Man accused of shooting pastor, bride at New Hampshire wedding to change attorneys

The man accused of shooting a pastor and bride during a wedding at a New Hampshire church and later attacking his lawyer has received permission to switch attorneys.

In a written order Tuesday, Hillsborough Superior Court Judge Charles S. Temple “reluctantly” granted Dale Holloway’s request for newly appointed contract counsel.

“However…it is imperative for Mr. Holloway to develop a trusting relationship with his new counsel and rely on their
knowledge, training, education and experience in the pursuit of his defense,” Temple wrote in his order. “Defense counsel are not in any way obligated under the applicable case law or the existing rules of professional conduct to blindly follow the directives of their client…Mr. Holloway simply needs to be open to taking the advice and direction of counsel after meaningful exchanges with them as this case moves forward.”

Holloway, 38, was indicted in January on two counts each of attempted murder and first-degree assault, and one count each of second-degree assault and being a convicted felon in possession of a gun – a .380-caliber pistol – in connection with the Oct. 12, 2019, shootings at a Pelham, N.H. church.

He pleaded not guilty and was later charged with first-degree assault after he was accused of hitting his public defender in the head in a jail interview room in Manchester, causing him to suffer a hemorrhage.

Holloway denied he assaulted Michael Davidow and said he got an officer’s attention after noticing the lawyer had a nosebleed.

Attorneys Donna Brown and Brian Lee were then assigned to represent him. But in May, Holloway asked to represent himself, citing an “irretrievable breakdown” with them.

After a hearing last week, however, Temple wrote that it was “quite evident that Mr. Holloway desires appointment of new contract counsel. He does not want to represent himself.”

In April, a judge denied his request to be released to house arrest due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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