Princess Diana Rode a Bike Around Clarence House the Night Before Her and Prince Charles’ Royal Wedding

Princess Diana became an official member of the British royal family not long after her 20th birthday. A lot happened in the lead up to her and Prince Charles’ royal wedding.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their royal wedding
Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their royal wedding | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Charles cried the night before wondering if he could love two women — Diana and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall — at the same time. Meanwhile, Diana, who also had her own doubts about the marriage, spent her final hours as a commoner riding a bike at Clarence House. 

Millions watched Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married 

On July 29, 1981, Charles and Diana married in what would quickly become known as the royal wedding of the century. Those who didn’t attend the nuptials at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England, watched the ceremony live on TV. 

An estimated 750 million people around the world watched Diana walk down the aisle in what would become one of her most iconic fashion moments. Decades and many royal weddings later, it’s still the most-watched royal wedding ever. 

Princess Diana rode a bike at Clarence House before her wedding

On her last night before marrying Charles, first in the royal family’s line of succession, Diana had some fun. Staying at the royal residence, Clarence House, Diana wandered the halls looking for company. 

Author Tina Brown wrote about it in her biography The Diana Chronicles, according to Vanity Fair. She spoke to the Queen Mother’s page William Tallon, who told her Diana spent some of the night with him. 

Princess Diana sits on the steps of Highgrove wi
Princess Diana at Highgrove | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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“She seemed at such a loose end that Tallon invited her into his office for a chat with himself and an equerry,” Brown wrote in her book. “He remembers he asked her, ‘Well so shall we all have a drink?’ And the equerry ‘poured me a stiff one, and an orange juice for Lady Diana and she was very happy.’”

“Then she saw my bicycle standing against a wall and she got on it and started to ride round and round, ringing the bell and singing, ‘I’m going to marry the Prince of Wales tomorrow.’ Ring ring. ‘I’m going to marry the Prince of Wales tomorrow!’ Ring, ring.”

“I can hear that bicycle ringing now,” Tallon said. “She was just a child, you know, just a little girl.”

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Princess Diana roller-skated around Kensington Palace on ‘The Crown’

In The Crown Season 4, there’s a scene of a young Diana (Emma Corrin) rollerskate through Kensington Palace while listening to Duran Duran. Asked by Vogue to confirm it, The Crown producer Oona O’Beirn, said it did indeed happen.  

“It’s true!” she said, before adding that they’d wanted to include scenes of Diana riding a bike around the night before her royal wedding.

Emma Corrin rollerskates as Princess Diana in 'The Crown' Season 4
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Clarence cancer survivor giving back to Roswell Park through clothing apparel

25-year-old Mariana ‘Mari’ Militello was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer back in 2016, but it sparked a passion she wasn’t expecting.

CLARENCE, N.Y. — There’s just something about tie dye that’s always got Mariana “Mari” Militello hard at work.

“What I love the most about it was creating something out of nothing,” she said. 

She only found her love for the craft because she noticed something was off in 2016. 

“I was gaining weight out of nowhere, and I was working with a personal trainer six days a week. I was a great student, and I was not able to retain any of the information I was learning,” Militello said.

Mari eventually got an MRI, discovering a diagnosis so rare that doctors call her one in a million.

“We found out that I had a giant tumor in brain tumor. It’s called langerhans cell histiocytosis, and it’s actually a pediatric cancer so it’s not common for a 21-year-old to have it,” Militello said. 

While all her friends graduated college, Mari was forced to stay home so she could get treatment at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

Being stuck on her couch, though, is also where she discovered her greatest passion.

“Wearing the tie dyes made me happy, and that was part of the reason I did it. It was therapeutic, it was fun, it was bright,” Militello said. 

Not long after she went into remission, her tie-dying hobby turned into a new business: Rivive Apparel.

“Most people call me Mari. I took ‘Ri’ instead of ‘Re’ because I wanted to put a part of me into every single one of my creations,” Militello said. 

Now she’s even giving back to those who helped her at Roswell Park with the proceeds from a new line coming later this month. 

“There’s a design in it called the ‘Thriver,’ and I made it in collaboration with six other cancer survivors, using their powerful words to live by,” Militello said. 

Whether you’re battling cancer or not, the clothing is more than just another piece to add to your collection. 

“There is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong, be positive, and keep going,” Militello said. 

It’s a reminder there’s just something about tie dye, making even the darkest times just a little bit brighter. 

If you would like to check out Mari’s work at Rivive Apparel, click here. 

You can also reach her on Facebook at @riviveapparel or on Instagram @shop_rivive.

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