Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide 2020

It’s been another year of innovation in the cannabis space but this year the classics are getting a second look as well on our annual Holiday Season Cannabis Gift Guide.

On this year’s list, you’ll find a full spread of options to add a little THC to the presents you’re grabbing for family and friends. Whether you’re looking to secure the edible for that finicky eater, or papers for someone that can’t even roll their own joints, we’ve got you covered.

Runtz x Compound Genetics Seed Drop

The Gods of Clout do not skip out on the holiday season. This year they are blessing us with a massive new seed collaboration from Runtz and Compound Genetics. Why the excitement? Runtz was the last great strain of the 2010s and Compound Genetics’ sensational recent drops have really got cultivators to take notice. The drop features a wide selection of Compound’s heat paired with White Runtz. Some of the ones that scream potential to us include the Yoyoz, which pairs The Y and White Runtz. Another is Rose Gold Runtz, which is Apples and Bananas x White Runtz. Keep an eye out for these to start blowing up by summer. (Photo courtesy of Compound Genetics)


Raw Hands Free Smoker

While the Raw Hands Free Smoker might seem like one of the more absurd accessories to drop this holiday season, it’s shockingly functional and well thought out. I admit when I saw the announcement I thought it was a joke, but once I stuck a backwoods in it I was sold. Now it’s certainly not for everyone, but if you have someone in your life who struggles to try and burn one down while playing video games this may be the answer. Raw notes on their website you can now smoke hands free while “gaming, typing, giving your partner a foot massage, or making brownies!” (Photo courtesy of Raw)


Dr. Norm’s Hanukkah Cookies

While Christmas-themed pot edibles are now par for the course in our third holiday season into legal cannabis in California, the homies in the tribe have not always had as many selections to enjoy eight nights in a row. Fear not! Dr. Norm’s just announced it will release the world’s first Hanukkah cookie edible. The company’s brother and sister founders Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson figured helping people get stoned and enjoy the holidays with their own families was the perfect way to honor their family and heritage. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Norm’s)


Vibes Cubano Cones

For those people in your life that are basically a walking incinerator that can’t roll a joint, a box of Vibes Cubano Cones is one of the best gifts you can give to complement their oversized love of marijuana. Each Cubano Cone can hold over 8 grams of pot. This makes them great for weekend group activities or smoked to the face on a random Tuesday afternoon. The cones have no added calcium carbonate and feature an all-natural sealing gum from

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This Year’s Best Cannabis Books For Every Consumer On Your List

Cannabis may still be federally illegal in the United States, but reading about it certainly is not. Each year, the literature available on this revered plant becomes more and more informed, and with a number of additional states legalizing adult-use and medical cannabis in 2020, education around it is more important than ever.

Weed books published in 2020 cover such a broad range of subjects that this list has been broken down by consumers you might be shopping for this holiday season. Because just like strains of pot and the books being written about it, no two cannabis consumers are the same.

For Your Romantic Partner: Merry Jane’s The CBD Solution: Sex: How Cannabis, CBD, and Other Plant Allies Can Improve Your Everyday Life

By Ashley Manta

This beautifully designed book, one of three in a series by cannabis magazine Merry Jane, dives into the multitude of ways in which cannabis and specifically CBD can be used to rev up your experience in the bedroom. Author of the book Ashley Manta says CBD can help address the things that get in the way of enjoying sex, like pain and anxiety.

“This book is for people who are curious about how to incorporate CBD and other cannabinoids into their solo and partnered pleasure explorations. It meets readers who are approaching with a beginner’s mind, but quickly moves into advanced insights, techniques, and reframes for maximizing your erotic potential,” says Manta. Two of the author’s favourite ways to incorporate CBD and sex are by using CBD topicals and tinctures, the former to be applied for intimate stimulation and the latter ingested to easy anxiety. “If you can quiet down whatever is swirling in your head, it makes it much easier to feel present in your body,” she says.

For the Green Thumb: How to Grow Marijuana: The Easiest Guide to Growing Weed

By Murph Wolfson

There are many books on the market that explain the process of growing cannabis, but with so many different approaches to growing, this one stood out for being the most up-to-date. Written by Murph Wolfson, a master grower who has grown cannabis since he was 13, it’s a great choice for beginners that may already be familiar with gardening but are interested in learning the finer points of growing cannabis, such as picking seeds and seedlings, germinating, the differences between hydroponics, outdoor growing and indoor growing, as well as options around pest control.


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A Luxury Cannabis Line From Fashion Industry Veteran Armen Gregorian

Cannabis continues to collide with fashion — from limited edition streetwear to high-minded jewelry — but aside from Brett Heyman’s beloved Edie Parker Flower, there are still few industry leaders that have taken a turn into creating tools for consumption.

Enter Armen Gregorian, co-owner and CEO of the former fashion label Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent and founder and past CEO of the women’s ready-to-wear brand A.L.C., whose new line of cannabis products launched earlier this month. Mae, which stands for “Mind at Ease,” features a range of smoking accessories dreamt up by design world star Joe Doucet, plus a core collection of cannabis oil vaporizers and cartridges; Mae pre-rolls will roll out in California in December.

For Gregorian, who is furthering his two decades of experience in fashion through his latest label Intentionally Blank, Mae is meant to fill the void he personally observed in the cannabis market two years ago when he purchased a popular vape pen from a dispensary down the street from his home in Los Angeles. 

“Knowing what I know about fashion and design, I didn’t think this pen was the end-all-be all for luxury and discreet cannabis. So I thought to myself, ‘There has to be a better way to do this.’ And thus, Mae was born,” Gregorian shared via email. “I want to do for cannabis what Dunhill did for cigarettes.”

Mae also retails namesake accessories including a solid battery, an engraved battery, a pen battery and a JUUL case — all exuding an elevated approach to cannabis. Mae’s THC and CBD oil cartridges are odorless — no small feat — via a proprietary mix of terpenes designed to make usage as inconspicuous as possible.  

“Cannabis helps put your mind at ease, hence Mae. We thought that we could all share this sentiment, especially these days,” added Gregorian, who replaced his nightly wine habit with cannabis with encouragement from his wellness enthusiast daughter. “I was really into cannabis in the ‘70’s, so when I returned to the plant after refraining from smoking for nearly 30 years, I was floored. It wasn’t the same plant I remembered at all.”

The company is also celebrating the debut of its Mae x Joe Doucet capsule collection, representing the vanguard of cannabis design. Crafted in precious metals like brass, silver and rose gold, it includes six additional Mae pieces (ranging in price from $45 to $395): a pipe, a humidor/stash, an ashtray, a grinder, a clip and a water pipe. 

“Joe is one of the most prolific designers of a generation. I knew that if I was going to bring

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Women Are More Likely To Swap Prescribed Medication For Medical Cannabis, Study Finds

Increased medical knowledge and changes in social norms have meant that over the last decade attitudes towards medical cannabis have changed exponentially. After speaking to clinicians and patients studies have concluded that while it may have once been taboo, medical cannabis is now believed to be a legitimate medical therapy by some. It may be much more accepted but few studies have looked into how patients use medical cannabis and whether men and women see it differently. A new study has found that a significant number of women would use cannabis to treat chronic conditions and pain. 

The study, which was published in the Journal of Women’s Health assessed the gendered attitudes patients have towards medical cannabis. It found that after obtaining a medical cannabis card women are more likely to cut down or discontinue using prescribed medication and medical assistance. The study was supported by research that suggested that while men are more likely to be experienced cannabis users more generally, women are more likely to substitute prescribed medications and painkillers for medical cannabis. 

Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis. Research has suggested that they could be a great painkiller. PMS and PMDD, endometriosis and some gynecological cancers are some of the conditions which can cause intimate and pelvic chronic pain. The study revealed that a substantial number of women would be open to using medical cannabis to treat pain, especially if they’d used it before. 

It’s not completely clear as to why women are more likely to swap out prescribed medication for medical cannabis. However, past research has found that women engage with complementary or alternative medicine differently to men. Women are more likely to access preventative services, use alternative medicine to treat pain, mental health conditions or insomnia and for headaches and migraines. As medical cannabis has increasingly been seen as a safe and legitimate treatment and news of the opioid crisis has spread it may now fall under the category of complementary or alternative medicine. 

The researchers wrote, “the implication that women may conceptualize medical cannabis as complementary or alternative medicine merits further research, as this finding may be viewed as a consequence of patient experience with cannabis, and not only of shifting public attitudes toward it.” 

Over the last few years, activists and campaigners have worked to get medical cannabis recognized as a legitimate treatment option. Statistics would suggest that in July 2020 Oklahoma, California and Maine had the highest percentages of medical marijuana patients.

Research has shown that the number of people who believe cannabis has valid medical uses is growing. One study highlighted that women who experience chronic pain as a result of PMS or PMDD saw positive results after using medical cannabis. Similarly, tests have looked into how medical cannabis may help endometriosis sufferers manage their pain. 

However, the debate surrounding medical cannabis remains controversial. For as many people that support it, there are others who highlight the side effects of cannabis. Studies have looked

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Massachusetts marijuana stores prepare for ‘Green Wednesday,’ start of gift-buying season for cannabis enthusiasts

Last year, customers went into Canna Provisions stores with lists, buying marijuana products as holiday gifts for friends and family.


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“As the whole gift-buying season was rolling out, we definitely saw people come in with their shopping lists. ‘I’m going to get grandma a topical and I’m going to get Uncle Bill a pre-roll,’” recalled Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders.

Checking off holiday gift lists is an image more associated with shoppers perusing aisles at big box stores in November and December. But as cannabis use is more normalized, dispensaries are becoming a more common stop for holiday buyers.

“It was really interesting to see this shift to a true retail experience for cannabis,” Sanders said. “’I’m not just shopping for myself, I’m actually thinking about my sister, I’m thinking about my family.’”

Some of that holiday shopping will start on “Green Wednesday,” the cannabis industry’s answer to Black Friday. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, dispensaries mark the occasion with deals, discounts and curated selections.

Sanders said Canna Provisions was very busy on Green Wednesday last year. The dispensary is just down the street from the Lee Premium Outlets, making it convenient for shoppers. Beyond gift-buying, some consumers just like to stock up before the holidays.

On the medical marijuana side of the business, discounts are common. However, regulations from the Cannabis Control Commission prohibit coupons, free or donated marijuana at recreational dispensaries.

Sanders said Canna Provisions, which has locations in Lee, Holyoke and Easthampton, curates bundles of items that offer a perceived value for Green Wednesday and throughout the holidays. Those deals may include a selection of different edibles for a specific price or 10 pre-rolls for $150. Last year, Canna Provisions had some weed-themed wrapping paper for some customers who were buying gifts, Sanders said.

Canna Provisions is also rolling out gift cards for shoppers who don’t know which products to buy for the cannabis enthusiast in their life.

In the past, Revolutionary Clinics, a medical dispensary with locations in Cambridge and Somerville, would bring out hot apple cider and doughnuts for Green Wednesday, said Tom Schneider, the dispensary’s chief marketing officer.

But this year is a different kind of celebration because of the coronavirus pandemic. Revolutionary Clinics is currently only operating as order-ahead and curbside pickup.

For Green Wednesday, there will be deals like 20% off a select pre-roll and 20% off the $99 Rev Access card, which offers a gram of flower every month and other discounts. There will also be festive “turkey legs,” which are pre-roll joints that feature wrappers with seasonal images like turkeys or leaves, Schneider said.

What Revolutionary Clinics is most excited about this season, Schneider said, is its sale of “The Giving Mint” by Mr. Moxey’s. Revolutionary Clinics says it will donate $1 to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless for each sale of The Giving Mint. The product has “a unique botanical blend of lemon verbena and yerba mate” and is gluten-free and vegan with 5mg CBD and

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