Shop Ridgefield Social Media campaign: $50 gift certificates

Less jingle-turkey this year, but the holidays are still coming.

So, the “Shop Ridgefield Social Media Challenge” — offering $10,000 worth of $50 gift certificates — has been created even as in-person activities, events and even family gatherings are scuttled in the face relentlessly rising COVID-19 numbers.

It’s a shop local campaign designed to help fill in for what the coronavirus pandemic has ruled out.

The traditional ceremonial switch-filpping ceremony that turns on Main Street’s holiday lights — and usually draws hundreds of people to town — will be a “virtual event” this year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving this year.

And the Ridgefield Holiday Village — planned as a four-weekend series of attractions in Ridgefield’s commercial village, between Thanksgiving and Christmas — has been called off.

“Most of the activities of the Ridgefield Holiday Village had to be canceled because of the uptick in COVID cases in town,” said Geoffrey Morris, chairman of Ridgefield’s Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC).

“However the major activity and the underlying mission of the Ridgefield Holiday Village is not canceled: shopping in Ridgefield stores.”

First Selectman Rudy Marconi told the Nov. 18 Board of Selectmen’s meeting that the Holiday Village, which organizers had put a huge effort into, just couldn’t happen with the town’s COVID rate rising into the “red” zone.

“We need to — unfortunately — cancel the Holiday Village,” Marconi said.

Within a couple of days of Marconi’s announcement, organizers of the Holiday Village — the ECDC, the Downtown Ridgefield merchants, the Chamber of Commerce — had come up with an alternative plan.

(It was their second alternative plan of the season, given that the monthlong Holiday Village had been organized as a less crowded replacement for the one weekend Holiday Stroll, town retailers’ traditional holiday promotion, which was called off months ago due to the pandemic.)

The “Shop Ridgefield Social Media Challenge” has a simple concept: Ridgefielders, Ridgefield shoppers, and their friends are asked to continue supporting local businesses — in person, online, or by a phone order — and get the word out about their shopping experiences through social media.

“We are asking people to record a shopping experience in Ridgefield stores, or when they have a great customer experience via delivery or pickup” Morris said, and share the photos on social media.

How it works

As Morris outlined the program, a customer or visitor who comes to a retailer in Ridgefield, or places an order from one — online, via phone, or email — or receives a delivery, or somehow interacts with a Ridgefield business, would take a picture and post it on social media.

The picture could be a selfie taken in a Ridgefield store, or a photo of a purchase from a local business. The shopper would then “post it on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag the ECDC Facebook page use #ridgefieldholidays2020,” Morris said.

That posted photo, tagged to the ECDC Facebook page, becomes the shopper’s entry to try to earn one of the 200 gift

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SM to give away 10K worth of SM gift certificates to 5 frontliners

ONE can spark hope and share the joy of gift-giving as SM Supermalls celebrates frontline workers, the modern day heroes, in this time of pandemic.

This holiday season, shoppers may nominate a frontliner to receive a special gift via the #ShareHopeWithSM digital mailbox until Dec. 14, 2020. Five nominated frontliners may get a chance to win P10,000 worth of SM gift certificates. Winners will be announced on Oct. 26, Nov. 9 and 23 and Dec. 7 and 21.

In order to join, participants must simply follow these steps:

1. Register via the #ShareHopeWithSM microsite at or access the SM Supermalls Facebook chatbot or SM Viber bot.

2. Fill out the form to share a story of hope and nominate a chosen frontliner. Once done, shoppers may click submit.

3. One should check his email address to see if he has received the confirmation email from the #ShareHopeWithSM team.

Full promo mechanics are posted on the SM Supermalls Christmas microsite at, social media pages (@smsupermalls), mall posters and digital directories in participating SM malls.

‘Tis the season to spread the holiday cheer! For updates and announcements, one may visit SPONSORED CONTENT

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How To Keep Track Of Gift Certificates

Why you should keep track of gift certificates

If you're a small business and you're giving / selling gift certificates (also called gift vouchers) to your customers, chances are you don't have an integrated gift card solution which can be quite costly.

Hence, if you offer gift vouchers to your customers, you need a way to keep track of them, mainly for fraud and accounting considerations. Let's see why this is necessary:

  • you must prevent customers from fraud by reprinting a gift voucher, hence making your business lose money.
  • if you allow customers to redeem a partial amount of the certificate value, you need to know which amount is still available to redeem.
  • You also need to find out which certificates have been redeemed, if you want to evaluate the performance of your certificate program.
  • you may also be interested in getting more fine-grained knowledge about the gift voucher: when it was sold, which promotion it was part of, etc …

Keeping track of gift certificates using a manual code

In this tracking system, you need every certificate to have a unique, random certificate number. Indeed, to be able to identify a certificate, its serial number needs to be unique. A random number is also important in that it disallows people from reprinting a certificate and using a text formatting program, to change its serial number to make it look like a valid new one. Actually, in order to lessen the possibility of people guessing a valid code, you can also incorporate letters and other special characters in the serial number.

How to generate gift certificate codes

You can either use a random code generator software or generate the codes yourself. In any case, make sure you hold a registry of current certificates in use. You can use Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet program to keep such a list. You need to make sure that customers cannot see such a list, as you don't want to them to know valid certificate numbers. In this file, you may want to specify certificate serial number, issuing date, certificate value, redeemed amount, and any other information you find valuable to track, such as what promotion the certificate is part of, whether it was sold or given to the customer, etc …

An easier option: generating bar codes for gift vouchers

If you want an easier and more automated way of keeping track of gift vouchers, you could print a bar code on every gift voucher so that it integrates nicely with your Point-Of-Sale software. Contact your point of sale software vendor to see if they can provide such integration.

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