SEO Expert Amine Dahimene On Effect of a Second COVID Lockdown On Black Friday Online Shopping

Amine Dahimene

Amine Dahimene
Amine Dahimene
Amine Dahimene

London, UK, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SEO expert and consultant Amine Dahimene has published an extensive report on the anticipated effect that second COVID-19 lockdown will have after the commencement of Black Friday sale on online shopping websites. It provides a detailed account of the preset of the second lockdown, nature of consumer demand pattern through the second wave, nature of sales, and much more.

Peers of Dahimene in the same field have approved of and applauded his efforts in making this report and the report itself, experts claim, serves as a good marker by setting realistic expectations and being thorough in its descriptions.

About Amine Dahimene:

Amine Dahimene is a SEO consultant based out of London, United Kingdom.

He discovered his love for tech and the world of digital marketing performance at a young age. He has been gracing this field for more than 10 years, and has been helping brands achieve success in their online presence.

The Report: An Overview

Online shopping flourished from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With non-essential shops closed and public transport reserved for key workers, it wasn’t long before the masses turned online. Suddenly, many online retailers were smashing targets and taking more orders than ever before. The hysteria had levelled out somewhat, but with Christmas and Black Friday on the horizon it will undoubtedly swell once more.

First wave aside, England now finds itself in the midst of a second lockdown during retail’s most important quarter. With this new lockdown set to last until 2nd December and possibly longer, it remains to be seen how this will affect the retail landscape. Now, on the approach to Black Friday 2020, retailers are getting their first glimpse of the quarter and the consumer’s revolutionised shopping habits. 

Black Friday has traditionally been seen as the opportunity to boost sales, entice new customers and, on the part of the consumer, grab a bargain. It takes place just under a month before Christmas, making it the prime time to get your presents sorted. As such, it’s a crucial time of the year for Britain’s retailers. Normally they will spend months and months preparing to make sure Black Friday goes without a hitch. A lack of organisation can mean missing out on a huge amount of potential sales and damaging your audience’s trust in you. 

Some of the effects Amine Dahimene predicts is:

  1. Change In Consumer Behaviour:

The coronavirus pandemic drove more consumers than ever to online shopping and this number isn’t set to go down any time soon. In the same study, Scurri found that 66% of shoppers will continue to shop online at the same heightened level, even once the pandemic has passed. So, in this new age for retailers, it’s essential their online platforms work for the consumer.

Streamlining the process of online shopping is essential to making sure customers convert and that the website can cope with higher levels of demand. Whilst many

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