Bride sends angry email to company after wedding dress arrives incorrect, realizes she put it on inside out

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much school we put behind us….we’re still going to lack common sense,” a bride wrote, lamenting of her own recent wedding dress gaffe.

A woman in Kentucky has gone viral and learned a very valuable lesson about how to put on clothes earlier this month.

Aubrey of Louisville penned a lengthy Facebook post detailing her experience with purchasing a wedding dress. The bride-to-be ordered the dress online and when it arrived she was eager to try it on. However, upon putting on the gown, she became “really upset about the looks of it and sent an angry email to the company wanting to return it,” she wrote online.

Aubrey attached photos of herself in the dress, showing off how it looked on her compared to the photos from the website of how the dress should appear.


Fuming at the mix-up, Aubrey was shocked to receive the company’s response: “You put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way.”

Stunned by her own mistake, the bride couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. When she did manage to put it on the right way, she wrote “the dress actually turned out beautiful.”

The 33-year-old decided to share her hilarious experience on Facebook as a way to thank the company, and seemingly apologize for her aggravated email.


“They probably didn’t appreciate my angry email, this post is the least I could do to thank them for ‘fixing’ the problem (me, the problem was me) . But I hope they appreciated a good laugh,” she wrote.

“And you all too…..during this tense time of the election results , I hope you take comfort in the fact I was not on your presidential ballot….nor will I ever be running for any office….I’ll help save your life but seriously- please don’t call me to dress you, apparently I have trouble doing that for myself,” she added.


Since her post has been shared more than a thousand times, Aubrey added an update to further explain what was behind her lapse in thought, which she blamed on “no sleep (16-24 hour shifts for a living ), finals week,” as well as “in a rush between jobs,” and skepticism with both the company and ordering online in the first place.

She added stress of the wedding and the pandemic, as well as her having “no idea about fashion or shipping measures for formal dresses.”


“I wear scrubs and tactical boots for a livin’,” she added.

And for future brides, Aubrey did leave some helpful advice.

“Live. Laugh. Love. Apologize,” she wrote.

“Ask your bridesmaids to lace you up not your husband, and hire the wedding planners.”

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Qatar ‘forcibly examined’ women, drawing angry diplomatic response

Female passengers flying from Qatar were subjected to invasive searches after a premature baby was found abandoned in an airport bathroom, in an incident labelled “offensive” and “grossly inappropriate” by Australia’s government.

Airport officials have not denied the incident, saying women passengers “were asked to assist” with inquiries to locate the mother of the baby, who they say is still alive.

Qatari authorities have launched an appeal to trace the infant’s family.

Security agents escorted an undisclosed number of women — including Australians — from aircraft on the tarmac at Doha’s international airport to ambulances, where they were examined for signs they had recently given birth.

“(Officials) were forcing women to undergo invasive body searches — basically forced Pap smears,” a source in Doha briefed on the incident told AFP, referring to an internal examination of the cervix.

Doha’s Hamad International airport said in a statement that “medical professionals expressed concern to officials about the health and welfare of a mother who had just given birth and requested she be located prior to departing”. 

“Individuals who had access to the specific area of the airport where the new born infant was found were asked to assist in the query,” the statement said.

It did not state what was asked of the women or how many were affected.

– ‘ Unacceptable treatment’ –

An Australian government spokeswoman said the country was “deeply concerned at the unacceptable treatment” of the female passengers.

“The advice that has been provided indicates that the treatment of the women concerned was offensive, grossly inappropriate, and beyond circumstances in which the women could give free and informed consent,” she said in a statement.

The incident, first reported by Australia’s Seven Network broadcaster, happened on October 2 and came to light after a number of affected Australian passengers spoke out.

One of the flights involved, Qatar Airways’ October 2 flight QR908 to Sydney, was four hours late departing Doha as a result, according to specialised air traffic website Flightradar24.  

Women from several other countries and flights are understood to have been affected, but their numbers and nationalities are not yet known.

Doha airport launched an appeal late Sunday for the child’s mother to come forward, suggesting that the checks undertaken at the time were inconclusive.

“The newborn infant remains unidentified, but is safe under the professional care of medical and social workers,” it said in its statement, and requested that anyone with information come forward.

Qatar’s foreign minister is expected to write to his Australian counterpart about the incident this week.

The Australian spokeswoman said the government has “formally registered our serious concerns regarding the incident with Qatari authorities”.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is engaged on this matter through diplomatic channels,” it said.

Qatar practices a strict form of Islamic law, with stiff penalties applied to women who fall pregnant or bear children outside marriage.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has grounded many airlines’ long-haul operations, including those of Australia’s flag-carrier Qantas, while Qatar

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‘I was shocked and angry’

Olivia Mancuso’s wedding ceremony was truly stunning — a sight to behold in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, though, an improvised moment involving the minister stole the show for a few moments.

Olivia shared footage of the bizarre twist with her TikTok followers in honor of her one-year anniversary with her husband.

“So me and my husband’s minister went off-script during the ceremony, and then this happened,” she said in the video, just before footage of her actual wedding began to play.

We see the happy couple standing at the altar admiring one another as the officiant speaks, when suddenly she begins to sing in a high-pitched voice, and the entire vibe of the ceremony changes.

Olivia and her husband, Fred, exchange glances — a silent communication that all married couples should master, honestly — and make it perfectly that this is not going according to plan.

Olivia told In The Know that she was upset at first, but ultimately, she had to laugh.

“I was shocked and angry. I also knew I had to channel my inner reporter … to keep a poker face,” she said. “I was pretty angry for a brief moment afterwards, but once all my relatives and friends came up to me laughing their a**es off about it I just had to laugh too.”

She said that her wedding was relatively small — just 110 people — so everyone there knew how much she loved planning and hated surprises.

“That made it even funnier to them,” she said. “Bunch of ball busters.”

Fred’s quick thinking kept the celebration rolling.

“My husband intentionally kept me away from her because he didn’t want me to cause a scene, so he gave me a drink and all was forgotten until we got our wedding footage back,” Olivia explained in a follow-up video.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about the whole ceremony was that Olivia had high hopes for the minister — she found her on The Knot, where she had great reviews.

Ultimately, though, Olivia and Fred still tipped the officiant “generously.”

“At the end of the day it was an amazing wedding and so much fun,” Olivia told In The Know. “I’m glad others could get a good laugh out of the moment too.”

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