Virginia Chadwyck-Healey on the British brand with jolly accessories you never knew you needed

Apple placemat, £22; Pyjamas, £135; Wost Blouse, £142; Crab placemat, £38, all from The Jacksons

I particularly loved this cable knit jumper by Quinton & Chadwick. I had never even heard of this brand before researching this piece. This is why I love my job. That and the fact I was totally unaware, before writing this column, that I needed (or in fact wanted) a dachshund jute bag in my life (now I’m dropping hints to my husband) or that I’d want to decorate our lockdown dinner table with loud, bright mats in the shape of rainbows and lobsters. But “due to Covid”, it is just this kind of adornment that will breathe energy into our evenings, in place of friends’ laughter and red wine flowing. Actually the red wine will still flow, but the table will come to life thanks to The Jacksons, rather than our much-missed friends and family.

We’ve all learnt from Lockdown Part 1 that we have to continue to make an effort to dress, to exercise, to eat healthily, to differentiate between week and weekend, so Lockdown Part 2 should hopefully see us all spend more time cooking, laying the table, lighting candles – all those things we extinguish from our mealtimes in favour of Netflix and supper on our laps.

If you are wondering how I came across The Jacksons, it is a most apt story. “Due to Covid”, a long-lost friend and her family made the decision to leave London and move to the country. Where did she end up? In our village. Where do her boys go to school? The very same school as my children. We met up for a coffee to discover where life had taken us in the past 10 years. She told me about “this brand she goes out to Bangladesh to help”. I took a look at said brand out of pure inquisitiveness and… here it is in today’s column. You see, every cloud… even a very large, grey Covid cloud.

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