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11/02/2020, Dallas // KISSPR //

Slide Right To Browse Wedding Inspiration Photos

Female Founder Launches New Mobile App: Slide Right Weddings

Dallas, Texas – Designed to help Brides and Grooms plan the perfect wedding, Slide Right Weddings recently launched its mobile app on November 1st, 2020. The app is being launched in the North Texas/DFW area and will soon be launching in other markets throughout the US. This innovative app gives brides access to swipe through wedding inspiration photos of local vendors. The app is a free download, with no cost to Brides or Grooms. Vendors can subscribe to create a profile page on the app and get their products/services in front of local brides.

“One of the issues that we’ve found by talking to brides is they find a photo of the perfect dress, or bouquet on the internet and then have no idea where to find it or how much it costs. Our app solves that problem by letting brides swipe through wedding inspiration photos from local vendors so they know exactly where to get it and can easily connect with the vendor to find more information,” said Founder and CEO, Pam Lester.  

From DJ’s to photographers to wedding venues, engaged couples can easily “swipe right” or “swipe left” on photos that inspire them.  Brides and Grooms can click to view the photo’s vendor info right from the swipe page, or from their custom profile page. All photos that they “swipe right” on save to their profile so they can go back and view their favorites at any time.

The free app lets users browse through photos from over 25 different wedding-related categories with just the swipe of their finger. A fun touch to the app occurs when users like a photo and an “I Do!” icon pops up on the screen, or when they swipe to dislike, an “I Don’t” pops up and fades away. Brides and Grooms can select all categories when swiping through photos or can choose to customize their options.

“With so many people using their phones more and more each day, the Slide Right Weddings app gives engaged couples an easy way to swipe through wedding inspiration photos in a fun and interactive way,” said Lester.

The app creatively combines the swiping feature of a popular dating app combined with a Pinterest-type function, all bundled with a nontraditional vendor directory. Users can download the app from the App Store or from the Google Play Store directly to their mobile phone. The mobile app allows Brides and Grooms to browse through Wedding Inspiration Photos and connect with local wedding vendors all through the Slide Right Weddings App.

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Browse Online, Shop Offline and Get the Most Out of Retail Shopping

Buying things online is indeed convenient yet it's surely not the ultimate solution. Many people complain of not being delivered with products matching their specifications. There is also a risk of what you ordered and what you delivered with does not match due to many reasons. And then the charms of conventional shopping that has come down to us for generations won't go away that easily. Perhaps this keeps the idea of ​​retail shopping kicking and alive for those who still not find online shopping their cup of tea. So, do such people have any alternative to shopping from the internet?

Yes, they do have, as a growing number of shoppers now combine the merits of online and off shopping and let customers get the most out retail shopping. The idea behind this kind of business model is to let shoppers have the same feeling as they do while shopping in real terms. Here, shoppers can browse and select products from available categories on the internet and rather than placing orders, can visit the store nearby and buy as they do with conventional shopping. This is how the best of window shopping experiences are delivered to the market and customers today.

Similarly, buyers now have more options and choices their way as they can shop by leveraging technology and by exercising their rights as a shopper. They can go online, search and find from a staggering range of products and then visit the nearest store to pay for the selected items to return back home enriched. This unique kind of shopping ensures that shoppers get exactly what they choose. Sellers no more can fleece their customers by showing them something else while delivering the same but with entirely different features and specifications. For buyers, it won't take much to locate the store near them for sure.

In addition, shoppers can expect to get value for every single penny spent on shopping. In fact, sellers understand the intense competition in the market and offer amazingly low prices to keep their audience happy and loyal. A big range of products will be there to choose and then buyers can plan the visit to the store conveniently and get the genuine products at an affordable price. Plus, you get to shop not before having got a feel and touch of the product, and having been sure of its authenticity in every sense. Which means, you will get what you see and touch!

In overall, if you are one of those shoppers who still love shopping the way they used to then retail shopping is the way forward. In fact, they also get the benefit of being in tune with the time and technology by first getting to choose products online and then shop them offline, or buy them from the retail outlet. The best thing, buyers will get to choose from a big range of products, compare features and then add them into the basket for retail shopping. This is how shopping is …

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