty Trust AKR 0.00% 7.46%
RPT Realty (Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust) RPT 0.00% 9.55%
Kite Realty Group Trust KRG 1.63% 9.39%
Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc Class A UBA 2.51% 6.50%
Retail Properties of America Inc. RPAI 2.82% 6.18%
Kimco Realty Corp. KIM 2.95% 7.07%
Cedar Realty Trust Inc. CDR 3.28% 16.67%
Weingarten Realty Investors WRI 3.68% 7.00%
Federal Realty Investment Trust FRT 4.63% 3.98%
Regency Centers Corp. REG 5.18% 5.74%
Whitestone REIT WSR 5.89% 11.15%
Brixmor Property Group Inc. BRX 6.04% 8.68%
Saul Centers Inc. BFS 7.51% 8.02%

Before we get into our main topic for discussion, we’ve got a few more charts that have been popular with readers. We start by turning those values into a bar chart:


Source: The REIT Forum

Then, we provide the payout ratios:


Source: The REIT Forum

Huge Rally

The rally today was incredible. As of the market closing, this is where we stand:

Source: Seeking Alpha

Wheeler (NASDAQ:WHLR) isn’t in the rest of the charts because it doesn’t deserve to be mentioned. We’re going to focus on some better REITs.


Let’s get into some ratings.

We’re going to give a pair of quick neutral ratings to FRT and REG. These are usually two of our favorite REITs for the sector, but rallying by about 33% to 35% is sufficient for a few years. Investors may opt to hold onto shares for the dividend income, but we’re taking a neutral outlook. We sent the following message to subscribers today, while share prices were still slightly higher than their closing values:

Source: The REIT Forum

This kind of “all” announcement triggers an e-mail alert for our subscribers, which makes it particularly easy to track.

A Recent Announcement

We tackled today’s vaccine announcement as part of our subscriber article: Housing REIT Sector Update: Q3 2020 Earnings & Vaccine Announcement

We’re going to share a small part of that update below. Specifically, we’re going to share the part that pertains to the vaccine, infection rates, and herd immunity because it is extremely relevant to the shopping center REITs as well.

Today’s Messages

Today’s message is one of congratulations to the investors who joined us in picking up shares of great apartment REITs like AvalonBay (AVB), Equity Residential (EQR), and Essex Property Trust (ESS) over the last few months. An emphasis on long-term value and willingness to overlook the near-term struggles allowed investors to lock in excellent prices on several great dividend growth investments.

Yet we need to include a second message. This is a word of caution about the excitement sweeping the sector.

Here are the main points:

  • The development of a vaccine is not the same as the widespread availability of the vaccine.
  • The availability of the vaccine for widespread use is still pretty far
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Alpha Male – the Gift of Missing You Explained!

The power of this technique called “Gift of Missing You” is tremendous. Not much practice is needed to master this skill but this technique is able to amplify her attraction for your ENORMOUSLY. However, much discipline is needed to display this skill. So, if you are ready, let’s get the party started…

The gift of missing you basically means playing hard to get. Playing hard to get seems like a tool used by attractive women on men. When women play hard to get, the man would instantly become more vulnerable to a women’s bidding. The man would call her thousand times a day and saying unnecessary mushy things and buying her tons and tons of gifts. Eventually, the woman feels no attraction at all and rejected the man. I have been through this stage and I believe many of you been through this too.

I understand your agony and anger and now its PAY BACK time! It’s your TURN to play hard to get and get her to be obsessed with YOU! First of all, before you even embark on playing hard to get, you need to first get a life. If you think that you are leading a boring life, do something about it. Find yourself some activities and keep yourself real busy and occupied. At the same time, leave some time for your dates. When you have a life and really enjoyed it, women can instantly tell and wants your attention.

Getting yourself busy and occupied also enhances your conversation skill indirectly. The more activities you got yourself into, the more exciting life stories you accumulate. Telling your exciting life stories to women is one of the best ways to attract women.

Once you get your personal life handled, here’s how you play hard to get.

o Don’t see or meet her more than twice a week.

o Don’t call her more than twice or thrice a week.

o Keep your conversation with her short when you are on a phone.

o Always end the conversation on a high note first.

o Always end the date also on a high note first.

o When she wants to see you, tell her you are busy and see her at a later time on the same day.

o Pretend like you have 100 women calling you everyday.

o Fill your week with different dates instead of just focusing on 1 woman.

The bottom line of the concept behind the gift of missing you is to make yourself as scarce as possible. Scarcity is what makes people feel obsessed. The power of obsession is very powerful, use it wisely and you are on your way to get your dating life handled. Use it the evil way; get ready to meet PSYCHO people. I am just kidding.

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