Damian Chapa Director Casts Asian Beauty Queen Crystal J. Huang in New Film LATIN HITMAN

The film is available on Amazon Prime.

Damian Chapa Director Casts Asian Beauty Queen Crystal J. Huang in New Film LATIN HITMAN

Damian Chapa’s film “Latin Hitman” is based on a true story surrounding the lead character called ‘Ramos Ferarri’ who is discriminated against by the mob in New York for his Latin roots. Ramos is hired to kill a young girl but he refuses. Crystal J Huang ex beauty queen turned actress plays a Chinese detective Haun who helps “Ramos” (Chapa) to escape from New York.

The movie was filmed in Los Angeles in Spring last year. Mr Chapa said “Crystal J Huang did not have a lot of time to prepare as the film was rushed due to Covid scare and filming was completed in less time as planned. She is one of the most professional actresses I’ve ever worked with in a long time, she has a charisma not unlike Faye Dunaway whom I have worked with several times. Ms Huang is intense, controlled, elegant and a team player.”

Crystal J Huang has also appeared in award winning short film “Cupid’s Paradise” directed by Ivy Liao, “Chinese speaking Vampire”, “Dream Lollipops”, “Graduation” among many other film and drama productions. Her performance in “Walk” got her the best leading actress award in Canada Golden Maple Film Festival this year.

Crystal J Huang is a Chinese actress that started her career in San Francisco. She has appeared in numerous award winning plays and movies. Ms Huang had a main role in the award winning drama production of the acclaimed Chinese American film “The Joyluck club.” She is also a Beauty Queen and placed in Lady Oriental Beauty Pageant in 2015.

Damian Chapa the Director of “Latin Hitman” has starred in many Hollywood movies. His most recent film is Woody Allen’s “Rifkin’s Festival”. He stared in “Street Fighter” based on the multimillion dollar video game along side Jean Claude Van Dame and “Under Siege”. He has directed Hollywood legends “Stacy Keach”, “Robert Wagner”, the late “David Carradine.” Luke Scorsese Chapa THE SON of Damian Chapa is collaborating as Director of Photography on the film.

The movie is on Amazon Prime and www.revolutionhollywoodmovies.com now.

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