Chewy Just Launched a Massive Holiday Gift Guide with Tons of Gift Ideas for Pet Parents


Holiday shopping for humans is fun, but shopping for your four-legged loved ones is even better. If you’re a dog or cat owner, you know the very particular joy that comes with making a holiday shopping list for your pet, imagining how excited they’ll be when you unveil their new treats or unwrap their new toy. Sure, they might not know why you’re showering them with presents, but their happiness is palpable nonetheless. That ecstatic wagging tail, the joyful meowing; pet owners live for moments like these, and Chewy’s 2020 holiday gift guide for pets can make them happen.

That’s right: Pet retailer Chewy just dropped a massive offering of holiday gifts for dogs and cats, so you can spoil them rotten (because let’s face it, they deserve it). If you’re in the market for gifts for dogs under $10, there’s a huge selection of treats, balls, plushies, and other stocking stuffers to choose from. If you’re looking for gifts under $20, there are fancy food variety packs, festive holiday sweaters, and even a coffee table book about how to (literally) teach an old dog new tricks. And, if you’re looking for something a little fancier, there is also a selection of high-tech dog gadgets, like an automatic feeder and a calming device, for under $100.

If you’re more of a cat person, Chewy definitely still has you covered. Those shopping under a $10 price point will find catnip toys, treats, and adorable holiday-themed toys your cat will go wild for. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, there’s an excellent selection of cat scratching posts, beds, and festive clothing to gently encourage your crabby cat to wear for a holiday photoshoot (because that’s what the season is really all about). And just as in the dog category, Chewy also has some high-tech automatic feeders for cats, and even a tiny heated gingerbread house for them to get warm in — the gift outdoor cat owners never knew they always needed.

If you’re a pet parent who’s starting to feel a little neglected (we get it), or a pet-free human just looking for a gift for that one friend who’s obsessed with her dog, don’t fret: There are also gifts for you on this list. Chewy has picture frames with paw ink kits, personalized ceramics, and dozens of personalized ornaments and keepsakes to put on your tree or wall. No matter how modestly or majorly you’re looking to spoil your pet (or your favorite pet parent) this holiday season, Chewy has something for you. Shop our selects below, or head over to browse the gift guide for dogs or gift guide for cats on the website. 

Gifts For Dogs Under $10


Gifts For Dogs Under $20


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