How Chef Danie Is Carving Out Space In The Culinary Industry For Women Of Color

Daniella Abraham (known as Chef Danie) has never been interested in playing it safe. The International Chef and Entrepreneur knew from childhood that her path to success would be in monetizing her talents even when the odds were stacked against her. 

The Miami-based, Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef realized from an early age that committing to her goals had to outweigh others’ doubts. Starting first with her decision to attend the prestigious school of culinary arts instead of accepting a full scholarship to the University of Miami for law.  “A lot of people told me not to,” she recalls. “They said I was just gonna be the help.” However, she was not deterred. “I wanted to take on the challenge and make the best of it. I didn’t want excuses standing in my way.”

Even when the hardships of life would provide every reason to give up on her culinary career, Abraham remained resilient. While followers now see her success and travel around the world, what most don’t know is her backstory of adversity. “I honestly can say I had all the odds stacked against me – from being kidnapped, molested, caught in a house fire and temporarily displaced, my car being stolen, a bad contract with a celebrity who refused to pay,  surviving suicide attempts and dealing with depression to now being able to truly say that I know my purpose,” she shares. “It has paid off and will continue to pay off because I’m not done yet. We as women have to have the audacity to persevere.”

Through it all, Abraham has made a name for herself. Running a full-scale experiential catering business, she has been linked to an A-list clientele: Pharrell Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Diddy as well as numerous pro athletes. Proving that there is a world full of opportunities available, Abraham also lends her talent to an international clientele through consulting- including once relocating to Dubai to open three restaurants for her Emirati clients. 

Her fighting spirit and commitment to greatness is the foundation of the lucrative career she has built. Here she shares some of her best advice for entrepreneurs trying to find their own path to success. 

Explore All Of Your God-Given Talents

Abraham recognized early that she had a gift for bringing people together and making them feel good through her cooking abilities. Her first culinary job was baking treats in middle school and selling her creations to friends – 50 cents for a cupcake and a dollar for a pack of cookies. “No one planted that seed,” she explains. “That was something for me, honestly, it was just something that made me really, really happy. And it was an outlet to escape, therapeutic wise. If it wasn’t music, it was always food. And I realized how that made other people feel. So it just made sense to make money from it.” 

Bet On Yourself, Despite It All 

One of Abraham’s first big

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