The Best Of Celestial Jewelry

We could all use a little magic now. That’s why a piece of celestial jewelry, which continues as a theme orbiting around independent designers’ collections is one of  the top picks for fine jewelry this holiday season. Motifs of stars and crescent moons are associated with luck, love and protection, while the constellations and cosmos create a feeling of enchantment, mystery and allure. Jewelry designs draw inspiration from the past with sayings that were popular throughout Europe in the 19th century in French and English –such as “I love you to the moon and back” or “this be your lucky star”. Whatever the iteration, the receiver of a celestial gift will feel inspired to head to a more positive future.

Ashley Zhang  Enamel Moon Love Pendant is part of her vintage-inspired charm collection. This charm says, “a la lune et retour”, meaning ‘to the moon and back.’ This saying started in Victorian times and then came back in charms in the mid-twentieth century. In 14K gold this modern take features stars set with opals and a diamond moon, set against hand painted black enamel.

Marie Lichtenberg antique, vintage and Indian inspired 14K gold and enamel locks are connected on cord and make necklace with just the imaginative and lyrical lock. However you can change the lock to put on a chain and add charms. But this gift speaks for itself “You Are My Lucky Star” inscribed with  a star set with a diamond.

Silvia Furmanovich miniature celestial painting charm with light brown diamond in 18K gold. Furmanovich describes her inspiration “I was researching a series of alchemical images and prints from the Middle Ages and discovered magical, otherworldly depictions of stars, comets and the cosmos. We commissioned Rajasthani artists we work with to translate these dreamscapes into one-of-a-kind pendants, framed in 18k gold and studded with diamonds”  Part of the new  Muse Have A Heart charming initiative, Be A Star. 

Storrow Jewelry “Anna” labradorite heart charm with gold stars in 14K yellow gold features an antique inspired and heirloom quality.  Designer of the collection Jennifer Koche has created this yellow gold star inlay labradorite heart charm as current and relevant translation of  a romantic Victorian aesthetic. Each Storrow charm comes with a clip bail to attach and personalize your own charm necklace.” Part of the new Muse Have A Heart charming initiative, Be A Star. 

 Ana Katarina’s Four Elements ‘Air’ Flip Ring is designed to spin around in18K gold, with stars and diamonds set into lapis. Katarina has designed it as a talisman to celebrate the beauty of change and evolution

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Celestial Wedding Ideas | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

If you’ve always dreamed of having a elegant, glamorous, and out-of-this-world-beautiful wedding, a celestial theme is sure to leave you and your guests starry-eyed. Photographer Taylor Anne Neel decided to make the enchanting theme come to life by staging a wedding shoot complete with a gorgeous couple, four-layer wedding cake with a moon on top, and so many more intricate details that made the shoot a dream come true.

Set at a rustic venue in Spicewood, TX, couple Hannah and Kyle portrayed an ethereal romance that many have only wished upon a star for. Hannah wore a long backless gown that featured eye-catching sparkly accents, while Kyle sported a sleek navy blue suit with an intricate gold tie. From the gorgeous stone that was placed in the middle of the bouquet to capture the essence of a full moon to the starry blue china seen among the tablescape, every detail of the shoot was thoughtful and on-theme. Keep reading to see the dreamy decor, captivating love, and charming details that made this wedding shoot a celestial wonder — it just might leave you starstruck.

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