So Many Thoughts On Royal Style” Author Exclusive

We can’t get enough of the royals’ fashion. And we’re in luck because now there’s a book that has detailed all the significant looks from Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the Duchess of Sussex—including engagement announcement outfits and wedding gowns.

Veteran fashion journalist Elizabeth Holmes (@eholmes) created an Instagram Story series called “So Many Thoughts,” where she details the legendary fashion choices of these royal ladies. However, the segments quickly gained popularity and Instagram was just not enough for Holmes to express all of her thoughts on the royal’s fashion choices. So, she decided to turn it into a book: HRH: So Many Thoughts On Royal Style.

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“As a reporter, I was eager for an opportunity to do a deeper dive into the royal family’s sartorial approach,” Holmes told Brides exclusively. “Learning more about the ways in which the Queen and Diana, Princess of Wales have used their fashion adds history and context to the royal fashion we see today.”

The book depicts how each woman’s style impacted the royal family member—and history for that matter. And it all began with their engagement outfits—the look that for some marks their official entrance into the royal family. “They are the beginning of the very public life these women live as wives of princes,” Holmes says. “Their engagement outfits set the tone of what we are likely to see from their style.”

And these engagement outfits have truly been a memorable part of the royals’ history. Princess Diana has impacted the royals in so many ways, and her engagement outfit is not excluded. Her iconic electric blue skirt suit is still so remembered today. In fact, the hit Netflix show The Crown just recreated the look—to a tee. This fashion moment was so pivotal for Diana, a then 19-year-old making her royal family debut. 

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“Diana was just 19 years old when Charles proposed and she wasn’t terribly fashionable,” Holmes explains. “With the help of some editors at British Vogue, she transformed rather quickly into the style icon we remember today. But for that engagement photocall, she was still very much figuring it out. She went shopping by herself and picked out the off-the-rack suit at Harrods that matched her ring (and her eyes). It was indicative of her early royal style, in that it was brightly colored but very modest. It made her look older and more mature, the part of a working royal.”

Although Diana didn’t start out with the most fashion experience, she went on to become an important figure in fashion that is still talked about today. She even set precedents with her bold choices that strayed from some of the typical royal fashion choices—something we see reflected today in the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s choices. In Meghan’s two years as a member of the royal family, she has made a splash with her fashion choices (as well as her decision to step down as

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Palm Beach author channels rejection by birth mother, fashion industry experiences in debut novel

| Palm Beach Daily News

Debut author Deborah Robinson has no words of affection for the woman who gave birth to her.

“I felt love for my parents, the ones who adopted me, not for her,” Robinson said. “Did I want her to like me and accept me? Of course I did, but that just didn’t happen. She did not want me, and she had no interest in getting to know me. She wasn’t my mother, she was a ‘biological incubator.’” 

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Robinson, a longtime resident, wrote her debut fiction novel “Lily Rose” as a way to narrate the experience and pain of being abandoned by her biological mother. 

“The book actually started out as a memoir, and it was cathartic in the beginning. But as I started to write, I began to see that writing it as a memoir was not a good idea, and it would be better to write it as a fiction book. I wanted to make these particular characters their own,” Robinson said.

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“Lily Rose” begins with the story of vivacious teenager Anna James Jefferson (“Jeff”), who is desperate to leave her small town of Paris, Kentucky. She falls head over heels for a well-to-do prep school boy named Eric, and Jeff begins to see all of her dreams start to come true.

But the romance is cut short  when Jeff finds out she’s pregnant and Eric refuses to marry her. 

Considering the challenges of being an unwed teen mother in a conservative Southern town, Jeff decides to put the baby up for adoption, but not before giving her a name: Lily Rose.

The second part of the novel follows Lily Rose’s life, her journey from small-town girl to fashion icon fame in New York City and an eventual reunion with her birth mother, which doesn’t go quite as planned. 

Robinson said the name of her book’s main character is the one her birth mother gave her when she was born. Her adoptive parents eventually changed it to Deborah, but she feels Lily Rose is an important part of her identity, even if she never had a relationship with the woman who gave it to her.

“Part of the reason I wrote the book was to examine the question of nature versus nurture, and to see exactly how far the apple falls from the tree,” Robinson said. 

Like her protagonist, Robinson also moved from Kentucky to New York City at 23. She very much wanted to be part of the Manhattan fashion circuit, but had no idea how to do it.

“I took a small job as a fashion assistant in a store, and I started moving up from there.  I think I was at the right place at the right time, and I was good at what I did,” Robinson said.  “When I was about 28 years old,

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