Bloomingdale’s Fashion Director Justin Berkowitz

justin berkowitz

Christopher Fenimore

Justin Berkowitz might fly under the popular street style radar, but he’s been a beacon of personal style for me from the moment I met him. He dresses fairly simply on the surface, but his execution is precise and he always looks comfortable. Working in an industry often fixated on the present, Justin finds a way to blend the timeless and the modern effortlessly. While imitation should never be your style goal, you’d do well to take these five outfits into account as inspiration if you’re thinking of where to next take your look.

Like everyone else I’ve featured with this series, I’ve been lucky to call Justin a friend. He’s the sort of person that really listens to you and responds accordingly; he doesn’t come to the conversation with a personal agenda. When I lost a job two and a half years ago, he was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule (as the men’s fashion director of Bloomingdale’s) to give me career advice over a drink.

My hope for this series is to give you a 10 minute respite from your day—maybe you’re just here to look at outfit photos, or maybe, like I was, you’re at a career crossroads and the information gleaned from these experts can help you as it helped me. Justin and I discussed how art and fashion intersect, Dries Van Noten’s legacy and unusual styling, the desire for a casualized wardrobe and how to properly build it, and much more.

justin berkowitz

Christopher Fenimore

justin berkowitz

Christopher Fenimore

I know you’re an art history major and now you’re the men’s fashion director of Bloomingdale’s. Can you tell me about your career path from college to Bloomingdale’s?

My mom is a women’s clothing buyer, and growing up there were always various fashion publications on the kitchen table. I was a naturally curious kid and would dive into them at a young age. By the time I was a teen, I was buying every magazine in stock at the local Barnes & Noble. I’m still not sure why they let me in, but I was lucky enough to study at Columbia, which marked the beginning of my career path.

As I was living in New York, I spent a lot of time interning in various roles at different fashion companies but my last internship, which lead to my first job, was at Harper’s Bazaar. Once I graduated, Bazaar hired me freelance in various assistant roles. Sitting next to an editor there lead to a conversation with one of her friends, and ultimately an on-staff assistant position at Teen Vogue, where I oversaw the samples coming in and out for the fashion shoots. From there, I followed one of my bosses to Marie Claire, where I worked in the accessories department for her. She gave me the opportunity to cover the watch market, which meant attending the big watch trade shows in Basel and Geneva. At one of those shows, I was seated

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Bloomingdale’s Adds Bluestone Sunshields Face Shields to Its Latest Accessories

Bluestone’s “COVID pivot” rockets growth, doubling revenue in 2020

Bluestone Sunshields, the premier provider of facial protection products, has just announced that Bloomingdale’s has brought the COVID-inspired line of clear shields to its stores and online as of October 19. The partnership between Bluestone and Bloomingdale’s is the first time Bluestone’s shields will be available in-store through a major fashion retailer.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Photo provided by Bluestone Sunshields

“To be selected by Bloomingdale’s further validates our exacting design standards, and we hope to bring normalcy to people as these new variations become part of our daily life,” said Jen Podany, CEO of Bluestone Sunshields. “We’re honored to meet the Bloomingdale’s ‘chic and unique’ criteria.”

With the holidays just around the corner, travelers are weighing their options and looking for products to keep them safe and give them peace of mind. According to a new study from travel booking app Hopper, 74 percent of holiday travelers surveyed said they planned to fly during December, compared to only 10 percent who said they would drive their cars. Wearing eye protection may make COVID-19 transmission about three times less likely, according to a study published in The Lancet. For people who protected their eyes, the risk of transmission was reduced from to 5.5 percent from 16 percent.

The Bluestone Face Shield line started when they pivoted production to create and donate over 5,000 protective items to frontline workers in need. The shields quickly became a favorite among businesses reopening and seeking to keep their staff and customers safe. Now, as society continues to re-open and people are resuming some activities, the need to protect oneself and still look put together created a tipping point. The new product line was a strategic move that propelled the company to exceptional growth with over $1M in sales this year alone, more than double the company’s 2019 revenue.

“I’m proud of what we’ve done this year,” said Podany, “I’m an entrepreneur, the mother of two young children and have an all-female team. I hope my success will inspire other women in business to persevere even when they get thrown a curve ball.”

Bluestone Face Shields can be bought in-store at Bloomingdale’s in New York City and SoHo locations, and in its Century City, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Sherman Oaks and Newport Beach, California, stores. The shields also can be purchased online through Bloomingdale’s at

About Bluestone Sunshields

Bluestone Sunshields is the premier provider of facial protection products. Founder and CEO, Jen Podany, was a licensed esthetician before launching Bluestone in 2018. She was inspired by her work alongside top dermatologists and physicians in Los Angeles and saw the need for something to provide privacy and protection for patients who had recently undergone treatments that left them extremely sensitive to sunlight. As a result of the company’s work with top doctors, cosmetic laser manufacturers and skin care professionals, Bluestone is founded on the mission to provide

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