Genesee County wants to stop potential super-spreader wedding before bride and groom say, ‘I do’

GENESEE COUNTY, MI — If you’re planning to attend a large wedding in Genesee County this weekend, there could be uninvited guests from the county Health Department.

Acting Health Officer Jim Henry told the county Board of Health Wednesday, Dec. 2 that his office is investigating reports of a planned wedding with more than 100 guests and said the department wants “to put a stop to that one before it occurs.”

Multiple cases of COVID-19 were linked to an indoor wedding reception with more than 100 people at the Flushing Valley Golf & Country Club in August, and since that time, the county has experienced its sharpest rise on coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

Henry did not name the banquet facility where this weekend’s wedding is reported to take place, and MLive-The Flint Journal could not immediately reach the interim health officer Thursday, Dec. 3, for additional information.

Henry said when representatives of the hall were contacted by his office, they said they weren’t aware of the event.

“We’ve been in touch with the state Department of Health and Human Services and liquor control,” Henry told the Board of Health. “They’ve asked us to do a site visit at the time of the event and document it.

“I don’t think that’s good enough, but that’s what their advice for us was — they would issue a citation based on our site visit.”

Henry said his office is continuing to investigate reports of the wedding.

“What I would like to do is get some better confirmation that this is actually occurring and work with out local law enforcement to tag the building (indicating) that this cannot be occupied for this type of event,” he said.

“We completely understand that this situation has put a lot things on hold for people. It’s not what we want to do at all, but we’ve had experience with a wedding (reception) and an outbreak resulting from it. Not only does it impact our community, it impacts our office (because we have to try) to keep up with the cases.”

In Michigan, indoor gatherings at non-residential venues are prohibited under COVID-19 rules issued by the MDHHS.

Gatherings of more than 10 people from more than two households are also prohibited under the rules and gatherings are prohibited at entertainment venues, including banquet halls.

There have been 13,965 cases of coronavirus and 416 deaths reported to the county Health Department as of Thursday, Dec. 3, including 800 cases in the past five days.

Just last month, county health officials said there so many cases of coronavirus locally that they can’t keep up with the demand for contact tracing.

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Morgan and Dylan: Bride wore double the dresses at a summer wedding cut in half by COVID-19 | Weddings

The Knuths

June 27, 2020, Empire Room, Yoni Gill

A DAY IN THE PARK A mutual friend’s engagement party brought Morgan Henn and Dylan Knuth together. At the time, she was living in Kansas City, and he in Minneapolis. “We were excited about each other, but weren’t sure where to go next since we were long distance,” the bride remembers. But they made it work, and on an April 2019 trip to New York City, Dylan proposed in Central Park. The couple were married at Turner Park in Omaha on June 27, 2020.

GOING FORWARD But before that summer day, the coronavirus pandemic hit in the spring, and Morgan and Dylan had to re-evaluate their wedding plan to factor in gathering restrictions and health precautions. “It was an emotional rollercoaster,” the bride says. “Nobody had a rule book for how to navigate this.” After many discussions with their vendors, including some on possible backup dates, the couple decided to go forward with their original plan, but cut their 300-count guest list in half to accommodate their venue’s capacity restrictions.

The Knuths

WORK PERKS One thing the bride didn’t have to cut down on was wedding dresses. Morgan works in sales for bridal designer Van Der Velde, and commissioned two dresses. For the ceremony, she chose a ball gown from the company’s latest collection, customized with a higher waist and different fabric. For her reception dress, Morgan worked with Van Der Velde’s designers on a whole new idea. “I had always been obsessed with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s wedding dress, and I knew I wanted something more form-fitting that I could move in.” The result was a satin-back crepe gown with a draping neckline, cowl back and train. “I received so many compliments on it that it was added to the 2021 Van Der Velde line as the Morgan gown.”

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Bride with Covid-19 gets married in quarantine

Across the country, the coronavirus pandemic forced newly engaged couples to downscale, postpone and cancel wedding celebrations due to safety concerns and stay-at-home orders.

But for one couple in California, not even contracting the virus itself could stop them from tying the knot.

Lauren and Patrick Delgado, a couple of four years, looked forward to their big day on Nov. 20 since they got engaged in May last year. What the pair did not expect, however, was for the pandemic to force them to change their venue and guest lists three times.

Testing positive for Covid-19 five days before her own wedding was the last thing Lauren Delgado saw coming.

“Everything that could go wrong did go wrong,” Delgado, 29, said. “I was really saddened because everything we had planned was already getting cancelled.”

As their marriage license was set to expire the day after their ceremony, the couple ultimately decided to move forward with a wedding under quarantine at the bride’s mother’s home in Ontario, California — about 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Patrick Delgado, 27, stood in a grey suit outside house and the bride was perched above from her second floor bedroom window.

“It was the most 2020 wedding I have ever shot during Covid-19,” said Jessica Jackson, the wedding photographer.

The family members, clad in white face masks, socially distanced outside Delgado’s window for the 45-minute ceremony. There was a total of 10 guests — all of whom tested negative and some who watched from their parked cars on the street, Delgado said.

Lauren and Patrick Delgado celebrate their elopement after Lauren tested positive for Covid-19 three days prior to her wedding.Jesscaste Photography

The couple each held the end of a flower-decorated ribbon made by her aunt when they exchanged their vows.

“It was a way of holding each other’s hand despite being so far away from each other,” Delgado said.

She added that the impromptu wedding did not allow her enough time to pick up her wedding dress, so she wore a white dress from Anthropologie in her closet, and even did her own hair and makeup.

“I was just so happy and excited to be surrounded by my closest loved ones there,” she said. “It wasn’t about a big wedding, it was just about celebrating our love and life together.”

Jackson said the non-traditional nuptials looked like a scene pulled right out of a “fairytale.”

“They are a beautiful and resilient couple who were really put through the ringer, and there was only joy radiating off of them — through sickness and in health,” Jackson said.

After the ceremony, Delgado said her new husband returned to his home while she remained at her mother’s house to recover. The couple, while apart, ended the night with a Postmates dinner while watching the Netflix movie, “Holidate.”

“It’s almost like a funny story we’ll one day tell our children,” Delgado said. “Like, we couldn’t sleep in the same bed the same day we got

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Bride faked terminal cancer to con friends into paying for her dream wedding

A bride pretended she had terminal cancer to con her friends into paying more than $15,000 for her dream wedding.

Toni Standen, 29, shaved her head, spoke to the press and said of the disease: “It’s gone to my brain, my bones – it’s everywhere.”

She tugged at heart strings by saying she wanted her dad Derek, who was dying of cancer, to walk her down the aisle.

Friends launched a GoFundMe page to give Standen and partner James “a wedding they deserve,” The Mirror reports.

Standen’s dad Derek, 57, died before the big day but a video he recorded was played.

RELATED: Cancer con Belle Gibson faked terminal illness

One guest told the Mirror: “After hearing her father’s laboured words she got up and gave a faultless speech, even cracking a few jokes.

“Her mother and brother were in bits. We’d all just listened to a father of the bride message from beyond the grave.

“Toni even received a video message from Everton FC, delivered by one of the top players. She laughed throughout.”

After the wedding in Widnes, Cheshire, Standen and James, 52, went to a nearby hotel. Witnesses claim she rifled through wedding cards, counting the cash inside, before jetting off to Turkey for her honeymoon.

Standen’s lies were later exposed when she claimed to have coronavirus, raising suspicions among pals.

Cheryl Aston, 33, who donated $947, said: “She could have won an Oscar, her acting was that good. She fooled us all. We were all completely sucked in.

“She told me she was dying and I fell for it.”

Mum-of-two Cheryl, who was at the wedding, added: “I remember her telling me that her cancer had come back and that it was terminal.

“She told me it had spread to her bones and her organs. I was devastated – everyone was.

“She said she wanted her dad to walk her down the aisle before either of them died. I wanted to help so badly but I couldn’t afford a lot. I asked her about doing a fundraiser. She said, ‘Yeah, yeah, every little helps’.”


In July 2017, Standen was interviewed in her local paper saying she had cancer.

She gave a second interview last year, telling of the “devastating” news her illness was terminal.

In January this year, Standen went as far to say she had two months to live and her organs had started to fail.

And in February, a post on her Facebook page – which she later blamed on hackers said: “RIP TONI. Our lovely Toni passed away last night, surrounded by friends and family … strong until the end.”

Two friends eventually decided to question her.

One said: “We rang her for a three-way conversation and recorded it. We asked her straight: ‘Have you really got cancer?’

“She started crying and admitted it was all lies. We ended the call and phoned the police straight away.”

Jobless Standen pleaded guilty last week to fraud by false representation between February

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Ask Amy: Adopted bride mulls biological mom’s place at wedding

Dear Amy: My biological great-aunt and uncle adopted me when I was 2 years old. I am now 20, and I’m planning my wedding. My adoptive parents are my world, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

I have a very close relationship with my mom, and plan on including her in my wedding, just as anyone normally would.

Because it was an open adoption and my adoptive parents are my great-aunt and uncle, I do know my biological mom.

She and I have more of a friendly bond than a mother/daughter bond. I am getting married next year, and I want to include her somehow, but my adoptive mom gets jealous and hurt about certain things when it comes to including her.

How can I incorporate my biological mom, but not hurt my adoptive mom’s feelings?

Also, should I give my biological mom a corsage to wear?

I’m not sure what to do.

— Unsure Bride

Dear Unsure: This is tricky, because all of your parents are also related to one another (I take it that one of your biological parents would be your parents’ niece or nephew). There is no doubt a lot of challenging history there, before and after your birth and adoption.

In my opinion, you should invite your biological mother to the wedding, and give her a seat in the front row, along with other family members. Yes, it would be nice for you to give her a corsage.

Weddings are highly charged events; feelings and insecurities are heightened in anticipation. Communicate with your parents honestly and as soon as possible, letting them know what your plans are, giving them time to adjust.

Consider having both of your (adoptive) parents — not just your dad — walk you down the aisle to formally present you to your prospective spouse. They deserve that honor.

Understand that your mom might feel threatened, jealous, and upset, no matter what plan you present. Affirm her feelings, saying: “I know this is hard, but there is no question in my mind about who my ‘real’ parents are — you two! I hope you can keep that in mind and help me by being friendly to my biological mom during the events. It’s hard on me, too, but I’m trying to do the right thing.”

Dear Amy: “Carrie” and I met at work a few years ago.

She’s well-known, but for some reason, has no “real” friends. As I got to know her better, I realized that she is needy and selfish, the kind of person who has no trouble asking for things, but who doesn’t reciprocate.

When we hung out, it was always at the location she wanted. I’d have to take pictures of her for her Instagram (dozens at a time, in different locations!) and she would always keep me waiting.

Over the last two years, I’ve been trying to ice her out, but she has not taken the hint, confronting me when I haven’t included her in

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Quarantined bride doesn’t let COVID-19 diagnosis get in the way of wedding day

“If we can get through 2020, Patrick and I can get through anything.”

Despite various obstacles along the way, nothing could stop Lauren Jimenez and Patrick Delgado from saying “I do” — not even COVID-19 itself.

The pandemic had already forced them to change their venue location and guest list three times, but the unthinkable happened when Jimenez got sick and tested positive for COVID-19 just days before their big day on Nov. 20. On top of that, the couple was also under a time crunch as their marriage license was set to expire.

Jimenez and Delgado — who have been together four years and got engaged on May 24, 2019 — decided to move forward with a ceremony, with Jimenez dressed in her wedding dress and sitting in her bedroom’s second-story window at her mother’s house in Ontario, California, while Delgado, 27, stood beneath her in the front yard.

PHOTO: Patrick Delgado and Lauren Jimenez married in a COVID wedding where the bride tested positive for the virus just days before the ceremony.

“Although it’s definitely not how we envisioned our wedding day, Patrick and I were able to exchange our vows to each other,” Jimenez, 29, told “Good Morning America,” adding that she was “saddened” when she received her COVID-19 results but was able to lean on her groom to handle setting up everything.

Delgado called all their vendors to cancel and made sure their officiant and photographer would be willing to participate in this impromptu ceremony.

“Patrick has been the best partner!” Jimenez said. “Since we don’t live together, he would FaceTime me every day and reassure me that we can get through anything together.”

Jessica Castellano, who photographed the special day, told “GMA” this was the “most 2020 wedding” she has done and, despite being socially distanced, “you could just feel the love” between Jimenez and Delgado.

When it came time to tie the knot, the lovebirds weren’t face-to-face but they were connected by a 30-foot ribbon with flowers made by Jimenez’s aunt. This, according to Jimenez, symbolized “unity, love and physical touch” since they weren’t standing together.

“I think the distance between them added way more magic to the wedding day,” Castellano added. “Imagine telling your kids that you got married while one of you was quarantined, just because you could not wait to marry the love of your life. I do not blame them for really living the ‘through sickness and in health’ vow.”

Even though it wasn’t what Jimenez ever envisioned for her and Delgado, she noted that she’ll “feel happy” when she looks back on her wedding day.

“I feel so lucky to have a partner who will support, love and navigate through tough times,” she said. “If we can get through 2020, Patrick and I can get through anything. I know Patrick and

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Canucks player kicks bride in the face at wedding reception during sultry dance, viral TikTok video shows

This newlywed really kicked up his heels at the reception.

Professional hockey player Adam Gaudette showed off his (failed) dance moves in a TikTok video taken at his wedding that has gone viral. In it, Gaudette accidentally kicks his bride, Micaela, in the face during their reception.

In the short clip, which has been viewed nearly 100,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon, the Vancouver Canucks center is seen shirtless sauntering up to his bride, who is sitting in a chair. He begins what appears to be a sultry dance of sorts.

After the short lap dance, the groom begins to show off by kicking his leg over the bride’s head – only to fall short and accidentally kick her in the face.


In an extended version of the incident, the groom immediately stops and begins kissing his bride before ushering her off of the dance floor.

“I seem fine but my head was throbbing and I went into the bathroom and cried for a little,” the bride wrote in text over the video, along with a happy face emoji.

Adam Gaudette might want to retire his dancing career. (Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

Adam Gaudette might want to retire his dancing career. (Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)


“He felt insanely bad but it was fine because we ended up partying until 8 am with our best friends,” a caption for the video read. The shorter clip’s caption read, “How my husband ruined our wedding part 1.”

The video was posted last week. According to Micaela’s Instagram, the pair got married on June 20. It is unclear where the wedding took place or what coronavirus regulations were enforced.


Those who watched the hilariously botched burlesque on TikTok sympathized with the bride, commenting “I would’ve cried from the embarrassment and pain. Oh my god.”

Another gushed, “I love how concerned he was immediately for you though like goals.”

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Wedding shaming: Australian bride is slammed for complaining about her best friend’s $5 Kmart gift

Bride is slammed for publicly shaming her best friend’s $5 Kmart wedding gift – as many claim she’s lucky to have married at all in the chaos of 2020

  • A bride has been slammed for shaming her best friend’s wedding gift
  • Her mate presented her with two $5 Kmart towels after the ‘exclusive’ event
  • Angry responses flooded in after she complained in a Facebook group
  • Many branded her ‘shallow’ and ‘mean’, calling it ‘karma’ for her attitude
  • Others said she was lucky to have a wedding in a year upended by COVID-19

A bride has been slammed for publicly shaming her best friend over the cheap gift she gave her for on her wedding day.

Angry responses flooded in when the anonymous newlywed from Brisbane, Queensland, complained about receiving two $5 Kmart towels from her closest mate in a Facebook community group.

The woman raged that the cheapness of the gift ‘hurt’ a lot and was a ‘slap in the face’ after inviting her pal to her ‘exclusive’ ceremony and reception.

But if sympathy was what she expected, she had another thing coming – with many branding her ‘shallow’ and ‘mean’ for caring so much about material goods.

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Angry responses flooded in when a newlywed from Brisbane complained about receiving two $5 Kmart hand towels from her closest mate in a Facebook community group (stock image)

Many branded her 'shallow' and 'mean' for caring so much about material goods

Angry responses flooded in when a newlywed from Brisbane complained about receiving two $5 Kmart hand towels (right) from her closest mate in a Facebook community group (left image is stock)


Do you think Kmart towels are appropriate as a wedding gift?

  • Yes 0 votes
  • No 0 votes
  • If that’s all you can afford 0 votes

The drama began when the bride asked for advice on dealing with what she considered to be an offensively inexpensive present.

‘Has anyone received any wedding gifts in the past that were a slap in the face? How did you deal with it?’ she wrote.

‘My partner and I had a very exclusive wedding, all inclusive and the focus was our guests.

‘Our best friend, husband and kids knew this and gifted us two Kmart towels, a total value of about $10.

‘This hurt us a lot, as it was a slap in the face. We don’t know how to deal with it.’

But rather than advice, she was hit with a barrage of hate.

‘Are you actually serious? It’s not about what you get out of it,’ one woman wrote. 

A second simply said: ‘Karma.’

The offending articles? One woman hit back saying Kmart towels (pictured) are an 'awesome' gift and perfectly fine if that's all her friend could afford

The offending articles? One woman hit back saying Kmart towels (pictured) are an ‘awesome’ gift and perfectly fine if that’s all her friend could afford

‘Kmart towels are an awesome gift, who cares how much they cost. What a shallow person,’ a third added, while a fourth argued that perhaps $10 was all the family could afford.

‘Be thankful they wanted to be there to celebrate your special day and focus on the qualities in their personalities rather than the material items they may or

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Carlsbad bride determined not to let pandemic prevent grandma from being part of her wedding day

“I love her so much. I wanted to make sure she could be included,” said bride Tamara Zack.

CARLSBAD, Calif. — A Carlsbad bride didn’t let the pandemic prevent her from getting married. But before tying the knot, she made a special stop at a local senior center to vist her grandmother. 

Tamara Zack made special arrangements with the Glenbrook Health Center in Carlsbad for a socially-distanced visit with her grandma, Joan Jeske. 

“I think when you love your grandma so much, you need her to be included, no matter what the circumstance,” said Zack. “We are visiting with her so she gets to see me all dressed up and we can have a ladies toast before the big event.”

Grandma Jeske couldn’t have been happier.

“She’s a very sweet young lady. She’s always been sweet,” said Jeske. “I got to see her grow up and turn into this lovely young lady.”

Zack said it was her grandparents love that always inspired her.

“She has been a huge influence to me,” said Zack. “With her and my grandfather’s relationship, [they were] married 60 years.”

The small gathering was complete with champagne, flowers, wedding cake and a toast.

“I’ll have all these lovely pictures to remember [the wedding]. So I’m just thrilled,” said Jeske.

After visiting her grandma, Zack went to Sunset Cliffs to meet her fiancé for the ceremony. They exchanged their ‘I do’s’ and were married.

Though Zack’s grandma wasn’t there in person, Zack said she was there in spirit.

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Missy Elliott sends bride $1,300 for her dream wedding dress

Missy Elliott is making sure one fan can have a “supa dupa fly” wedding.

On November 17, Ireanna Bradshaw shared that she was having trouble making her dream nuptials a reality. “Im getting Married in March &trying to move into our own place. Excited but overwhelmed,” the North Carolina bride-to-be tweeted.

“I have been saving money; but its still a struggle. I found my dream dress and I want to get it so bad but between saving for the move- i dnt think it will be possible…..”

Along with several sweet snaps of herself with her fiancé, Bradshaw included her Cash App info and a screen grab of her ideal gown: an off-the-shoulder number with embroidered floral appliqués and a slit skirt from David’s Bridal, priced at $1,299.

“I never thought Id find a love like this and never thought someone would want to marry me,” she continued. “With all my previous insecurities- i didnt think i was worthy of love. Loving myself made me ready for love. I would be so grateful to have some support: anything would help.”

It wasn’t long before the “Work It” rapper, 49, popped in to share her well wishes. “Early Congratulations. May God Bless you both with an Unbreakable Union and full of Love & Happiness,” she tweeted.

But Elliott didn’t stop there. “Your Dress is paid for now,” she continued. “I don’t know you but I saw you said the dress of your dreams & figured I would help when I saw you post ya cash app. May Blessings pour on your Beautiful Wedding Day with your Future husband.”

Obviously, Bradshaw was elated. “Omg thank you so much… literally speechless,” she responded, along with a series of weeping emojis. “this is so sweet. You can come if you want- id love to have you.”

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