The Best Of Modern Tennis Bracelets

Back in the 1920s, when women enjoyed a new found freedom and were dancing the night away, the line bracelet which encircled the wrist with a row of the same cut, color and size diamonds or gemstones was as much of a craze as hiking up one’s skirt and doing the Charleston. Many women inherited these bracelets as family heirlooms from great grandmothers, grandmothers or their moms. They became a wardrobe staple throughout the 20th century (with a brief hiatus during the ‘make love, not war’ peace sign and love bead jewelry of the late 60s and early 70s.) But they came back in a big way during the disco era as an essential jewelry item. Then in 1978, they received a brand new moniker due to tennis legend Chris Evert. She was engaged in a long rally during the 1978 U.S. Open when her bezel-set diamond bracelet went flying across the court. She asked officials to stop the match until she found the bracelet. From that day on, modern versions of Art Deco line or eternity inspired styles have become known as the ‘Tennis Bracelet.’

 Whether you are gifting a modern version of the ubiquitous Tennis Bracelet from a big brand or from an independent designer, choosing an edgy or more classic look, these bracelets are imbued with an easy elegance that allows them to be worn with just about everything in a woman’s fashion and jewelry wardrobe and are desired by a wide demographic of women, which makes them one of the all-time “safe bet” jewelry gifts. But as safe as they are—they also take on the character and style of the women who wear them. They can also be layered with basically any other style of bracelet.

In the past 10 years, Tennis Bracelets continue to evolve and be rejuvenated, offered in multiple iterations, since they first landed on the jewelry scene approximately 100 years ago.

Here are some of the best in contemporary Tennis Bracelets for the holidays and beyond:

Moritz Glik’s Bloco Diamond Bracelet is inspired by the clean pared down lines of the Art Deco movement yet is distinguished by Glik’s signature white sapphire encased Shaker diamonds which is the centerpiece. It follows the geometric lines of the diamonds that surround the bracelet in grey palladium.

Gabriel & Co 18K three-row white gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet features diamonds which are set into ‘feminine buttercup’ settings. Although the silhouette is simple, the character and contemporary design of the bracelet is in the multi-strands of diamonds. Although there is some megawatt sparkle, this bracelet never seems overwhelming or overdone.  

Dinny Hall Shuga Collection showcases an array of precious small diamonds, set in 14K gold. For holiday Hall played on the rhyme: ‘sugar and spice and everything nice”. This particular bracelet in the collection is a solid 14K yellow gold bracelet set with brilliant-cut

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History of Rubber Bracelets – From Fashion To Fundraising

Rubber Bracelets, began as a punk rock anti-fashion, anti-establishment statement in the late 1970’s – early 1980’s. Originally, black, rubber 0-rings were worn as bracelets. These bracelets depicted the anti-jewelry sentiment, as rubber has no value whatsoever or status compared to precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

They became highly popular in the 1980’s when they were worn by celebrities during their concerts and videos, but these bracelets weren’t really rubber, they were actually silicone bracelets; today they are still made from silicone. Around the same time, jelly bracelets became a hot item; thin rubber bands that came in many opaque and translucent colors. The translucent ones could even be found with glitter embedded in them. These exciting new novelties could be bought anywhere; drug stores, bubble gum machines, mail order, or off other people. The object was to wear as many as one possibly could, sometimes in the hundreds. It was very common to swap and share among friends.

In the late 1990’s, Rubber Band Bracelets became popular. In this case, thick rubber bands were obtained from around banded vegetables in the food store and worn around the wrist. This trend, however, did not last long as real rubber is very uncomfortable; it snaps and sticks to the skin and hair, and it breaks down quickly from sweat and body oils and disintegrates.

Once again, this fad had its flaws, and faded into history. The next popular bracelet fad was that of the Jelly Bracelets that came in different colors and became known as Sex Bracelets. The different colors, as you may have guessed, depicted a certain sex act that the wearer was willing to perform. An interested party would just have to approach the wearer, snap the band of his/her choosing, and he/she would become the recipient of that particular act.

The sex bracelet code breakdown was known among the teens, listed on websites, and posted anywhere teens seem to research. The meanings varied, some made up their own, but it was widely known among this age group what one was saying when wearing the bracelets. As one would expect, it wasn’t long before Sex Bracelets were banned from the schools. If interested, anyone can still go online and find the different sex colors listed!

If one didn’t feel like purchasing jelly bands, there were instructions to be found on how to make one. One set of instructions required cutting thin strands of rubber from an old tire with a very sharp knife. Once done, the strands could be braided or woven into the desired style.

Another intriguing way to make a bracelet is to unroll 3 prophylactics, using as many color combinations as desired, and braid them together; the more color and texture, the better. Once done, thread a metal clasp onto each end to keep it secure and, voila! You are now the proud owner of your own exclusively unique Jelly Bracelet.

Like all fads, these bracelets seem to come and go with different …

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Pandora Charms and Bracelets – Myth and Facts

In Greek Mythology, it is said that Pandora was the first woman to ever walk on Earth. When Prometheus stole the secret of fire from Mt. Olympus, the gods became angry that they decided to punish mankind. Zeus, the god of gods, ordered Hephaestus to create a woman out of Earth. This woman was given by all the gods of Olympus, gifts that were supposed to bring misery to mankind. She was given beauty, charms, deceit, cunning, boldness and more. After she was given all these gifts, she was named Pandora, which means "All Gifted".

She was then taken by Hermes to Epimetheus, Prometheus' brother. Despite Prometheus's warning not to accept any gifts from the gods, his brother was captivated by the beauty and charms of Pandora that Epimetheus received her willingly. That, according to Greek mythology was the beginning of man's misery.

Other versions speak of a vessel or a jar (not a box) that Pandora opened. When she opened the vessel, the contents of it scattered and since that time, the lands and the seas were filled with evil. Other texts say that the jar contained blessings but as Pandora opened the container, all the blessings were cast away and were irretrievable.

But whatever the version, one thing is common there was one thing left in the vessel and that is 'Hope'.

Recently, about 25 years ago, a goldsmith named P. Enevoldsen and his wife established a Jeweller's shop in Copenhagen Denmark. They designed, manufactured and sold jewlry and accessories that contained various charms and beads. Usually, these charms are made of sterling silver, gold, precious or semi-precious stones and an item unique to Italy, Murano Glass.

The design of the charms were exquisite and when combined together creates a truly marvelous piece of jewelry. The company sold jewelry parts and customized designs. These charms and beads could be bought separately from bracelet and necklace chains and could be assembled by the consumer themselves if they wanted to. The consumers could also purchase the cutomized jewelry that has already been assembled with the parts they fancied if they wanted to.

The demand for the items increased significantly to the point that the owners decided to wholesale their product to different countries. when they started exporting them, and their designs were openly accepted by a lot of patrons. Their products are known as Pandora Charms / Pandora Jewelry.

Why their wares were named after a Character that brought misery to mankind is something that's difficult to comprehend. Perhaps the reason is the characteristics of each charm used to create one bracelet; each charm design is unique and has its own identity. And when they are all combined to create one piece of jewelry, that piece of jewelry exudes elegance and class.

In this aspect you could say that every piece of Pandora Charm Bracelets / Pandora Jewelry are "All Gifted".

Pandora Charms or Pandora Jewelry also contradicts another description of the mythological character. Contrary to being the cause of …

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