More Gender Diversity Appears On Pa.’s Ballot As Women Candidates Grow In Numbers

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Next Tuesday’s election features something a little unusual in Pennsylvania — lots of women on the ballot. This state has not always been friendly to women candidates, but that may be slowly changing.

Thirty years ago, only one out of ten state lawmakers was a woman. Today, it’s about a quarter of the legislature — an improvement but hardly parity.

But this year, more women that even are on the ballot.

“Women candidates made a big splash in 2018, and I think more Americans are getting comfortable with having women candidates on the ballot,” Dr. Dana Brown told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Thursday.

Brown is the executive director of the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics at Chatham University.

At least 27 women are on the ballot locally, including two state Senators — Pam Iovino (D/37th District) and Kim Ward (R/39th District) — along with two more women running against male Senators — Shelbie Stromyer (D/21st District) and Nicole Ziccarelli (R/45th District).

Statewide, three of the six major party candidates are women — Heather Heidelbaugh (R-running for Attorney General), Stacy Garrity (R-running for Treasurer), and Nina Ahmad (D-running for Auditor General).

“It’s exciting to see so many women running statewide,” says Brown.

Locally, we have no female members of Congress, and only one female candidate is on the ballot for Congress in this region. That is Kristy Gnibus, an Erie Democrat, running against U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly of Butler.

“We do tend to have a stronger, increased number of women in politics in the eastern part of the Commonwealth,” says Brown.

That’s true. The four Pennsylvania women in Congress come from back east, not here.

The big change is the state House of Representatives.

Right now we have eight local female state representatives, including PA Rep. Marci Mustello (R/11th), PA Rep. Sara Innamorato (D/21st), PA Rep. Lori Mizgorski (R/30th), PA Rep. Summer Lee (D/34th), PA Rep. Natalie Mihalek (R/40th), PA Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R/44th), PA Rep. Anita Astorino Kulik (D/45th) and PA Rep. Pam Snyder (D/50th) .

Eleven other women are running for state House in this area, including Lynne Ryan (R/9th), Kolbe Cole (D/10th), Emily Kinkead (D/20th), Emily Skopov (D/28th), Lissa Geiger Shulman (D/30th), Carrie DelRosso (R/33rd), Jessica Benham (D/36th), Linda Book (R/38th), Sara-Summer Oliphant (D/39th), Sharon Guidi (D/40th), and Michelle Knoll (D/44th).

In fact, in three districts — the 30th, 40th and 45th — women are running against each other.

“I love it. It’s exciting to know that we are normalizing women leadership, normalizing women running in the southwestern region,” says Brown.

Brown thinks we could end up with as many as ten women in the state House from this area, and perhaps more.

Bottom line: this year you’ll find more gender diversity on the ballot than ever.

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China Beauty Wave Sweeps Across the United States; Cosmetics Brand Florasis Appears on Times Square Screen

In recent years, Chinese makeup look and cosmetics products have become popular around the world, and the Chinese cosmetics brand “Florasis” has attracted much attention.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

(Photo: Business Wire)

The latest Florasis product appeared on the Nasdaq and Reuters screens in Times Square, New York. China Beauty has become a hit. Ethnic beauty is also the world’s beauty.

Since October, the Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection has been frequently discussed on American social media. Many consumers exclaimed, “Wow! Where can I buy that?”, expressing their love for Florasis without reservation.

Founded in 2017, Florasis is a cosmetics brand that takes passing on and promoting Eastern aesthetics as its duty. It is growing rapidly in China, and its 2020 sales are expected to exceed 500 million US dollars.

The product that appeared on the Nasdaq and Reuters screens was Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection, which is the result of cooperation between Florasis, the well-known Chinese fashion anchor Li Jiaqi, and Miao silver ornament craftsmen. The images demonstrated the high quality of Chinese cosmetics and the beauty of Chinese culture.

The collection was inspired by the Miao, a Chinese ethnic minority which is good at exquisite silver ornaments and embroidery. These articles undergo many processes and can only be made by hand. However, with the development of modern industry, Miao silver techniques are also facing extinction. Therefore, Florasis put Miao silver patterns on cosmetics so that more people will know that China has such exquisite ethnic silver ornaments.

Florasis has introduced many cosmetics products with Eastern characteristics, replicating traditional Chinese crafts. These products are very different from the cosmetics currently popular in the United States. They represent the unique aesthetics and craftsmanship of the East, as well as the quality of Chinese cosmetics manufacturing.

Behind the popularity of the Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection in the United States is 5,000 years of wisdom. The popularity of this series reflects the diversification of aesthetics in the United States. With economic globalization, the Eastern wave will gradually affect European and American countries and become an international trend.

Eastern aesthetics, led by China, is sweeping across fashion.

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Phida Zheng
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Beauty New Trends, Trendy Makeup Appears

-10% while you sign as much as our e-newsletter. 1. Firming – haven’t actually seen much in that respect, not that I’ve that much to firm but, however I haven’t noticed any strains under the eyes being reduced or that my pores and skin would really feel any totally different that regular. Beauty of fashion and concord and charm and good rhythm rely upon simplicity—I mean the true simplicity of a rightly and nobly ordered thoughts and character, not that other simplicity which is simply a euphemism for folly.

Beauty contest nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Voici l’URL pour ce Tweet. Pourquoi voulons-nous être belle ? Je fais mon teint en 2 minutes, c’est vraiment rapide. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all of the power of Superman plus all of the attract of a very good and exquisite woman.

Effectivement à l’époque j’avais un corps de rêve (et eight kilos de plus aujourd’hui) et j’avais et ai toujours une tête originale, plutôt années 30. Je n’avais pas ma tignasse bouclée mais des cheveux très très courts, ca aide pas toujours (les cheveux ca cache aussi) (sauf les chignons) (c’est pour ca que je n’aime pas sortir les cheveux attachés hors des séances de sport).

C’est sûrement cela, la vraie beauté. Voulez-vous le faire livrer le mardi 2 jan.? Cela nous dilate le cœur. Mais en vrai, c’est surtout que ces slippers sont les seules chaussures fermées d’été que j’ai dans lesquelles je peux marcher des heures sans me retrouver avec les pieds en sang ou des ampoules partout.

Beauté classique nfnom féminin: s’utilise avec les articles “la”, “l'” (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), “une”. Le produit présent sur la mousse du bâtonnet suffit amplement pour maquiller vos lèvres, j’en ai même ôter pour vous dire. Ce sont des ombres pour créer des smoky-eyes automotive elles sont toutes foncées et intenses avec de nombreuses paillettes.…

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