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Janet Langdon and Roxanne Walsh-Seabright have always had warm feelings for their hometown of Gander.

As first-generation Ganderites, the pair know the town has a unique place in provincial history and culture.

“We love our town,” said Walsh-Seabright.

When Langdon returned to the area in 2015 upon her retirement after living at various stops on the mainland, she and Walsh-Seabright started talking about ways they could showcase their beloved hometown.

The Newfoundland Dog Company has a love for showcasing the animals of Newfoundland and Labrador on its clothing. Contributed photo  - Contributed
The Newfoundland Dog Company has a love for showcasing the animals of Newfoundland and Labrador on its clothing. Contributed photo – Contributed


As many a Newfoundlander will tell you, you can live wherever you want, but nothing will ever replace the place you grew up.

“It’s in your blood,” said Langdon. “It is a special place. It holds onto your identity.”

Then, they got the idea to showcase Gander and its uniqueness through clothes. Langdon had studied textile design and has always had a love for fashion design, while Walsh-Seabright studied interior design.

They both shared a love for design and being creative so it was only natural they settle on an outlet that would allow them to explore that side of themselves a bit more.

They found that outlet with their Newfoundland Dog Company clothing line.

“We’re both creative at heart,” said Walsh-Seabright.

This is just one of the many designs the Newfoundland Dog Company clothing line. Contributed photo  - Contributed
This is just one of the many designs the Newfoundland Dog Company clothing line. Contributed photo – Contributed


They also get some help from family members. Langdon’s partner has offered up designs for products while others model them.

The Newfoundland Dog Company got its start in the wake of the popularity of the smash Broadway musical “Come From Away.”

With its depiction of what Gander and the area did for the people stranded during the Sept. 9, 2001, terrorist attacks, the show captured the attention and imagination of the world.

Its popularity undoubtedly meant that the region was going to see an influx of tourism as people sought to see the place and the people that helped so many during a trying time.

That fact was not lost on either Langdon or Walsh-Seabright. They sought to offer unique tourism products that highlighted some of the unique parts of their hometown.

After some back-and-forth, they decided on a clothing line that would showcase the history of Gander and eventually, the surrounding area.

It was launched on June 4, 2017.

“It is very exciting because Gander has such a unique history,” said Langdon.

Even the company’s name is connected to part of the town’s history. During the Second World War, a Newfoundland dog named Gander was awarded the Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent to a Victoria Cross, for his heroics during the war.

The other half of the Newfoundland Dog Company’s name refers Humber, the Newfoundland dog that was a big part of Langdon’s family growing up.

A mixture of short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, they have a number of different designs, from the propeller of a plane to the ‘Welcome to Gander’ sign at the Gander

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Inabuggy Partners with McEwan Fine Foods Don Mills to Introduce the First 3D Virtual Grocery Shopping Experience in Canada

TORONTO, Nov. 19, 2020 /CNW/ – Today, Canada’s leading on-demand grocery delivery service Inabuggy has partnered with McEwan Fine Foods Don Mills to launch the first 3D virtual grocery shopping portal in Canada to enable customers to visually shop for groceries from home.

A view of Inabuggy and McEwan Fine Foods' 3D Virtual Grocery Store - a first of its kind in Canada. (CNW Group/Inabuggy)

By selecting the option to shop virtually on the Inabuggy app or website, customers are virtually transported to McEwan Don Mills (38 Karl Fraser Road, Toronto), where they can “walk through” the carefully curated aisles in a seamless 3D store environment and visually shop and select grocery items from the comfort of home.

“Our first-of-its-kind virtual shopping portal piloted with McEwan Don Mills is offering customers a glimpse into the online grocery shopping experience of the future,” said Julian Gleizer, CEO and Founder of Inabuggy. “This premium experience enhances both customer engagement and convenience, and lets customers get a close-up view of store items within each aisle, letting them feel like they are physically in the store.”

As more customers continue to shop for their groceries online during the pandemic, the new 3D shopping experience allows customers to quickly shop or browse the aisles for fresh produce, meats, fish, restaurant quality prepared meals, and gourmet grocery items, while finding the items they want in the same place, each and every time they access the platform.

“We are thrilled to partner with Inabuggy to launch this exciting virtual grocery shopping portal at McEwan Don Mills,” said Mark McEwan, Chef and Owner of The McEwan Group. “We have a wide variety of unique products and quality produce and this feature will allow our guests to discover our offerings from the comfort of their homes, making it even easier to eat well.”

Across Canada, Inabuggy offers delivery of over 700,000 SKUs through its website and app from 50+ retail partners in 200+ regions servicing British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Inabuggy has also partnered with CPG companies including Conagra Brands, Fruits From Chile, The Kraft Heinz Company, The Oppenheimer Group, SC Johnson, and others.

About Inabuggy:

Since launching in 2015, Inabuggy has allowed Canadians to shop thousands of items online and via the Inabuggy app from their favourite grocery and specialty stores including Costco, Rexall and PetSmart – and have everything delivered to their doorsteps in as little as one hour. Inabuggy’s personal shoppers handpick, pack and deliver orders to ensure quality and freshness, and to fulfill special requests from customers about their items. Inabuggy delivers to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, with more plans to expand in the coming months.

About McEwan Fine Foods:

McEwan Fine Foods is a gourmet marketplace and a reflection of Chef Mark McEwan’s distinctive style of cooking. McEwan Fine Foods brings the freshest produce, world’s best culinary finds and Mark’s signature prepared meals straight to your table. With three locations in Toronto: McEwan Don Mills, McEwan Yonge & Bloor and McEwan

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Bank of Canada Boosts Targets for Women, Minorities in Top Roles

(Bloomberg) — The Bank of Canada is undertaking a diversity push that will see it significantly increase the representation of women and visible minorities in senior management over the next decade.

In a notice to staff this month, the Ottawa-based central bank unveiled plans to double the number of senior officers who are visible minorities by 2030, and to raise the number of women in those roles by 45% over the same period. Louise Egan, a spokeswoman at the bank, confirmed the contents of the notice.

Governor Tiff Macklem and the Executive Council are “committed to the ideal that a more diverse and inclusive Bank of Canada is crucial to reflect the society we serve, and that it strengthens us as an organization,” Egan said in an email. “They have made clear that our senior leadership team needs to reflect that diversity.”

graphical user interface, application: Diversity Push

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Diversity Push

The move, if successful, would bring the number of visible minority senior officers to 14 from seven, and the number of female senior officers to 32 from 22.


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There are currently 76 senior officers, including members of Governing Council, the group of policy makers responsible for setting interest rates, as well as the chief operating officer, advisers, managing directors and other senior management in various departments.

That would mean 18% of senior management would be visible minorities and 42% would be women, from 9% and 29% now, according to Bloomberg calculations.

The move comes amid a nationwide focus on diversity, spearheaded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose Liberal government unveiled a gender balanced cabinet shortly after taking power in 2015. Last month, the government introduced a “diversity challenge” as part of an effort to increase the share of women and minority groups in corporate leadership positions.

There’s currently only one woman on the central bank’s six-member Governing Council, though that spot will soon be vacant. Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins is stepping down on Dec. 9, before the end of her seven-year term in May, capping two decades of work at the institution.

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Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada Successfully Concludes Canada’s First Women-only Virtual Business Mission to South Korea

TORONTO, Nov. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada), with support from the Government of Canada, concluded a successful two-day Canada’s First Women-only Virtual Business Mission to South Korea on November 4, 2020.

Canada’s first-ever virtual business mission dedicated to women entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprise (SME) leaders drew more than 300 participants. It featured 24 business pitches and made more than 70 B2B connections between Canadian and South Korean stakeholders who will continue to meet through the end of November.

The mission focused on promoting women entrepreneurs in STEM sectors that provide care services, products, and solutions to support the care and lifestyles of children, people with disabilities, and the elderly. It was activated by APF Canada to help Canadian women business owners and entrepreneurs start up, scale up, and access new markets in South Korea, the only economy in the Asia Pacific with which Canada has a bilateral free trade agreement.

“I am very proud to have chaired this delegation of Canadian women entrepreneurs,” said Mission Co-Chair Dr. Songyee Yoon, President, NCSOFT and CEO, NCWEST. “Being able to directly share our collective experiences, challenges, and opportunities as women business leaders is incredibly impactful. As a technology executive in South Korea, it was very encouraging to see Canada’s commitment to support diversity and inclusion and I look forward to working with Canada to continue to build robust business partnerships and to advance gender equality in both countries.”

“Encouraging and providing support to women-owned and women-led businesses to scale their businesses through expansion into growth markets like South Korea’s will help Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery efforts,” added Project Director Christine Nakamura, Vice-President, Toronto Office, APF Canada. “The brilliance and talent demonstrated by our Canadian women entrepreneurs during the innovation pitch sessions clearly indicates that with a little bit of help, they have the potential to scale and help grow Canada’s economy. I hope that the many Korean companies that witnessed the presentations will seize the opportunity and engage our delegates in commercial partnerships to the mutual benefit of Canada and South Korea.”

A companion virtual trade mission with South Korea was hosted on November 5, 2020 by The Hon. Minister Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade. It brought together Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners across different sectors – particularly information and communication technology, life sciences, and artificial intelligence – to explore emerging opportunities in South Korea.

Minister Ng participated in APF Canada’s mission to support women entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses into the South Korean market. 

“I am proud to have taken part in and supported Canada’s first women-only virtual trade mission,” said Minister Ng. “It was amazing to witness first-hand these impressive and innovative Canadian entrepreneurs promote their businesses, make new connections, and gain valuable insights into the vibrant South Korean market. Our government will continue to support women entrepreneurs through our whole-of-government Women Entrepreneurship Strategy and will ensure

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Americans Are ‘Window Shopping’ Canada Move Requirements Amid Election Result Wait


  • Canadian citizenship is a lengthy process
  • There are several different ways to establish permanent residency
  • Any prospective Canadian citizen needs to be a permanent resident first

Americans in the United States are “window shopping” Canadian citizenship while waiting for the presidential results, and one news website even has an explainer on what it takes to move.

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is at best six electoral votes away from winning the presidency, though with a handful of states still counting votes, President Donald Trump still has a shot at securing a second term.

Another Trump presidency doesn’t sit well with some. TMZ found Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship webpage received a 300% boost in traffic as the results started to trickle in on Election Night.

“Americans, whether they were window shopping or dead serious, were greeted with loads of information on how to apply for permanent resident status in Canada and ultimately become a Canadian citizen,” their reporting read.

Yahoo News Canada took it a step further, publishing an elaborate explainer on how to become a Canadian. There are, according to the outlet, 11 ways to become a permanent resident, from sponsorship from a family member holding Canadian citizenship to seeking refugee status. A person can also seek a work or study permit.

Canadian-trained immigration lawyer Donovan H. Francis has an entire YouTube channel called GOOSELAW Immigration TV dedicated to advising viewers how to immigrate to Canada. 

TMZ adds that anyone wanting to become a Canadian citizen needs to become a permanent resident first, then live there for three of the last five years, file taxes, learn French and pass a citizenship test.

“Yeah, that’s a lot of hoops to jump through just because of an election,” its report reads.

Not everyone, however, is looking to Canada. Whistleblower and former U.S. national security contractor Edward Snowden said he’s seeking Russian citizenship, but not because of the election. Living in Russia since fleeing the United States in 2013 out of fear of prosecution for releasing sensitive information to the press, Snowden is seeking Russian citizenship because he’s expecting his first child.

Canada's economy rebounded 4.5 percent in May as compared with April, but GDP is still below pre-pandemic levels Canada’s economy rebounded 4.5 percent in May as compared with April, but GDP is still below pre-pandemic levels Photo: AFP / Don EMMERT

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Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Launches The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs to Support Women Business Owners Across Canada

Today, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), in partnership with The Giustra Foundation, announced the creation of a bursary fund, easing access to game-changing mentorship and education for women entrepreneurs across the country who need it most.

The new fund, which will launch with $150,000 over three years through a major donation from The Giustra Foundation, will provide much-needed tuition bursaries for women entrepreneurs to take FWE’s programs. With the goal of ensuring that impactful programming reaches those women entrepreneurs who need it most, the bursary will support women who – due to financial difficulties or belonging to a marginalized group – would otherwise not be able to access FWE’s programs.

These programs include a 4-week Money Moves Program that educates women on the funding landscape; a Mentor Program that connects women with business experts for 12 months of 1:1 mentorship; its foundational E-Series Program that provides deep learning on business essentials and new programs that will be released on its newly-created digital FWE Learning Academy.

“The business case for supporting women entrepreneurs is well known and it’s a pathway to economic growth,” said FWE CEO Paulina Cameron. “Now, as businesses tread water during this COVID-19 crisis, we know women entrepreneurs are disproportionately affected. Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour entrepreneurs face both systemic and cultural barriers, and our hope is that by becoming a part of the FWE Community, they’ll also have a chance to have their experiences heard and supported. With The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs, we can help ensure no woman gets left behind and we are so grateful for Mr. Giustra’s catalyzing leadership and Lara Dauphinee’s long-time dedication to FWE.”

Founded by global philanthropist and business icon Frank Giustra, The Giustra Foundation funds initiatives focused on women and children, education, homelessness, and refugee resettlement.

“FWE has a history of bringing game-changing education and mentorship to women entrepreneurs across Canada, and we’re honoured to be able to create a fund that will help small businesses navigate the journey of entrepreneurship and succeed,” said Frank Giustra. “An inclusive ecosystem is critical to supporting both diverse women entrepreneurs and those who simply can’t afford the support they need to keep them in business or help their business thrive. Women represent a $150B opportunity and I encourage others to contribute to the fund so that it can grow and serve women entrepreneurs in Canada for many years ahead.”

For more information on FWE programming, visit To learn more about The Giustra Foundation, visit

About Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE): Founded in 2002, FWE is a Canadian organization that energizes, educates, mentors and connects women entrepreneurs to be wildly successful, promoting strengthened economies and thriving communities. FWE’s game-changing programs are available to any woman entrepreneur in the country and support a community of over 900 women annually. To learn more, visit FWE is a registered charity, #861056646RR0001.

About The Giustra Foundation

For over two decades, The Giustra Foundation has supported innovative

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‘This day is not one we’ll be forgetting’: Syrian refugee family opening clothing shop on first anniversary in Canada

As his family’s one-year anniversary in Canada approaches, Ammar Hud Hud is reeling with excitement.

Not only does Oct. 30 mark a year since he and his family landed in Canada as sponsored refugees, it will also be the grand opening of his brick-and-mortar women’s clothing and tailor shop in Nova Scotia.

Ammar’s Apparel is located at 9B Pottery Lane in Antigonish.

“It’s a really, really good feeling. We are very happy,” Hud Hud told The Chronicle Herald through an interpreter.

“This day is not one we’ll be forgetting.”

In 2012, Hud Hud, his wife, Kinaz Albaghada, and their two children, Samy and Esraa Hud Hud, fled Syria, where they lost their home and a successful clothing factory. They stayed in Jordan for half a year and Egypt for seven years.

They then came to Nova Scotia, joining their relatives, Tareq Hadhad and his family in Antigonish. Hadhad is the successful entrepreneur behind Peace by Chocolate.

With the support of the community, Hud Hud, who has 30 years of experience working as a tailor in Syria, returned to his passion in April and launched his online shop.

At that time, he said he expected to focus solely on designing women’s clothing and offering tailoring services. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Hud Hud shifted his focus to designing masks to keep Nova Scotians protected from the virus.

Over the course of the pandemic, Hud Hud and his family have made more than 1,000 masks. They celebrated Canada Day by selling masks featuring the Canadian flag on them to people all over the country.

Since then, Hud Hud said, he has remained busy tending to customer orders over Facebook and has had his sights set on opening a physical store in an effort to “contribute to (Antigonish) and our new country in these challenging times.”

With that dream finally becoming a reality, Hud Hud said he feels “very grateful and thankful.”

“When I lost my factory, I never imagined I was going to restart my life, especially in Canada. So this moment will be the biggest moment for my life, because I am restarting my business and restarting my life after I lost it.”

At the new shop, Hud Hud will sell casual clothing, athletic wear and pyjamas for women, in addition to masks. He will also take tailoring requests from customers.

Hud Hud said he wants to give back to the community by helping people find clothing that suits them, and he eventually hopes to hire more people to work at Ammar’s Apparel.

“I am very excited to open my shop in Antigonish (for) the people who welcomed me and opened their arms for me to help me settle in Canada,” he said.

Ammar’s Apparel’s grand opening event will start at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 30. Hud Hud will be cutting a red ribbon to mark the occasion, and the shop will be open from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for customers to come and browse, with a limit on attendants

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NZL, England, Canada top-seeded in Women’s World Cup

New Zealand, England and Canada have been confirmed as the top three seeds for the women’s 2021 Rugby World Cup after the game’s governing body opted to use rankings from the start of the year with southern hemisphere teams unable to play due to COVID-19 curbs.

The draw for the tournament will be conducted in Auckland on Nov. 20. The event, to run from Sept. 18 to Oct. 16 next year, will take place in New Zealand, the first time it has been hosted in the southern hemisphere.

Champions New Zealand, 2017 runners-up England and Canada occupy the top tier of seeds. France, who finished third in 2017, Australia and the United States are the second tier.

Wales, who were the seventh team to qualify automatically based on their 2017 finish, South Africa and the top-ranked European qualifier make up the third tier of seeds.

Oceania winners Fiji, a team from Asia and the team that wins the final qualifying tournament are in tier four.

World Rugby said in a statement the seedings were based on rankings as of Jan. 1, 2020 as restrictions imposed to halt the spread of the coronavirus meant none of the southern hemisphere teams were able to play this year.

“We are in unusual and unique times with the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic,” World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said.

“However, working in full partnership with New Zealand Rugby and local and national authorities, we are committed to a spectacular Rugby World Cup 2021.”

Matches will be held in Auckland and Whangarei, with the final to be held at Eden Park, which hosted the 1987 and 2011 men’s World Cup finals.

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Laurentian (LB) Names Rania Llewellyn CEO in First for Women in Canada

Laurentian Bank of Canada named Rania Llewellyn as its new chief executive officer, making her the first woman to lead a major Canadian bank.

Llewellyn is joining Montreal-based Laurentian after 26 years at Bank of Nova Scotia, where she was most recently executive vice president for global business payments, according to a statement Tuesday. The hiring of Llewellyn, who will also join Laurentian’s board, comes a little more than a month after Jane Fraser was named CEO of Citigroup Inc., which will make her the first female head of a big Wall Street bank.

Llewellyn fills the gap left by Francois Desjardins, who stepped down in June after a five-year tenure that included an incomplete transformation plan, mortgage mishaps due to documentation issues and client misrepresentations as well as a dividend cut prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Stephane Therrien, the bank’s executive vice president of personal and commercial banking, served as president and CEO in the interim.

relates to Laurentian Names Llewellyn CEO in First for Women in Canada

Source: Laurentian Bank of Canada

​“Rania Llewellyn is the right leader to usher in a new era at Laurentian Bank,” Michelle Savoy, a board member who headed the special committee that ran the CEO search, said in the statement. “She has a proven track record as an energetic, strategic thinker focused on customer experience and tangible results.”

While women have held some high-profile positions in Canada’s banking industry, Llewellyn will be the first female CEO of a major domestic bank. London-based HSBC Holdings Plc’s Canadian operations are now run by Linda Seymour. She succeeded Sandra Stuart, who ran the operation for five years until her retirement. And Gillian Riley serves as CEO of Tangerine, Scotiabank’s online division.

Llewellyn joined Scotiabank as a part-time teller and worked her way through a variety of positions, including vice president for multicultural banking, president and CEO of Roynat Capital and senior vice president for commercial banking and growth strategy. She was born in Kuwait to an Egyptian father and a Jordanian mother and immigrated to Canada from Egypt in 1992, after the Gulf War.

— With assistance by Doug Alexander

(Updates with background on previous CEO in third paragraph.)

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Women’s Sneakers @ Hudson’s Bay Canada

I’m not the primary to observe that plenty of fashionable feminism consists of loud sloganeering about women’s choice and empowerment, behind a small subset of women seems down on other women and tells them they’re making the incorrect choices. These processes proceed to bolster the truth that in the present day we dwell in a time (post-secular?) Where institutional types and theological discourses are increasingly pressured from a community of subject-believers who demand, speak, act, ask , they query, with out allowing themselves easily to consent to any accommodative practice, and even less so in an imposed manner.

The Senate and Home already handed separate, however related, legislation to reform how novice Olympic organizations report sexual abuse final year. Alice was certainly one of eight kids born in the dreadful conditions of a workhouse and her father was a violent and illiterate petty prison.

She’s currently researching the Women’s Warehouse (1979-81) and contemporary collaboration in Australia. The perfect participant on the U.S. national workforce confirmed his place as the very best participant in U.S. historical past in the mean time when his workforce and his nation wanted him most.

In an addition to an assault on women’s rights, Sykes mounts an assault on all accepted grammatical standards when he outlines his preferrred life for his personal someday daughters, bless their poor hearts. Julia, from Krasnodar, posted an image showing her topless with a message reading: ‘That is the primary and probably the last time I participate in a flashmob.

He knows not to kiss and tell, that the intimate moments he shares with his girl are supposed to be just that-meant to be enjoyed between the two of them, recognizing that when different people are privy to the details, it now not feels fairly so particular and it is a signal of disrespect.…

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