Chantel Is Skeptical About Brother’s Relationship Ahead of Abroad Wedding

The Family Chantel: Pedro and Chantel Pack for Her Brother’s Philippines Wedding

The Family Chantel: Pedro and Chantel Pack for Her Brother’s Philippines Wedding

Chantel Everett is feeling uncertain about her brother’s wedding in the Philippines on the upcoming episode of The Family Chantel.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, provided by TLC, Chantel and her husband, Pedro Jimeno , share their thoughts on Royal and Angenette’s international nuptials while airing their concerns about the couple’s relationship.

“I am very happy [about] going to the Philippines,” Pedro says. “I feel like I want to explore one more city, you know, one more nation.”

Prior to being introduced this season, Chantel’s brother Royal brought Angenette over from the Philippines on a K-1 Visa and they got married in court with no family or friends in attendance. Though they are planning to have a second wedding in Angenette’s home country, Chantel and her family are still hoping to get to know her better before the big day.

Chantel, for one, is feeling skeptical as Angenette was embraced a lot faster by her family than Pedro was, despite both of them having come to the United States on a K-1 visa. Furthermore, Angenette told cameras that she had a miscarriage a while ago, and Royal doubted that it was his baby.

While Pedro is excited to experience a new culture, he thinks some things need to be cleared up between the pair before their second wedding.

“If Royal feels like it [wasn’t] his baby, why feel like this, you know? It’s like, who [is saying] the truth here?” Pedro wonders. “I think they need to clear the air before they get married again the second time.”

TLC Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett

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When Pedro asks Chantel if she’s “excited” for the wedding, she’s uncertain.

“I don’t know,” she admits as they pack their suitcases. “We don’t know anything about Angenette’s family, we don’t know anything about the Philippines, really, at all.”

She goes on to explain an incident with Angenette that gave her pause. “When we went dress shopping, I asked her about how she met Royal and if she messaged any other guys, before she met Royal, that were in America,” she recalls. “And it seemed like she was about to cry.”

“Royal was the only fish that she can catch,” Pedro jokes as Chantel laughs. “The only big fish, you know, that she can catch.”

Referencing their own journey, Chantel says, “I guess I was the only fish you could catch as well.”

He sweetly replies, “Yeah, the best one.”

TLC Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno

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