From Birkenstock clogs to Baby Shark: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

Going up

Baseball caps with everything Look chic while camouflaging another month away from the hairdresser, as inspired by Celine’s SS21 show.

Jil Sander x Uniqlo 2010’s uber high street collaboration – often described by design insiders as the best of all time – relaunches this week, bringing with it sleek shirts and excellent duvet coats.

Birkenstock clogs The WFH shoe for lockdown 2.

Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

Rasputin chic Jack Dorsey is now channelling Russia’s greatest love machine in his beard growth

Mariah-mas Ms Carey has officially welcomed the festive season on her Instagram. It’s a moment, dahling.

Going down

Alignment Nike’s Air Force 1’s with misplaced swooshes give a bit of edgy disorder.

Despacito Sorry, Daddy Yankee, Baby Shark has overtaken your song as the most viewed on YouTube. Seven billion sharp-toothed fans, and counting.

The Beyhive According to her Vogue profile, Beyoncé is keeping real bees. Around 80,000 of them.

Lovecraft Country Your next binge is Dawson’s Creek which is back on Netflix. Get ready for non-meme crying Dawson…

Coldplay and Guy Berryman (third from left).

Coldplay and Guy Berryman (third from left). Photograph: Redferns

Coldplay couture Band bassist Guy Berryman is now a fashion designer. But is it as good as Goop?

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Best Affordable Clogs and Mules from Crocs to Dansko

Fashion may need clogs, but clogs don’t need fashion. The shoe style has thrived for centuries on the sartorial sidelines, happily occupying space inside the functional footwear category without requiring recognition. While sometimes known to unfurl its freak flag, the clog never sheds its core traits of function, dependability, comfort, and relative affordability. Although 2020 may be crowned the golden age of clogs, the same trend title can also be awarded to the years of 2016, 2005, and even 1976. Despite its occasional appearance in the limelight, the chunky-shoe classic is a steadfast-foot supporter that crosses styles and decades.
The upshot of 2020’s clodhopping renaissance, however, is that there are more clog options (ahem, cloptions) out there than ever: rendered in materials like wood, cork, leather, rubber, felt, and foam. We’ve already explored the why of the clog’s runaway runway popularity, and now we’re getting down to the what — aka all of the clogs on the internet that we think are worthy of your time and coin. We left no clog unturned: rounding up kicks from stalwart brands like Dansko to up-and-comers like Everlane, indies like Charlotte Stone, and out-of-left-fielders like Crocs (yes, really). Consider this your clog-shopping guide — a cataclog, if you will — to every good, rad, and fugly style of this eternal footwear.

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