The best Supcase cases and accessories: A buyer’s guide

It’s tougher than ever to find a truly durable phone. The rise of glass sandwiches makes every drop and scratch feel like it could be the end for your expensive gadget. Sure, new phones look absolutely stunning, but only while you can keep them in one piece. Luckily, a trusty case or cover might be all you need to set your mind at ease. If you want durable protection with more features than Otterbox, Supcase cases might be your best bet. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Why choose Supcase cases?

Supcase exists to do one thing and do it well — build tough phone cases that won’t break the bank. The name itself is short for Super Case, and it’s not hard to find the reason behind the name. After all, Supcase did win CNet’s first annual drop test back in 2018. The Atlanta-based case maker isn’t shy about putting its models through the wringer either. They all exceed the MIL-STD 810G drop certification.

You might notice that many of the Supcase cases carry the name UB, short for Unicorn Beetle. Whether you’re an entomologist or not, you can probably guess that the real unicorn beetle survives in some pretty harsh environments. Supcase uses the tough little bug as its inspiration, and each case is built to survive in similarly tough conditions.

No matter what device you’re looking to protect, there’s a good chance that Supcase has an option. It offers UB models for most top phones and Apple Watches, the Galaxy Watch Active, and several Fitbits. Supcase is even a great pick if you need to guard your MacBook or a select number of tablets.

While it sounds like this level of protection and functionality should make for an expensive case, Supcase actually keeps its prices very reasonable. Most options fall in the $15 to $30 range, and you have plenty of color options to choose from. You don’t even have to reside in the United States to take full advantage of Supcase’s protection. Most models are available on Amazon, and you can grab cases for phones as old as the HTC One M8 or Amazon Fire Phone.

What kind of Supcase case do I need?

Supcase tends to keep the options pretty simple. The most widely available case is the UB Pro. There’s a good chance that it’s available for whatever device you’re carrying around, but some of the more niche cases are only available for flagship releases. For example, the iPhone 12 is one of the very few phones with access to every type of case. Here are a few things to consider as you start your case hunt:

  • Design and colorways: The Supcase UB Pro isn’t exactly the sleekest option on the market, but there are a good number of colors to choose from. You can also try a few clear cases or the UB Vault, which doubles as a wallet.
  • How
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