Microsoft adds more shopping features to Edge, Bing ahead of the holidays


Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is continuing its work to evolve its new Edge browser, Bing and MSN together. This week, ahead of the holiday shopping season, Microsoft execs are touting more shopping-related features that are coming to Chromium-based Edge and Bing.

Microsoft is adding coupons to Chromium-based Edge both on desktop and mobile devices. This feature automatically attempts to apply coupons that Microsoft has discovered to items before users check out and presents codes proactively. Microsoft officially announced the rollout of this feature today, November 19. However, I noticed Edge automatically looking for coupons on my behalf recently when I was checking out, so I’m taking it that coupons already was in testing or had begun to roll out quietly before today.

Coupons are available in U.S. markets in Edge on Windows and iOS and will be coming soon to Edge on Android. No word on when/if Microsoft plans to expand this feature outside the U.S.

Microsoft also is broadening the ability to access the recently announced Price Comparison feature it announced. Last month, Microsoft said the Price Comparison capability would be part of the Collections option in Edge. But now the company is expanding that feature more broadly to Chromium-based Edge, enabling users to click a blue tag to see a list of prices for products at different retailers all in one place. Price comparison is available in desktop versions of Edge in U.S. markets only right now. No word on when/how Microsoft plans to expand availability.

Microsoft also announced the ability for users to share gift wish listsdirectly inside of the new Bing shopping hub. The shopping hub will include curated cateogries like home decor, gift ideas, clothing, jewelry, etc. It’s accessible via

The WebXT(Web Experiences) organization inside Microsoft includes the Bing, Edge and Microsoft content services teams. The Bing ad business is tied tightly in with both Edge and MSN. Microsoft is adding these kinds of consumer-focused features to Edge to help bolster its web search and News businesses and as a way to differentiate Chromium-based Edge from Google Chrome.

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Helena Christensen collaborates with Anine Bing on clothing collection

Following the success of their first outing, Helena Christensen has teamed up with Danish-born, LA-based designer Anine Bing on a second clothing collection – which has just landed in stores.

Christensen has long been a fan of the brand, she tells us, explaining that she’s been shopping at the Anine Bing store near her New York apartment for years. “It’s actually where Anine and I first met; we just hit it off straight away,” she says. “There are a lot of common interests, from our Danish heritage to art, photography and of course – fashion. The collaboration is something we’ve been talking about for a while and I’m really excited that it’s finally here!”

Of course, years of modelling and experience wearing the finest of fashion has given Christensen the perfect base from which to launch a clothing design project. “More and more I am incredibly appreciative of all the knowledge I have absorbed during my years in the business,” she explains. “In fact, I appreciate it even more now than I ever did. I realise I have been part of fashion history in a way that hardly anyone is; I’ve been so close to the real magic behind it all. I have learned so much from all the masters, the designers, the seamstresses, the photographers, the beauty teams, the creative teams. It’s been the most incredible education.”

The capsule collection features a mix of relaxed, easy-wear separates, basics and soft tailoring – all in a monochrome colour palette, making styling the pieces beautifully simple. And, of course, they are all items that could have come straight out of the supermodel’s personal wardrobe.

“I never really know how to describe my personal style,” she muses. “I think because it isn’t a certain style per se, more of a peculiar mix of all different kinds of styles. I think the fact that my mother is from Peru and my father is from Denmark has given me a love for quirky mixes. I really love organic, fluid lines and shapeless, comfortable designs, but I am also totally drawn to anything colourful – a mix of flowers and patterns, all different kinds of fabrics mixed together, and layers upon layers. Both Anine and I wanted our Scandinavian heritage to clearly shine through so that side was downplayed a little for this collection.”

So what have the unprecedented events of this year taught the model about style?

It’s funny because being in quarantine for so many months I realised that at home is such a secret place, a place where you can feel comfortable, cosy, safe and warm,” she tells us. “The way you decorate your home is such a personal extension of who you are. That whole period became all about my space and being close to nature – not so much about clothing style. I think we all ended up in soft, fluffy clothing pieces; just to feel safe and embraced.”

Shop the collection below:

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Helena Christensen launches ’90s-inspired clothing line with Anine Bing

Helena Christensen standing in front of a window

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Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen is launching a ’90s-inspired clothing line with Anine Bing.

The Danish supermodel has partnered with the Danish designer for an 11-piece capsule collection that combined their mutual affection for vintage clothing and fashion from the ’90s.

“It was such a great time period for fashion,” Christensen told WWD. “I only had amazing experiences from that time. I feel that the way women dressed at that time had a powerful feeling to it. There was a businesswoman aspect but in a laid-back way.”

The collection, which will be released on 10 November, features T-shirts, jeans, a bodysuit, tailoring, and a silk jumpsuit, and is priced from $99 (£75) to $499 (£380).

Christensen and Bing worked for more than a year on the line and managed to deal with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic by holding conference calls over Zoom and going to each other’s houses to try on the collection.

They travelled to Scandinavia to shoot the campaign images, and the 51-year-old model is overjoyed that they managed to create pieces that reflect both their personalities.

“We just both brainstormed ideas of our own personal style and found a middle ground of what could work for both of us,” Christensen explained.

“She’s a little more experimental, a little more bohemian, relaxed in a way,” Bing added. “I’m maybe a little more classic, but I also love rock ‘n’ roll. We tried to tie those two together.”

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