Easy tips to make your beauty routine that little bit greener

Watch: Sophie Porley’s simple beauty and bathroom swaps to help you live a more sustainable life

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You may recognise Sophie Porley as Ellie Nightingale in Hollyoaks, however, away from the camera, the actress is passionate about living a sustainable life. Her motto is that it’s not about one person doing it perfectly, it’s about everyone doing it imperfectly.

One place we could all do with changing up things is the bathroom. Our daily beauty routine is full of single-use and plastic products that are all damaging to our planet.

The Cotton Bud Project, who campaign to keep cotton buds out of marine litter, estimate that we use 1.8 billion – mostly single-use – plastic cotton buds every year. Improper disposal of the buds – flushing rather than throwing them away – has resulted in waterways and the seas becoming polluted. waterways and the marine environment.

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They’re not the only thing clogging up our waterways – face wipes or wet wipes are behind 93% of sewer blockages in the UK, once again polluting our beaches and harming marine life.

Porley believes there are lots of easy swaps to make and a huge array of different sustainable products out there. If you’re unsure of whether a product ticks the green box, she suggests you check with B Corporation.

“B Corporation is an organization who link themselves to companies that are sustainable,” she explains.

“If you’re ever concerned about how sustainable a brand is, you can have a look if it’s B Corp registered. It doesn’t mean to say that it’s a company isn’t B Corp registered, but they’re not sustainable, but you know that you can trust it.”

Here are some of the top self-care products you can swap today to help live a more sustainable life:

Rethink your cotton bud

It’s actually the way people dispose of cotton buds that causes a lot of the issues, so make sure you always throw them away in the bin, but Porley also recommends trying alternatives.  Her favourite is one made with a bamboo stem but there are other options.

“You can also find ones with paper stems, but I find them a bit bendy,” she says. 

“There is also a super sustainable way to use these, which is the reusable cotton bud. I personally haven’t found that I liked them that much. I would still rather for what I need it for use this one, but that’s just personal preference.”

400 Bamboo Cotton Buds
400 Bamboo Cotton Buds

Ditch the deodorant

Don’t worry, Porley isn’t suggesting you go deodorant-free all together, but instead of choosing a spray or roll on, opt for one that is in a bar of balm format.

“One of the great things about lots of

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