Tory Burch Grounds Beauty in Utility for Spring 2021

Inspired by the Shaker aesthetic of her childhood school, the collection is a return to simplicity.

It has been interesting to see the varied ways designers have responded to the constraints of the pandemic through their visions for Spring 2021. These collections, which would have been conceived early on in quarantine, have ranged from the restrained to the colorful, from facing our often scary reality head-on to living a head-in-the-clouds fantasy. The latest from Tory Burch falls somewhere in between those poles. 

Inspired by the Quaker aesthetic of her childhood school, the brand’s Spring 2021 collection is a return to simplicity for Burch, whose most recent showings have often included lots of color and pattern. The notes quote a Quaker maxim  — “Beauty rests in utility” — that explains all of the “unfussy” silhouettes, the neutral-based color palette and the layerable pieces.

“We worked through the challenges of uncertainty, isolation and distance, using our imaginations to travel in our minds and to find new ways to connect,” Burch said, in a statement. “We emerged with a renewed interest in restraint, simplicity and creativity, translated through timeless, uncomplicated clothing that defines classic sportswear — it feels right and what women are looking for in a world compressed by seismic cultural changes.”

But Burch doesn’t abandon luxury: The details, as usual, make all the difference — lace-trimmed collars, beaded macrame fringe and just a hint of sparkle. Instead of a structured bag or a high heel, the key finishing touches here are a substantial laid-back sandal or a collapsable leather tote. It’s exactly how her customer will want to dress come warmer weather, whether they’ll still working from home or back out in the world at large.

See the complete Tory Burch Spring 2021 collection in the gallery below:

A look from Tory Burch Spring 2021. Photo: Courtesy of Tory Burch

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Jill Biden, Tory Burch Talk Challenges of Women-owned Businesses

If there’s one thing everyone agrees upon, it’s tough to be a woman-owned business right now.

Jill Biden took some time off the campaign trail Friday to talk with Tory Burch, executive chairman and chief creative officer of Tory Burch and founder of the Tory Burch Foundation, about what women-owned businesses need, particularly during the pandemic, and how a  Biden-Harris administration could help them regain their footing.

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The conversation, livestreamed by Glamour, was moderated by Melissa Butler, chief executive officer and founder of The Lip Bar, a Detroit-based vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand.

Biden opened up her conversation urging listeners to imagine the election of her husband as president.

“Small business owners are a critical part of this campaign,” said Biden. “Joe [Biden] knows that small businesses are the backbone of our communities. They create jobs. They enrich the character and culture of our towns and cities. They give back. I find that especially true of the millions of women-run small business across the country. While everyone is feeling the chaos of this time, women are feeling it more. Women-run small businesses, and especially those run by women of color, have been hit hard.”

Biden added that women are losing jobs, caring for sick family members, working two jobs, and often give up work to stay home and oversee remote learning. “We’re here today because women deserve better. And my husband Joe will deliver that,” she said.

During the campaign, Biden has spoken to many small business owners, from those running a restaurant  to those owning an oyster farm.

“Their stories share a consistent thread — that they’re struggling because of the pandemic. They’re worried whether their small business can survive this economic and public health crisis…they’re worried about how our country will recover,” Biden said. She said Joe Biden’s plan is to have half of future Paycheck Protection Program funds for small businesses for fewer than 50 employees. He’s calling for flexible grants for small businesses that have lost substantial revenue.

After they take that on, she said, a Biden administration plans to expand access to capital and remove barriers to government contracts and to provide technical assistance so those businesses, particularly those owned by women and people of color, can take advantage of these opportunities.

Butler then asked Burch what she hears is the one crucial element that these women-owned businesses need.

“I wish it was one crucial element,” said Burch. “There are so many hurdles that women are facing. Dr. Biden is absolutely right. It is tough to be a woman in business right now.” She said that after the COVID-19 crisis hit, her foundation pivoted to give women online webinars to help them manage through very difficult situations.

“We see three major challenges. Access to capital, 16 percent of PPP loans went to women, when women own 40 percent of business in America. That alone is a statistic that needs to change. The second challenge is we know that people of

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