26 Best Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

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Spoiler alert: There is no perfect age to get married. Whether you found your soulmate early on or later in life, all that matters is you get to say “I do!” But, if you do consider yourself an older bride, you may be wondering what you should (or shouldn’t!) wear down the aisle.

Yet, the wedding dress options for older brides are endless! Regardless of age, style is personal and unique to everyone, and therefore what might be a perfect match for some, feels off for others. In other words, just because you’re not in your twenties anymore doesn’t mean a stiff, ultra-conservative gown is in order. Au contraire! Feel free to incorporate design elements into your bridal look that you’ve always gravitated toward.

Be bold with a unique neckline, go classic with a simple silhouette, or have some fun with a mini—because age means nothing when it comes to bridal fashion. It is your big day, after all!

Ahead, 26 stunning wedding dresses for older brides that prove age is just a number.

Shopping FAQs

Are you wedding dress shopping as an older bride? We’ve answered three common questions you may have.

  • Can I wear white to my second wedding? Of course! A bride traditionally wears white to the wedding, however, some brides choose to wear colored dresses down the aisle.
  • Should older brides wear veils? As with any bridal fashion choice, the decision whether or not to wear a veil is entirely up to the bride. If a bride doesn’t want to wear a veil, she can wear a fascinator, headband, or other accessory down the aisle—or nothing at all!
  • Can I wear a wedding dress to a vow renewal? Yes, brides can wear wedding dresses to renew their vows. Before choosing a wedding dress to renew your vows, consider the style, venue and dress code for the event.

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Australian bride’s maid of honour is furious her boyfriend of six months isn’t invited to wedding

Bride’s maid of honour is furious because her boyfriend of six months isn’t invited to the wedding – so who do YOU think is in the wrong?

  • Bride reveals maid of honour wants her boyfriend of six months to be at wedding
  • But due to covid restrictions, the bride was forced to cut down her guest list 
  • MOH’s boyfriend wasn’t around when bride sent out the save the date cards
  • But MOH has since ‘cracked a tantrum’ because her new partner isn’t invited

A bride-to-be has revealed her maid of honour is furious because her boyfriend of six months isn’t invited to the wedding.

The Australian bride shared her ‘dilemma’ on social media explaining how she was planning a small, intimate wedding with just close family and friends.

And due to covid restrictions, she was forced to cut down her guest list because there was not enough room for everyone at the venue.

However, her maid of honour has since ‘cracked a tantrum’ because her new partner was not invited to the big day.

A bride-to-be has revealed how her maid of honour is furious because her boyfriend of six months isn't invited to the wedding (stock image)

A bride-to-be has revealed how her maid of honour is furious because her boyfriend of six months isn’t invited to the wedding (stock image)


Should the bride invite her maid of honour’s new boyfriend?

‘They have only been together six months, and he was not around when our wedding list was made, and save the dates went out,’ the bride-to-be-wrote on Facebook. 

‘We have always had a number limit both for personal preference, and now, for venue number limits due to space restrictions with covid. 

‘We have other family and friends that we would love to have there, but wanting an intimate wedding, we couldn’t have everyone. 

‘We have other friends who’s partners are not coming and everyone else has understood and just appreciate being invited. We have explained this to her multiple times but she still expects him to be invited. What would you do?’

Many were divided over the bride’s dilemma, with some suggesting the maid of honour doesn’t deserve her role in the bridal party.

‘Sorry she doesn’t deserve to be your MOH. She should be helping you, not making life difficult – your choice who is invited. My answer is no invite,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘If she’s really your friend she should’ve been the first person to understand this kind of situation. Sorry but I think you need to change your MOH if she can’t understand you.’

While a third added: ‘Tell her to either grow up and understand the situation, or simply un-invite her as well. That way she can be with him that day.’ 

One former bride revealed she lost her childhood best friend of 10 years who was her maid of honour ‘over this exact situation’.

‘She went through boyfriends like undies and had a new one for a short time and wanted him to be invited,

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Bride’s shock after new husband ruins their wedding photos ‘as a joke’

A groom has been slammed online after his wife discovered he secretly made silly poses in their official photos.

The woman explains that after the big day she sat down to take a look at their wedding photos.

And she was devastated to see that her husband made ‘gun fingers’ in a lot of them and an exaggerated face of shock.

The woman insists her husband only made those poses for fun, but she now feels like an idiot for smiling sincerely.

She says she’s been left with barely any suitable photos and is considering redoing them but her husband has refused.

The woman wants to redo the photos (stock image)

The pair splashed out $1,700 (£1,280) on the set of wedding photos but she says she doesn’t want to show them to people.

“We had a small wedding recently (outdoors) and hired a photog to take pictures,” she said.

“In the pictures where we aren’t looking at each other, my husband is (unbeknownst to me) smiling with his mouth open extremely wide and pointing at me with finger guns.”

The woman says the photo’s “don’t look like he’s going to shoot me, more like “look at her!”

The fed-up bride has asked for advice (stock image)

But now she feels like the photos are ruined, adding: “We have maybe 6 wedding photos that I would want anyone to see.

“We spent $1700 on the pics and most of them are so embarrassing.

“My husband won’t re-take any of them, and also wants our Christmas card to be one where he’s making the face while tipping an invisible fedora (ironically, I guess.)

“He thinks it’s funny and shows our personalities. But it really feels like it’s making me out to be a chump because I’m smiling sincerely.

Asking if she is in the wrong on Reddit, she continued: “Should I just go ahead and give up this time or should I press further on the photos?

“It’s not the first time he’s done something like this and in the past I’ve kind of just allowed it…but this is our wedding.”

Some people weren’t convinced that the woman’s request was real, but she insisted it is.

She added: “I knew he was smiling wide but not like this.

“The photographer just kept saying “beautiful, so happy!”

“I assumed a normal smile because that’s what he was doing when we were facing each other.

“The finger guns weren’t used in every photo but a few where my body was kind of turned away.”

One person commented: “I would be beyond p*****.

“One or two funny pictures are okay BUT having only 6 that you like is unacceptable.

“Also you spent 1,700 on pics that you don’t even like.

“I’m so sorry baby, that is AWFUL.”

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Kansas boutique giving free wedding dresses to military brides

A boutique in Kansas is giving away more than 100 free wedding dresses next week to military brides.

True Society by Belle Vogue Bridal in Kansas City, Mo., is hosting its 10th annual “Gowns for Good” event on Nov. 10, for active military members, according to the boutique’s website.

“Once a year, we coordinate with our designers to get in special gowns that we are able to gift at no cost to members of our armed forces or their future spouse,” the True Society website says. “This allows us to show our sincerest appreciation for their service by helping them bring their dream wedding to life!”


True Society will also be giving away white fabric masks to brides who attend the event, according to KCTV.

“Members of the armed forces and their partners not only sacrifice for our country but they also often sacrifice having their dream wedding,” Mandi Robben, True Society’s customer experience manager told the station. “We believe every bride deserves to feel beautiful when walking down the aisle on their special day. Our goal is to help do just that.”


True Society by Belle Vogue Bridal in Kansas City, Missouri, is giving away free wedding dresses to active military members or their future spouses on Nov. 10. (iStock)


According to a Facebook post, the boutique has more than 100 appointments available.

Brides who want to participate need to call ahead to make an appointment and bring their military ID or their fiance’s military ID to the 30-minute appointment, the True Society website says.

Military brides can also send a friend or relative to find a dress for them, as long as they have a copy of the bride or groom’s military ID with them — as well as bust, waist and hip measurements.


The one-day event will have coronavirus safety precautions in place, according to the website.

Brides can only bring two guests and everyone inside the boutique has to wear a mask.

According to the website, anyone who is not wearing a mask will be asked to wait outside the store.

Gowns will also be sanitized between every try-on.


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‘I wanted my big princess wedding’; Brides and grooms are forced to reimagine their wedding day or postpone as COVID pandemic drags on

Victoria Schindler walked down the aisle in her white gown. She stood next to her soon-to-be husband and turned to the audience.

Then the couple slipped in their airpods. There was no large audience sitting nearby waiting to throw rice, only immediate family. Most of the guests were on Zoom waiting to hear the couple exchange their vows.

It might sound unique but this is how many weddings go these days as the COVID pandemic continues.

“We wanted people to be there for us and to join us on this,” Schindler said. “It was like literally one of the best days of my life. But I didn’t want to put anybody in danger.”

During the start of the pandemic, some brides chose to reschedule weddings. But as the pandemic continues to loom, brides are having to make new choices about what they want their big day to look like.

Stephanie Croteau originally planned on marrying the love of her life on July 25 after being together for 10 years.

They waited until May before deciding they needed to reschedule to a later date. Now that date — Nov. 14 — is fast approaching as the number of positive COVID cases begins to increase again.

“I wanted my big princess wedding,” she said, acknowledging her wedding will look very different from what she imagined. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less important.

The pandemic isn’t the only hardship the couple has had to overcome before becoming husband and wife.

Three years ago, Croteau had a miscarriage and their relationship was on the rocks. They were trying to stay strong but it was hard, she said.

Then leaving their oldest daughter’s birthday party, Croteau’s fiance was in a motorcycle accident. He spent the following 12 hours in surgery fighting for his life.

“My whole life was like frozen in time,” she said.

He survived and they spent the next six months recovering together.

“If we can face death then we can face anything together,” she said.

Most recently they had to face finding a new venue after their original location would no longer work. They also are having to make arrangements to keep everyone safe during the wedding.

Instead of the typical hours long wedding, it will only consist of the ceremony and a cocktail hour to limit the amount of exposure, she said. There will be wedding specific masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. They also decided to change from having a full bridal party to just including the maid of honor and best man to allow for more family to attend.

Then maybe next year the couple can bring everyone together, especially those from out of state for a backyard BBQ and, eventually, a honeymoon.

Couples aren’t the only ones feeling the devastation and impact from the pandemic. The wedding industry overall is hurting.

“The industry is really struggling with a lot of people who are furloughed indefinitely. There are people who are just not working at all,” said Sarah

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