10 Looks From ATEEZ’s Hongjoong That Demonstrate He’s A Fashion King

Since ATEEZ’s Kim Hongjoong arrived on the K–pop scene he’s been blessing us with nothing but his outstanding rap verses, production talents, focused–leader features, and an incredible sense of fashion and style. Considered the strict yet dorky dad of the group by his members, he’s mentioned on repeated occasions that he’s very methodical and a perfectionist. He’s always looking to innovate and find his own way to express himself, and that’s clearly also applied to his styling choices.

Hongjoong’s fashion can’t really be described or defined by a simple style or trend; he’s more of a let–me–try–that–and–that–together kind of guy, and there are no rules when choosing what to wear or how to wear it. He just goes with his gut, always coming up with the best looks, and that’s been made clear throughout the years with his chic choices.

From the most minimal looks to all-leather ones, from pastel palettes to punk-vibes designs, here are some of my absolute favorite looks from Hongjoong that has blown away people’s minds.

Hongjoong & accessories

If there’s a K–pop idol out there that knows the true power of accessorizing, it’s Hongjoong. His love for jewelry, belts, hats (especially berets), shoes, bandanas, glasses, and every single kind of accessory in existence adds a whole new vibe to each and every one of his looks, making them unique and full of his personal charm.

All–Black Uniform

While Hongjoong has no limits when talking colors and prints, he – like many of us – has a special love for black. He enjoys playing around with different textures in order to highlight some pieces, but he always keeps it cool and trendy.

Preppy–Punk Boy

Preppy and Punk fashion styles have nothing to do with each other, but Hongjoong finds a way to mix them and deliver some incredible combos, like the one in this photo. The clean, minimal, fitted look combined with studs–and–prints platforms give us a perfect look at what his style is all about: anything is possible.

Color Me Yellow

It’s not so often that we get to see Hongjoong wearing monochrome of mix–&–matched looks, but when he does, he likes to take it the extra mile. He’s worn this yellow Adidas tracksuit on repeated occasions and it just brightens up the room as much as his personality does.

Pastel palettes

As mentioned at the very beginning, Hongjoong can truly pull off anything and everything, and he likes to take advantage of that talent by trying on all sides of the fashion spectrum. At first sight, his style could be described as vibrant, layered, full–prints, with punk–rock vibes inspo and even a retro frame on occasions, but he also enjoys playing around with pastels and soft, fluffy textures that bring up his sweet features.

Sophistication Parlor

While he gets most of his style inspiration from urban trends, he can also pull off sophisticated, elegant looks like no other while always keeping his

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