6 Things to Know If You Want To Prepare For Your Fashion Design Course Rightly > CEOWORLD magazine

Congratulations on getting accepted to a fashion design course! Things are about to get interesting as you officially enter into one of the most creative fields out there. Of course, you should take your time in adjusting to the new life but must also utilize this time to understand what exactly is in store for you at a fashion design school. How well you are able to adjust to the new environment depends on how well you consider some extremely important aspects of college life.

Starting a fashion school means starting a whole new life. You cannot walk into it without any preparation or, at least, knowledge about what you should be ready for. Here, I am going to be of some help to you. There are a few things I have written down below that will surely help you have a better experience while you prepare for your fashion design course rightly.

Here are those 6 things to know!

  1. You are not the only one
    You may have been the star student in your school, but that does not mean you will always be the only star wherever you are. A lot of fresh entrants in universities carry that kind of attitude, thinking that they are the only ones who matter. Well, self-worth is one thing; arrogance is another. A fashion design school is a hotspot of creativity. Talented peers from all over the world have made it there just like you have, and they will serve as your competition encouraging you to work harder and better. Instead of getting offended or frightened by this, you must take all of this positively and accept that there are many talented people around you. Everyone offers a lesson!
  2. Networking
    You must develop a socially-inclined temperament because networking will take you places in the fashion industry. Even though it may seem like a little too early to begin networking, it is not. You must talk to your peers and seniors so that you get a good hang of what to and what not to expect in college and beyond. Seniors will, especially, give you a good idea of how to handle the coursework, where to apply for internships, how to build a good resume, and whatnot. Peers, on the other hand, can also be resourceful. Their presence should motivate you to take your time here seriously.
  3. Stay Updated with What’s Happening
    Fashion school is abuzz with events all the time. A lot of opportunities will come your way, and you must keep yourself updated about them. Subscribe to college newsletter, join clubs, check event-based websites daily, and ask your peers from time to time whether there is anything you should know. This is, especially, important when internships are in question. Keep your eyes and ears open so that you do not miss important details.
  4. Focus on the quality of internships
    It is quite normal for students to apply for any and all kinds of internship opportunities available out there. While doing so,
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Experiment with Korean fashion with these 5 top clothing brands > CEOWORLD magazine

Korea is so much more than just BTS. In the wake of BTS’ unprecedented rise to world fame, many people are discovering that the country has a lot to offer. One of the areas where it just might surprise you is fashion. Korea has some amazing clothing brands waiting to get noticed.

K-pop and Korean dramas have played a large role in bringing international attention to their fashion. Seoul fashion week, today commands the same international recognition and respect as Tokyo, New York, or Paris fashion week. To bring further up to speed, in the present article, we are going to bring to you the top 5 clothing brands from Korea.

  1. 8Seconds
    8Seconds is Korea’s answer to brands like Zara. At a time when other Asian brands were making a name for themselves for being affordable yet good in quality, Cheil Industries decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up.
    With the help of their deep pockets, they launched 8Seconds on an aggressive footing. Even today, 8Seconds debuts new and fresh collection every week. In the face of cut-throat competition, it is not easy to keep innovating constantly. Yet, the brand has lived up to expectations by providing quality merchandise at surprisingly affordable prices.
    Just because they debut a fresh collection every week, you should not underestimate the quality of this brand. 8Seconds is one of those few Asian brands that have managed to capture the market in American territories.
  2. Tibaeg
    Korean fashion is all about the art of expression. It emphasizes providing comfort without trying too hard to stand out. In other words, it prefers practicality over finesse. Tibaeg is one such brand that embodies this very concept.
    The name of the brand comes from the word “teabag”. With strong prints and a comfortable fitting, Tibaeg is elegant and smooth. Riding on the back of its quality stitching and well-thought design patterns, the brand has collaborated with many international bigwigs, like Disney and Louis Quatorze to name a few.
    They, the brand, design for women and are one of the most sought after names in the local market. Investing their revenue in growth prospects, they plan to have a permanent presence in multiple US states soon.
  3. The Studio K
    The whole Korean industry has shot to fame because they are so radically different from what we are used to seeing on the stage. The Studio K follows the same principle to differentiate itself from the competition that it is trying to beat.
    While all other brands on this list are trying to attain the best possible fitting and personalization for their clientele, The Studio K prides itself on technology. The main attraction behind this brand is not the finely printed clothes that it sells but rather the technology and investment that has gone into it. Not designing exclusively for men or women, complementing the human form seems to be its main agenda.
    From casual dresses to streetwear, the main theme is fluidity. The Studio K stands
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Here Are The Best Fashion Modeling And Talent Agencies Of The World > CEOWORLD magazine

The runaway success story of Gigi Hadid and the wonderful journey of Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, etc. there are countless such stories. The careers of your favorite models did not take off on their own; they were managed and planned for by their respective managing agencies.

These modeling agencies do everything from securing shows to managing tours. If you are an aspiring model then the first thing that you need is an agency. Don’t worry! You are at the right place. In this article, we will be talking about the 5 best modeling agencies in the world.

  1. IMG
    Arguably the world’s best modeling agency. You won’t be hearing about IMG just approaching a model in a mall or on Instagram. Before they hire someone, they have a strict list of criteria that must be met. Not just the look, their prospective models should have the personality too.
    Being in the industry for the last 20 years, IMG has some of the biggest names in the world of fashion as their staff. From Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, to Carolyn Murphy and Ben Still, they all share the same agency. What IMG has been invested in, apart from the aesthetic appeal, is the grooming of their models. Meeting someone off-camera would be just as pleasant an experience as talking to them on stage.
  2. Ford Models
    Ford is known for its family-like environment. Started in 1946 by Gerald W. Ford, he wanted his agency to be a home for models from all around the world. Ford takes in pupils from a common walk of life and transforms them into global stars, like Lindsay Lohan, Amber Rose, Twiggy, Adriana Lima, etc.
    Another quality that sets apart Ford from other agencies is that it is one of the most diverse (aesthetically, racially, and style-wise) agencies operating today. By being accepted under the wings of Ford, you guarantee a lifelong mentor, to guide you not just in the modeling industry but also at how to successfully transition from the role of a supermodel to that of a quality person.
  3. Elite Model Management
    Started in Paris in 1972 by John Casablancas and Alain Kittler, Elite Model Management is another industry-defining agency. What sets it apart from others is the sheer influence it has had on the entire world through the medium of its work. Some of the biggest names in the fashion world, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz (these are also some of the most influential people in their trade) are from its agency.
    Diverting from the traditional requirements of the fashion world, Elite chose to focus more on what women’s fashion world represented- empowering women. Using its reach and influence as a platform, Elite has managed to launch some of the most “misfit” models (who defy the obnoxious way of life in favor of a more grounded approach towards life) into stardom.
  4. Next Management
    Starting in New York in 1989 Next Management built itself up through the infusion of fresh faces
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Top 5 Job Options in the Fashion Industry You might want to check out > CEOWORLD magazine

With fashion lovers all around, the fashion industry is looked up to by many. Today this industry which revolves around glitz, glamour, and style constitutes one of the hotspots for career opportunities. One might think that a job in the fashion industry would be easy going. But hard work plays an equally important role here too. However if you possess that extraordinary sense of styling coupled with a creative mind and are ready to put in all the needed hard work, then you are set to get going in the world of fashion.

So if you are a fashion lover and looking to transform this passion into an interesting career, then these are the leading job options that will surely interest you-

  1. Fashion Designer
    From Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein to Michael Kors, many such renowned fashion designers have been popular role-models for fashion lovers all over the globe. Albeit being extremely competitive, this is one of the most popular career options in the fashion industry. To leave a mark as a fashion designer in the industry, one should possess a great love for designing and needs to be conversant with the latest trends. A fashion designer can show his designing flair on a wide range of products such as clothes, handbags, footwear, watches, and various other accessories.

    The love for fashion is continuously on the rise. Nowadays, be it a wedding or an event or a simple birthday party, everyone desires to wear designer clothing, designer footwear, and designer accessories to stand out from the crowd as they tend to be exclusive. Thus, fashion designing as a career will never go out of trend because our lives have become too intertwined with fashion. We care about what we were and we need fashion designers to keep options open.
  2. Fashion Model
    The job of a fashion model is to advertise and display fashion merchandise to the world. The display could be through fashion shows that are timely conducted by various designers or through photography sessions which are then showcased in fashion magazines and other media platforms.
    Fashion Model
    It is about carrying the fashion range most appealingly and delightfully while rightfully portraying what the brand wants to portray. The job is a demanding one that requires discipline and consistent hard work. One can initiate this career by taking modeling lessons, creating portfolios and, approaching modeling agencies.
  3. Fashion Illustrator
    As the name suggests, a fashion illustrator is a fashion design artist whose job is to represent fashion designs through the medium of art. Conventionally, this work is done through handmade drawings and sketches on paper but today modern technology has made digital illustrations increasingly common.

    A fashion illustrator needs to be very artistic and should have the potential to envision a design and produce the same digitally. It is an interesting career option with quite a scope in fashion houses and fashion manufacturing units.
  4. Garment Technologist
    Though this career option is not as widespread as the above three, the job of a garment technologist
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