Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop gift guide includes $1,995 Ouija board, vulva coloring book and lamps made of bread

Election Day may have stolen its thunder, but Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop gift guide is out.

Highlighting what it thinks will be this year’s must-have holiday gifts, the site is appealing to the pandemic-plagued shopper with ideas that will “meet the needs of today: less travel and more snacks, self-care, and booze.”

Among the intriguing and bizarre offerings from the woman who sells vagina and orgasm candles, the official 2020 gift guide features several gift categories, from “The Ridiculous but Awesome” to “The Forward-to-Your-So” guides.

What’s causing a stir, however, are the items listed under “Ridiculous but Awesome.”

One such item is the Edie Parker Ouija board, with a price-tag of $1,995 (or four interest-free payments of $498.75,) which is described as a “hand-poured, glitter-bombed acrylic” spirit board.

For those not wishing to interact with the paranormal, Goop is also selling the “Studypod,” a $13,600 portable single-person study room that could be set up anywhere — even the great outdoors. The product is equipped with a detachable desk so it can become a yoga studio or even a bedroom.

Another unique item category are lamps made from real bread, fetching for $210, which may be sumptuous for the inner foodies.

There’s also a leather custom-made watermelon bag by designer Tsuchiya Kaban, but prices vary based on the customer’s specific requests.

Not everything Goop highlighted this year will put too much of a strain on shoppers’ wallets, as it also has a “Holiday Gifts under $100” category, which boasts items such as Oregon Wine in a Can ($17 for a four-pack), a $15 vulva coloring book and, of course, the Academy Award winner’s infamous candles that retail for $75.


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