Best Black Friday 2020 deals: Google Nest Hub, iPhone 12, Xbox gift card, free Wyze Cam with purchase, more

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It all happened so fast! Black Friday2020 is already winding down. Some of the day’s most exciting deals — Oculus Quest, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch — are gone. But some gems remain, including a $50 Google Nest Hub, a discounted iPhone 12 with free bundled AirPods Pro and some pretty good discounts on Wyze smart-home gear. Check the latest additions, and earlier deals still available, in the list below. 

In the meantime, start your engines for Cyber Monday. Starting as early as Saturday morning, stores will start to pivot their sales toward that event. We’ll see more of the same, sure, but also a smattering of new deals. Here’s our roundup of the best Cyber Monday sales coming soon.

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Note we’re keeping a few expired and sold-out items in the list below, because we think they might return at some point. Keep this post bookmarked and check it often for updates!

Best Black Friday 2020 deals available now

As noted above, these deals are going fast. We’re doing our best to keep the listings updated, but note that any item here may sell out without warning.


Need some weights to round out your home gym? Use promo code Y2QERXMF to knock $124 off the regular price of this dumbbell set, which uses thread nuts to let you quickly and easily change the weight.

Here’s the head-scratching part: The listing says 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 pounds, but at least one photo shows a 1.25Kg plate, which is equivalent to just 2.75 pounds. Two of those and you’d have just over five pounds on a single dumbbell.

Even so, it’s everything you need for arm, shoulder and chest workouts, so I won’t quibble about the curious numbers.


This is actually one of several Black Friday deals currently running at Wyze. Others include 20% off the Wyze Cam Pan, the Wyze Cam v2 and a free Keypad with the purchase of a Wyze Lock.

Cam Plus is the company’s premium cloud service, offering unlimited video storage and motion alerts, no cooldown requirement between video captures, face- and person-detection and lots more. It’s absolutely worth it if you’re running one or more Wyze Cams (which you will be with this giveaway).

The Wyze Cam v3 is the latest version of the camera. It’s a winner.

Read our Wyze Cam v3 review.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Visible, which runs on Verizon’s network, is sweetening its iPhone 12 deals: When you buy an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll get a free pair of AirPods Pro. Those are worth $249 — though as you’ll see below, they’re currently on sale for $170.

What’s more, although the phones themselves are priced a few

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Cam Newton’s shocking reaction to Jeff Garcia’s fashion criticism after Patriots loss against 49ers

Cam Newton responded to former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia’s fashion criticisms Monday saying that he actually agrees with the former San Francisco 49er’s comments.

Following a crushing loss against the Niners on Sunday, Garcia took aim at Newton’s flashy post-game attire, saying that he needed to prove himself on the field before showing up in what he does to “bring more attention” to himself after a poor performance. 


Surprisingly Newton agreed with Garcia’s rather harsh criticism. 

“You know what’s crazy, I agree with him and the fact that he’s a former player, he has every right to say that,” Newton told WEEI in an interview. “But, that’s another opinionated theory, and it’s fair to say.”

While he may have agreed with his assessment, Newton added that it changes nothing for him. 


“I know I come off to so many different people so many different ways, and that’s fine. You know what, he’s exactly right. But, I’m not changing the way I dress. I’m sorry.”

Newton also spoke about getting benched after throwing three interceptions, saying that he just needs to play better going forward. 

“I’m hearing a lot of what it could be. It’s simple. I have to play better. Let’s just point and say that,” Newton said.


He was only 9-for-15 with 98 passing yards before being benched for backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham. The Patriots would go on to lose 33-6 and are now 2-4 for the season. 

Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos contributed to this report. 

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Cam Newton’s words speak louder than his clothing

They say actions speak louder than words, and “loud” is an appropriate word for Cam Newton’s game day outfits.

a close up of Cam Newton: “I do certain things because of the culture I’m from, and where I’m from,” said Cam Newton. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
“I do certain things because of the culture I’m from, and where I’m from,” said Cam Newton. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Nevertheless, what Newton had to say Monday should carry more weight than what he wore Sunday. The veteran quarterback, in his first season with the New England Patriots, addressed his recent poor play — and a viral rant about his sartorial choices — with a maturity and humility that belie the image many have of him.

That image has been shaped, in part, by the eye-catching apparel he has picked for his entrances into stadiums and subsequent postgame news conferences. On Sunday, his outfit was relatively muted, by his standards, but he was still decked out in a notably stylish manner as he fielded questions about getting benched that day after submitting a disastrous outing during a 33-6 loss to the visiting San Francisco 49ers.

“In no way shape or form did I put this team in a position to compete, and that’s inexcusable,” Newton told reporters following a 98-yard, three-interception passing performance that left him watching from the sideline as backup Jarrett Stidham finished the game. “This is the National Football League, where a lot is put on the quarterback, and I have to deliver, and I haven’t done that.”

To former San Francisco quarterback Jeff Garcia, now an analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, the issue didn’t appear to be how much is put on the quarterback so much as what Newton tends to put on for his public appearances. During a 49ers postgame show Sunday, Garcia began by criticizing Newton’s on-field miscues before quickly addressing to his fashion choices.

“You go into this game [with] two touchdowns, four interceptions. You throw — what — three more interceptions, you get yanked in the second half,” Garcia said. “There’s nothing good going your way.

“Why are you dressing like that, to bring more attention to yourself?” he continued. “I’d be trying to ask the equipment managers, ‘Put me in our jock sock cart and sneak me in the back door, and I’ll show up on the field and do the best that I can.’ ”

“This just goes back to a couple years of just watching this guy and seeing him at the podium,” added Garcia, 50, who played for five NFL franchises and was selected for four Pro Bowls during his career. “But yet what he’s doing on the field does not translate to being that guy.”

Asked on Boston’s WEEI on Monday morning about Garcia’s comments, Newton responded with admirable equanimity.

“You know what’s crazy? I agree with him,” he said of Garcia. “And the fact that he’s a former player, he has every right to say that, and until that happens, then so be it.

“But that’s another opinionated theory, and it’s fair to say,” continued Newton, who won the NFL’s MVP

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Cam Newton Responds to Jeff Garcia’s Criticism About His Fashion After Benching | Bleacher Report

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton watches from the sideline after being replaced by Jarrett Stidham in the second half of an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Charles Krupa/Associated Press

Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia had the incredibly strange take on Sunday that Cam Newton’s poor play meant that the New England Patriots quarterback shouldn’t be wearing the clothes that he does, because they call attention to himself. 

On Monday, Newton took the high road when responding to the remarks: 

Here were Garcia’s thoughts, which included him saying he would try to hide in something called a “jock sock cart” to escape media attention if he was playing as poorly as Newton (h/t TMZ Sports): 

“You go into this game, what, two touchdowns and four interceptions? You throw, what, three more interceptions? You get yanked in the second half. There’s nothing good going your way. Why are you dressing like that, to bring more attention to yourself? I’d be trying to ask the equipment managers, ‘Put me in your jock sock cart and sneak me in the back door and I’ll show up on the field and do the best that I can.'”

Here was the fit that got him riled up:

There’s little doubt that Newton is struggling, with just two touchdowns and seven interceptions on the year. The Patriots are struggling in general, with a 2-4 record. It’s just hard to imagine any of it has anything to do with Newton’s fashion choices. 

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Jeff Garcia criticizes Patriots’ Cam Newton for his clothing choices: ‘Why are you dressing like that?’

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots were no match for the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday as they got blown out, 33-6. In the fourth quarter with the game out of reach, head coach Bill Belichick elected to pull quarterback Cam Newton in favor of second-year signal caller Jarrett Stidham. 

Following the game, former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia, who works as a studio analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, went off on what he believes is on of Newton’s biggest problems: his flashy attire. That’s right.

“You go into this game with two touchdowns, four interceptions, you threw what, three more interceptions?” Garcia said. “You get yanked in the second half, there’s nothing good going your way. Why are you dressing like that, to bring more attention to yourself? I’d be trying to ask the equipment managers ‘Put me in your jock sock cart and sneak me in the back door and I’ll show up on the field and do the best that I can.'”

NBC Sports Bay Area initially posted Garcia’s rant on their Twitter account, but it was taken down.

“This just goes back to a couple years of just watching this guy and seeing him at the podium, but yet what he’s doing on the field does not translate to being that guy,” Garcia added in the clip.

Not everyone on the internet was on board with Garcia’s odd take. 

Newton definitely had his fair share of struggles during Sunday’s game. The Patriots signal caller completed 9-of-15 passes for just 98 yards and three interceptions. None of that is directly connected to his pre and post-game clothing choices, though.

Following the game, Belichick confirmed that the Patriots are sticking with Newton as the team’s starting quarterback.


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Jeff Garcia Rips Cam Newton’s Fashion Choices, Encourages Him to Sneak Into Stadium in Jock Strap Cart

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but a Serious Football-Talking Pundit has shaded their Cam Newton criticism over the usual lines and veered into the fashion department.

Cam Newton wearing a hat and glasses: Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

© Provided by The Big Lead
Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Jeff Garcia, who analyzes the game and apparently also sartorial decisions for NBC Sports Bay Area, did not hold back in lighting up the struggling Patriots quarterback after an abysmal performance in New England’s lopsided loss to the Niners.

“You go into this game two touchdowns, four interceptions,” he said. “You throw, what, three more interceptions? You get yanked in the second half. There’s nothing good going your way. Why are you dressing like that to bring more attention to yourself?”

“I’d be trying to ask the equipment manager, ‘Put me in your jock sock cart and sneak me in the back door and I’ll show up on the field and do the best that I can,’” Garcia continued. “This just goes back to a couple years of just watching this guy and seeing him at the podium and yet what he’s doing on the field does not translate to being that guy (who dresses like that).”

Put me in your jock sock cart? What is this, a hilarious episode of The Little Rascals in which they sneak into the big game? Or an even grittier reboot of The Town featuring Jeremy Renner sneaking into Foxborough under the cover of Stephon Gilmore’s sweaty unmentionables?

Let’s make no mistake. Newton has been abysmal, especially since contracting a potentially lethal virus. Over his last two games, he’s thrown no touchdowns and five picks and the Patriots have — gasped — veered toward a brand of irrelevance completely antithetical to the Bill Belichickian ideal.

What he wears to and fro has little to do with his performance. It’s just a low-hanging thing for the uncritical to get upset by. Garcia’s comments might carry a little more weight had he not been previously seen in public dressed like the pallbearer at a WWE funeral, the bassist in a bad Woodstock cover band, and someone serving as co-counsel to Saul Goodman.

There’s no real point in piling and enumerating just how specious and silly this argument is. Not when his employer tweeted out the clip, then had to think better of it and attempt to memory-hole it after it was too late. Never a good sign.

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Ex-NFL quarterback criticizes Cam Newton over fashion sense following Patriots’ blow out loss

Cam Newton’s fashion sense triggered former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia on Sunday night.

The New England Patriots quarterback is known for his eccentric style pre- and postgame. But Garcia took issue with Newton wearing his garb after bad games and said that the 2015 NFL MVP needed to, for whatever reason, prove himself on the field before wearing something crazy.


“You go into this game two touchdowns, four interceptions. You throw, what? Three more interceptions? You get yanked in the second half … There’s nothing good going your way. Why are you dressing like that to bring more attention to yourself? I’d be trying to ask the equipment managers put me in your jock sock cart and sneak me into the backdoor and I’ll show up on the field and do the best that I can,” the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback said on the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast.

He added: “This just goes back to a couple of years of watching this guy and seeing him at the podium but yet what he’s doing on the field does not translate to being that guy.”

When his co-hosts talked about Joe Namath and his fur coats, Garcia replied: “When you predict you’re going to win a Super Bowl and you go out and do it where whatever the hell you want. But you know right now, I’m not buying it.”


Fans reacted to Garcia’s rant on social media.

Newton has been sluggish in his first season with the Patriots and he was only 9-for-15 with 98 passing yards and thee interceptions in a blowout 33-6 loss to the 49ers on Sunday. But he is coming off a 2019 season where he missed all but two games and he did contract the coronavirus.

For what it’s worth, Newton did win the Heisman Trophy and national championship while with Auburn. He was drafted No. 1 overall by the Carolina Panthers, won the MVP with them and led them to an NFC championship


Garcia played in four Pro Bowls, went undrafted and only won two playoff games.


What you do on the field usually doesn’t dictate how you dress. Newton has been dressing in his own style for quite some time and Garcia’s opinion probably won’t do much to move the needle.

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