Sephora & Kohl’s Team Up To Bring Prestige Beauty To More Shoppers

At this point in the year, it’s very clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that most Americans shop for makeup and beauty products. With brick-and-mortar stores struggling to stay afloat during the unprecedented mass migration to online shopping, many huge global retailers have been forced to pivot.

a sign in front of a store: SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 17: A Sephora shop stands closed on March 17, 2020 in Santa Monica, California. Sephora is closing all their stores nationwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 17: A Sephora shop stands closed on March 17, 2020 in Santa Monica, California. Sephora is closing all their stores nationwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

One positive trend towards ingenuity seen across the beauty industry at large is partnership between previously competitive retailers. For example, last month we saw the soft launch of Ulta Beauty at Target, and today, there’s major news of a strategic retail alliance between Sephora and Kohl’s — and it has potential to be even more game-changing.

According to this morning’s press announcement published in Business Wire, the novel partnership will see a permanent “Sephora at Kohl’s” shopping experience launch in 200 Kohl’s stores nationwide in the fall of 2021, with long-term plans to expand to over 850 locations by 2023. From a strategic perspective, the partnership will serve to both draw a new consumer demographic to Kohl’s, and will make the Sephora experience accessible to millions of Americans who may live in more rural communities far from a large-scale Sephora location.

Similar to the Ulta Beauty at Target blueprint, Sephora at Kohl’s will be a shop-in-shop model with a 2,500 square-foot space, located prominently in the front of each participating Kohl’s store. The new section will replace Kohl’s current in-store beauty assortment, instead offering costumers the signature Sephora shopping experience. The subsection will be staffed by Sephora-trained Beauty Advisors, while the product selection will include over 100 beauty brands, a full assortment of makeup, skin care, hair products, fragrance, and Clean at Sephora labels. Online, the retailers will also integrate their e-commerce platforms in fall 2021, allowing shoppers to order their Sephora-brand beauty products through

Martin Brok, Global President & CEO of Sephora, says the partnership will massively expand nationwide reach and visibility for both retailers. “With Kohl’s, we will be able to bring Sephora closer to where our customers want us to be, offering them one transformative beauty experience that integrates our prestige product offering, our values and our communities, in a place where they come to get inspired and fulfill their lifestyle needs,” Brok explains.

Kohl’s Chief Executive Officer Michelle Gass echoes the sentiment of mutual gains. “The Kohl’s and Sephora partnership will bring a transformational, elevated beauty experience to Kohl’s from the top global name in beauty,” Gass says. “This new collaboration is an excellent example of two customer-centric, purpose-driven companies leveraging each other’s strengths to make aspirational beauty far more accessible to millions of customers all across the country.”

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Italian Women Hope Post-virus Recovery Will Bring Change

Whether through new nurseries or bridging the gender pay gap, many Italian women hope a post-pandemic recovery plan will tackle entrenched inequality in the labour market, especially in the poorer south.

Italy was the first European country hit by coronavirus and is one of the main beneficiaries of a 750-billion-euro EU fund intended to help the bloc get back on its feet.

“The recovery plan is a historic opportunity,” said Daniela Poggio, a founding member of the movements #DateciVoce (Give us a voice) and #GiustoMezzo (Right half).

“We should use part of the funds to close the gap between men and women, and to design a fairer country,” she told AFP.

Poggio is global communications director of pharmaceuticals group Angelini Pharma, and before that worked for Sanofi in Italy.

She says she feels “lucky” because she can rely on her parents to look after her children while she focuses on a career, while still being around for her family.

But for many Italian women, working is a challenge due to the scarcity of nursery places, often possible only if they can ask grandparents to pick-up small children, who often finish school at lunchtime.

“The last time we spoke about social infrastructure (such as nurseries and elderly care) in this country was in the beginning of the 2000s,” commented Linda Laura Sabbadini, central director of Italy’s national statistics institute, Istat.

Italy “has never invested in this area, never. Our country has a ridiculous level of social spending compared to Germany”, she said, highlighting particularly the problem of early childhood education services.

Only 25.7 percent of Italian children under the age of three attend some form of creche or nursery school, compared to a European average of 35.1 percent, and 50 percent in France and Spain.

Southern Italy is particularly badly served, with creches available for only 2.2 percent of children under two in Calabria, the poorest region.

While the reasons for this are complex, the result is clear — just 48.1 percent of Italian women were in work in the second quarter of 2020.

This falls short of the EU average of 61.7 percent — and well behind Iceland (76.4 percent), Sweden (73.2 percent), Germany (73.1 percent) or France (61.7 percent), according to Eurostat.

A lack of childcare has held back Italy's economy as many women can't work and the issue is one that could be tackled as the country designs programmes to help recover from the coronavirus pandemic A lack of childcare has held back Italy’s economy as many women can’t work and the issue is one that could be tackled as the country designs programmes to help recover from the coronavirus pandemic Photo: AFP / MARCO BERTORELLO

At the same time, Italy is down in 125th place out of 153 in terms of parity of wages, according to the World Economic Forum.

Poggio says it does not start out like that, “but the split grows over the course of their careers, as they are punished for motherhood, and also because women do not ask for pay increases in the same way as men.”

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government said in September that it would make gender parity one of its “priorities” in the recovery

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Women call for end to domestic violence after lockdowns bring more attacks

ISTANBUL/ROME (Reuters) – Women around the world on Wednesday marked International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, highlighting how lockdowns due to the pandemic had left many trapped with their abusers and exposed to greater danger.

a group of people wearing costumes: Aymara women attend a rally against femicide and violence against women in La Paz

Aymara women attend a rally against femicide and violence against women in La Paz

The United Nations said that since the outbreak of COVID-19, all types of violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, had intensified, with shelters at capacity and helplines in some places seeing a five-fold rise in calls.

“Men’s violence against women is also a pandemic – one that pre-dates the virus and will outlive it. It too needs our global, coordinated response and enforceable protocols. It too affects vast populations of all ages,” said UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka in a statement.

a person holding a sign: The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Paris

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Paris

Last year, 243 million women and girls experienced sexual or physical violence from their partner. This year, reports of increased domestic violence, cyberbullying, child marriages, sexual harassment and sexual violence have flooded in, she added.

a group of people wearing costumes: Protest against femicide and violence against women, in Istanbul

Protest against femicide and violence against women, in Istanbul

In the Turkish city of Istanbul, several hundred people gathered to protest against domestic violence against women.

One woman taking part, who declined to give her name, said: “The law does not protect women as it should. We are here to make our voice heard. There are femicides happening almost every day in this country but people who are committing the crime are walking free.”

a group of people standing in front of a crowd: Protest against femicide and violence against women, in Istanbul

Protest against femicide and violence against women, in Istanbul

In Italy, protesters gathered outside parliament bearing banners reading “If they touch one (of us), they touch all” and “Women are not toys”.

Italy went through one of the world’s strictest lockdowns between March and May and last month introduced new restrictions.

Its quarantine is creating conditions for increased murders of women by family members in the same home, according to a study by the Italian Economic and Social Research Institute.

“We have witnessed an increase in domestic violence during confinement measures,” said protester Serena Freddi. “This shows the home is still a place of conflict and violence for women.”

Spain held a minute’s silence for murdered women on Wednesday and in Portugal, the OMA observatory, which monitors femicide, said so far in 2020 30 women had been murdered, half of them victims of domestic violence.

The country’s Interior Minister Eduardo Cabrita said there was a 6% drop in the number of complaints about violence in the first 10 months of 2020 from a year ago, which he said was a worrying sign that women were struggled to access help during lockdown.

The government launched a video campaign called #ISurvived, which warns of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and hopes to spread the word about support available to victims of domestic violence.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in her

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Holidays bring drinking and, sometimes, drinking too much

A Miami hospital executive urges others to seek help if they are drinking too much during the holidays, or at any other time.

A Miami hospital executive urges others to seek help if they are drinking too much during the holidays, or at any other time.

Getty Images

In 2012, I was arrested for driving under the influence. I was fortunate many times over: I did not hurt myself or anyone else, I had the resources to handle the legal ramifications, and family and friends supported me as I got the help I needed.

About two years later, I sent an email to our entire Jackson Health System family — then more than 10,000 people — to talk more openly about my mistakes and my path to recovery.

I was so anxious about sharing something so personal with so many. But I look back on that decision with such warmth. People sought me out to offer support, share their stories — and even seek help of their own.

I pulled my original message from the archives and am sharing it again with my colleagues — who now number almost 13,000 — and a broader audience. The events of 2020 have traumatized many of us, and this message is a reminder that we are all struggling and suffering in our own ways. It also is a reminder that it’s never too late to ask for help and make changes in our lives. As healthcare professionals, we at Jackson want to lead the way toward ending the stigmas around mental health, addiction and recovery.

These are the thoughts I offered my colleagues in 2014:

“Dear Jackson Family,

“Jackson routinely highlights the dangers of driving after using alcohol or drugs. It’s an important topic at this time of year as we celebrate so many holidays, and an important topic for our organization because we are too often called upon to deal with the aftermath.

“For me, it is also a painful reminder of my own personal experience. Some of you know that I was charged with driving under the influence in 2012. It was a life-changing mistake. I was lucky not to injure anyone, but the consequences have still been intense. Some of them are obvious and tangible: the expense and inconvenience of the legal case, the disruption to my daily routines and the embarrassment of having to tell my family and my boss. Other parts of the aftermath are harder to describe. I’ve had to spend a lot of time trying to understand the ways in which I disappointed my loved ones and myself, and a lot of time apologizing for my mistake.

“Many of us have grown up with alcohol being a part of our celebrations: spiking the eggnog at Christmas, champagne toasts on New Year’s Eve, a special bottle of wine on an anniversary, even a happy hour after work. South Florida even celebrates its hedonistic side: Our global image includes frozen cocktails, an active night life and exciting major sports events.

“We might have that drink to help relax and take away our stress … forgetting that it lowers our

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New Texas women’s basketball coach Vic Schaefer ready to bring Longhorns back to national prominence

As Vic Schaefer sees it, the reward for countless hard hours in practice and hard-nosed, full-court defense is wins and the occasional barbecue.

For now, the new Texas women’s basketball coach says his team will have to wait for the backyard meal at his house.

“There’s nothing normal about what I’ve done since being named here,” Schaefer ahead of Wednesday’s season opener hosting SMU.

While part of Schaefer’s routine, the outdoor gatherings are about more than some tasty specialties.

“We’re all about people, and we’re all about relationships,” Schaefer said a recent Zoom media availability. “What’s really hard is that I can’t even have my team over to eat dinner. I can’t get an approval.

“And that’s how you develop chemistry. You know, being able to sit down and have a meal together and talk about something other than basketball. It’s just such a challenge to only see them during the day when they come up here for practice.”

Instead, Schaefer is working on returning Texas to national prominence, something that has been mostly elusive since the retirement of legendary Jody Conradt. Gail Goestenkors arrived with much hype and a big contract and couldn’t get the job done in five seasons. Karen Aston had a little more success with three Sweet 16 appearances but was gone after a 19-11 finish last season.

Enter the folksy, focused Schaefer, who athletic director Chris Del Conte gave a seven-year contract that starts at $1.8 million annually, more than double what Aston made.

Schaefer understands the expectations.

“I wasn’t hired to bring a Top 25 basketball team to Texas,” Schaefer said. “I was hired to bring a Top 10 basketball program. There’s a big difference.

“Your fans, when they see the preseason poll come out, they ain’t worried about what Nos. 11 through 25 is. They’re looking at the Top 10. That’s our focus, and that’s our mission.”

Schaefer’s track record is impressive. He was Gary Blair’s “defensive coordinator” on Texas A&M’s 2011 NCAA champions. He took over Mississippi State and went from 13-17 in his first season in 2012-13 to averaging 31 wins in his final six seasons with two national runner-up finishes in the highly competitive SEC.

Del Conte characterized the hire back in April as a “swing for the fences” approach.

Now it’s about closing the gap with Baylor, which has won 10 straight Big 12 titles.

“All I did was jump out of the frying pan into the grease, coming from where I came from to the Big 12,” Schaefer said.

Expect success, just not immediately on a roster lacking depth. Schaefer inherits two returning starters in 6-5 Charli Collier (13.1 ppg, 10.5 ppg), a post with 3-point range, and sophomore guard Celeste Taylor (9.3 ppg).

Collier describes Schaefer’s practices as “definitely intense, more than I’m used to” and talks about the coach using “40 minutes” as a one of many catchphrases.

Transfer guards Kyra Lambert (Duke) and Karisma Ortiz (Penn State) should provide immediate help. Texas is waiting to

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Michele Flournoy could be first woman to run Pentagon, may bring many more women with her

WASHINGTON — Michele Flournoy, Joe Biden’s probable pick to run the Pentagon, would be the first female secretary of defense if confirmed and could appoint an unprecedented number of women to senior roles at the Defense Department. But she could also face resistance from progressive Democrats for what they see as her hawkishness and her ties to the defense industry.

Biden is poised to announce Flournoy as his nominee as early as Tuesday, according to three people familiar with the decision. Throughout her long career in national security, she has built an infrastructure of female colleagues and friends, many of whom regard her as a mentor in a field still dominated by men. The Biden-Harris Pentagon agency review team, a transition task force that is more than 50 percent female, includes some of those women who could now fill top jobs.

“She has been a mentor to women in the national security space over the course of 20 some years or more,” former Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said of her friend and colleague. “So there is a crop of women who are highly, highly qualified and would certainly be very eligible to go into a number of positions in the Pentagon.”

Rosa Brooks, who served as an adviser to Flournoy at the Pentagon from 2009 to 2011, considers herself one of Flournoy’s mentees, and thinks she will “make it a priority to bring in women at every level.”

Said Brooks, “I also think she’s someone who is strongly committed to having a diverse team in every possible way: not just gender but race, religion, age, type of background experience.”

Among the women who the people familiar with the decisions say are on the short list to serve in a Flournoy Pentagon are Kathleen Hicks, currently senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) think tank. She also served as the principal deputy undersecretary of defense for policy in 2012 and now leads the Biden-Harris agency review team at the Pentagon.

Vice Admiral Michelle Howard accepts the Chairman’s award at the 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 1, 2013.Matt Sayles / Invision/AP file

Alice Hunt Friend, also on the short list, is an expert on Africa and civil-military relations who spent time making policy at the Pentagon and is now at CSIS.

Michelle Howard, a retired four-star admiral who became the first woman to serve as vice chief of staff for any U.S. military branch, is under consideration to be the first female Secretary of the Navy, the people familiar said. She’s also on Biden’s Pentagon landing team.

Sharon Burke, currently at the New America think tank, is a former assistant secretary of defense for operational energy who served in both Republican and Democratic administrations. Burke’s expertise in energy security and climate change fits with one of Flournoy’s priorities: recognizing the U.S. military’s role in climate change.

Other women who could be named to a Flournoy Pentagon, according to the

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Travis Scott and Parsons Join Forces to Bring Fashion Education to Houston

Travis Scott’s collaboration track record is pretty impressive—who else could join forces with McDonald’s, Nike, Fortnite, and Saint Laurent?—but the hip-hop star’s latest may be his most meaningful. Today’s announcement that Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation would be joining forces with The New School at Parsons School of the Design to launch a special fashion program is the start of an unprecedented alliance. Working with the college and non-profit My Brother’s Keeper, Scott will provide what he calls, “an authentic fashion design program” to high schoolers interested in the field. Participants will be able to log onto courses with Parsons’ world-renowned instructors. The classes for the online certification, plus a web-based incubator for emerging talent, will set stylish young hopefuls on the path towards success. Starting in Scott’s hometown of Houston, it will eventually expand to include scholarships that allow students nationwide to get in on the action.

Photo: Courtesy of The Cactus Jack Foundation

As the school where Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Emily Adams Bode, and Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez honed their skills, Parsons has been the gold standard for design education in the United States. Its graduates benefit from a world-class education, but one that is mostly inaccessible to those unable to pay the costly tuition that is now common at many of the nation’s private colleges and universities. Fashion can be insular but attending Parsons comes with access to internships, networking opportunities, and mentorships with the potential to open doors. Allowing high schoolers from communities that traditionally have been underrepresented within the school’s student body to experience the curriculum is a move that feels long overdue.

The Parsons initiative is just one of the many charitable announcements Scott revealed today. United by their focus on uplifting the community and giving youth the tools they need for long-term achievement, Scott’s contributions run the gamut from starting Cactus Jack Gardens, an elementary school agricultural and nutrition program, to an endowment for students attending historically Black colleges and universities. Named in honor of Scott’s grandfather, an HBCU alum, the Waymon Webster scholarship will cover the tuition fees for students who have faced financial difficulty during the pandemic.

Usually, when a celebrity announces a fashion collaboration, it just means more merch, but Scott’s altruistic endeavors provide a new template. In giving students access to programs that can nurture their talents and encourage them to explore possibilities, Scott is helping to change fashion for the better. Broadening the industry’s talent pool has been a talking point for years, and every push towards a business where all people are allowed opportunities is a step forward.

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10 Best Food and Drink Holiday Gift Ideas to Bring Instant Cheer

IN A YEAR when festive events are dropping off the calendar left and right—from the office holiday party to your annual drinks date with old friends and even family dinners—sending a gift of food or drink is more meaningful than ever. This season’s edible and drinkable gift recommendations are equal parts practical and pure pleasure. When the novelty of cooking or even mixing a cocktail at home has worn perilously thin, these gifts will deliver a satisfying serving of joy to the people you care about. Each one is a celebration waiting to happen.

A Classic Champagne to Toast the End of 2020

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne is sourced from premier cru sites and produced by one of the oldest, most prestigious Champagne houses. With its creamy texture and subtle aromas of pear and lemon, bottled in an old-fashioned flagon, this 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine exudes elegance. And while certainly a special-occasion bottle, it’s made for drinking now; your giftee needn’t feel compelled to hide it away in a cellar for the next 25 years. $70,

Substantial Salted Caramels for Grown-Up Appetites

Already a celebrated source of buttery shortbread, mail-order bakery Café Warshafsky has a new caramel sampler ideal for anyone who likes sweets with a salty edge. All three flavors—sea salt, coffee and raspberry—get a generous seasoning of salt crystals that linger on the tongue after the caramel melts away. Each piece yields three big bites, so you could have a nibble and save the rest for later. Not that you’d want to. $20 for 12 caramels,

Technically Advanced (and Totally Delicious) Chocolate Chips

Some things are hard to improve. Chocolate chip cookies, for instance. But Bay Area bean-to-bar outfit Dandelion Chocolate has done just that with its mega-size single-origin chocolate chips. The claim to fame: a Tesla product designer conceived their unique faceted square shape. But what’s truly extraordinary is their rich flavor, full of fruity complexity and mouth-watering acidity. At 3.5 grams each, they’re as good for snacking as they are for baking. $30 for 500 grams,

Toys for ‘Top Chef’ Contestants of the Future

If you have a nascent chef in your midst, nothing less than these play food sets from Milton & Goose will do. Produced by hand from natural, non-toxic materials, these trompe l’oeil toys are beautiful objets as well as opportunities for imaginative play. What feasts might a child dream up with a gorgeous onion shaped from glossy wood, a fistful of felt pasta ribbons and a very convincing log of herb-flecked felt goat cheese? From $48 per set,

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Informa Markets’s Three Iconic Beauty Shows in ASEAN Converge to Bring Beauty Space, An International Virtual Event for Beauty Businesses

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Informa Markets, in its dedication to its mission of providing marketplace participants around the globe with opportunities to engage, experience, and do business – for the first time ever, three of its iconic ASEAN beauty shows in Malaysia (beautyexpo), Philippines (philbeauty) and Vietnam (vietbeauty) created a crossover project to bring a virtual event dedicated for international beauty businesses — the Beauty Space.

Beauty Space is OPEN from 18-19 November 2020, 10am-6pm (GMT+8). Join Beauty Space now to meet exhibitors from ASEAN and European region.

Happening on 18 – 19 November 2020 from 10am to 6pm (GMT + 8), Beauty Space aims to provide businesses with an opportunity to touch base and present their brand, products or services where local and international buyers from around the world can gather and meet on a single virtual platform, reinforce business relationships, find new opportunities, grow and get their business going amidst the situation.

What to Expect

1. Virtual Booth with Live Call and Chat Feature

Beauty Space has international exhibitors from ASEAN and European region like Korea, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, etc. offering diverse range of products and services from skin care, cosmetics, spa and health products, medical beauty and aesthetic and many more. Through the virtual booth, visitors can browse or watch exhibitors’ featured videos and product photos, download brochures, drop their business cards and connect real time through live chat and call feature.

2. Business Matching Programme

Through 1:1 business matching platform, visitors can start planning and building business partnership and connection, discover and learn more about what the exhibitors can bring to their growing business and create real time trade opportunity.

3. Webinars from Trusted and Renowned Research and Intelligence Agency

Beauty Space, partnered with Mintel – the world’s leading market intelligence agency, and Nielsen – the most trusted source for complete consumer intelligence, to bring the information and comprehensive knowledge about the beauty and personal care industry based on research and conducted studies to help beauty businesses in their future planning and strategy building moving forward.

4. Beauty Talk Series

Aside from the virtual exhibition, Beauty Space brings Beauty Talk Series which aims to provide additional knowledge and insights on industry trends, consumer behaviour and recommendations to help businesses with their plans, strategies and empower their recovery. We also partnered with international associations and speakers to bring participants interesting line up webinars.  

November 18, 2020

November 19, 2020

2030 Beauty Trends

Innovation amid crisis: Lessons to learn from
Chinese beauty brands

“Vietnam Covid19 Future Consequences”
(Recalibrating for an Unprecedented Future)

The Move Towards Clean, Natural Beauty and

Protect & Progress: How beauty brands can thrive

Health and Wellness to Emerge as Winner Post
Pandemic Era

[Insider Scoop] How Coronavirus is Changing the
Way Beauty Brands Do Business


Learn on why businesses should move towards clean, natural beauty and phytocosmetics, a beauty talk presented by Philippine Society for Cosmetic Science, Inc. (PSCS). Check out the line of our Beauty Talk Series at Beauty Space now!

Catch the latest products and services powered by technology, find trusted supplier and business partner offering quality services and learn something new from our line up of Beauty Talk

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Holiday online shopping could bring delays in delivery this season

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) — Shoppers are being asked to brace for shipping delays this holiday season with less people doing in person shopping, more will be leaning on the convenience of online retail. Experts predict many of those extra packages won’t make it on time.

“I would say that this definitely a lookie-loo shop,” said Made in the Mitten owner Colleen McClue.

It’s hard not to be smitten with Royal Oak’s Made in the Mitten. The retail store specializing in Michigan themed gifts, clothing and art.

“This is somewhere that you come, you want to take your time, there’s thousands of products and skews in here,” said McClue.

Bet you’d guess COVID-19 really put a cork in that past time but what owner Colleen McClue couldn’t sell in person, she could sell online.

“Prior to the pandemic, we weren’t shipping too many things,” said McClue. “Now that this happened, primarily most of our business is online.”

Now sales are increasing in a big way.

“We saw a 2000% increase in online sales versus the year before,” said McClue. “We ship every day, at least ten packages a day.”

Merely a snapshot of the demand retailers both local, and nationwide are expecting heading into a one of kind holiday shopping season. This season, seven million more packages are expected to be delivered per day between Thanksgiving and Christmas – that’s a 28-day period that boils down to 196 million extra packages.

Experts have already called the phenomenon, “shippageddon.” Retailers have been shipping at holiday levels since March, so with the holiday rush in the mix. I think it definitely can be a perfect storm for more delays.

How delayed can we expect deliveries to be?

“This is a really unprecedented and unpredictable holiday shopping season so no one can really anticipate what we’re going to see in three or four or five weeks. That’s why experts like Sara Skirboll, from Retail Me Not, say to get started right away.
Many in Metro Detroit are heeding the advice, a Twitter survey showing over 50% of you have at least started your holiday shopping.

On Facebook, Myra says, ‘waiting for one more shipment and everyone will be gifted’,

While Nancy tells us she’s ‘been done completely for two weeks.’

Retailers from Walmart to Target say they are beefing up personnel in warehouse and order fulfillment to meet the demand – while beefing up alternatives!

“When it comes to buy online pick-up curbside- you’re going to see a lot of extra incentive and promotion around that service,” said Skirboll.

Here’s the Rebound Rundown:

  • The ship by date for ground delivery on USPS and Fed ex is December 15th
  • For UPS ground, ship by December 11th
  • All major delivery servicers will not deliver on Christmas day

Amazon, Fed Ex, and UPS all offer real time delivery updates through your phone. Sign up is free. You can even arrange to have gifts sent to an alternative location helping you ward off porch pirates or the

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