Carol Vorderman addresses attending Raquel Welch’s son’s wedding ‘Like Deliverance!’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Fred’s then 87-year-old mother Ethel was said to have confronted the actress and model and said: “You know, young lady, that’s not the kind of outfit to be wearing at a wedding blessing.”

The cricketer’s sister, Flo, later said: “Raquel thought she was joking and said, ‘Now I know where Freddie gets his humour from’. But mum was deadly serious.” 

Fred’s first wife, and Rebecca’s mother, Enid, was also deeply unimpressed, reportedly saying afterwards: “She completely ruined my daughter’s wedding.”

But Rebecca insisted: “Damon and I were really the daisies on the lawn compared to Raquel and my dad, but we didn’t have a hard time with that – even if it seemed like everyone else around us was concerned about it. What else would you expect when you put a sex symbol and Yorkshire sporting hero together?” 

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