List of wedding venues in Nairobi and their charges 2020

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List of wedding venues in Nairobi and their charges 2020

An all-inclusive, best-in-class wedding experience is everyone’s desire. The guests love them, and you will love the experience as well. How does it work? Virtually every aspect of a wedding is customizable. You can play around with the attire, ditch the excess flower baggage and forego the expensive decor. However, there is one thing that you cannot disregard: a venue. You ought to have a suitable and conducive location for your family and friends to gather and celebrate, and Nairobi has some of the most remarkable. So, which are the most elegant wedding venues in Nairobi and their charges?


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A wedding’s ideology is quite simple: create a lavish ceremony in the most stunning environment for you and other people to celebrate your momentous day. Therefore, you cannot afford to err venue-wise. Even if you are searching for a stunning barn or a comfortable, low-key restaurant with a savannah vibe, you ought to make numerous inquiries and perform thorough research.

Maybe a wedding planner can help you figure out the best indoor wedding venues in Nairobi or give you a list of wedding venues in Nairobi. How will you know the capabilities of a space and its layout? After all, that is one of the most significant factors when deciding on a wedding venue. It is integral to make your vision a reality, and it all has to do with selecting the most suitable wedding venues in Nairobi.

Ideal wedding venues in Nairobi and their charges

Indeed, selecting a wedding venue is one of the first and biggest decisions that you will make as an engaged couple. Hence, you ought to have the wedding venue in mind and all considerations that affect the choice. The choice will influence your décor, attire and even vendors. Therefore, it is ideal that you break everything down before making a move.

Knowing cheap wedding venues in Nairobi can help you work on a suitable budget. Also, if you are looking for something exotic, then garden wedding venues in Nairobi can be a great idea. It is all about making the most appropriate decision at the right time and for the most affordable cost.

1. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

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Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club is amongst the most glamorous wedding venues in Nairobi. This amazing hotel is located at Kigwa Road Ridgeways. The lavish hotel and country club is spread across vast land with a beautiful garden that can host more than 2000 guests. So, if you were searching for wedding locations in Nairobi with humungous capacity, Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club is your spot.

The hotel and country club has various wedding venues and amenities that will amaze you.

  • The Graden Pond that is perfect for memorable “I do” moments.
  • The Kigwa View, a human-made lake with a great ambience.
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