Cofounders of a luxury accessory startup reveal how they scaled

  • Omar and Zane Sabré are the cofounders of MAISON de SABRÉ, a luxury accessories brand best known for monogrammed phone cases and small leather goods. 
  • Since founding the brand in 2017, the Sabré brothers have utilized a social media marketing strategy that’s skyrocketed their growth. 
  • With marketing efforts that span gifting team outreach to organic celebrity engagement, the Sabré brothers shared the strategy behind their success with Business Insider. 
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Omar and Zane Sabré are the cofounders of luxury accessory brand Maison de Sabré, and have seemed to find a way to make their products stand out among the competition. 

Specializing in monogrammed phone cases and small leather goods, the entrepreneurial brothers say their brand pulled in $1.9 million in revenue over their first 12 months of business, which by the end of year two, was a number they say jumped to $10 million. The brothers declined to share documentation to show the brand’s exact revenue figures.

Crediting their rapid growth to the right social strategy and a quality product, the Sabré brothers told Business Insider just how they scaled up so fast, and the important role social media marketing has played in their success.  

Social media’s starring role in their brand’s success from day 1

Social media laid the foundation for Maison de Sabré, and has been the propeller behind the brand’s rapid growth. 

At the time of their launch in 2017, the brothers said they noticed the rapid growth other brands were experiencing on Instagram, so they prioritized finding the right market and devising a strategy to reach it. “We developed our social first strategy which has fueled our growth since we started,” Zane Sabré said. 

“We would spend hours on Instagram, reaching out to 100+ influencers a day to build a presence,” he said, adding that the two knew they would have to work hard to create their own space. “We were posting every day and doing all of this on our own, we were determined to make it work.”

About 90% of Maison de Sabré customers over the last 12 months have had a touch point with Instagram or Facebook, Sabré added, emphasizing the importance social media played not only in the beginning, but as the brand continues to grow.

Monthly, they aim for about 10,000 new followers on their Instagram account, but by staying on top of social trends and being mindful of the content they share, Omar Sabré notes that the brand has been consistently exceeding that goal. They say global sales have grown by 65% during the pandemic.

With celebrity and influencer posts — by names like Lady Kitty Spencer and Kaia Gerber, among others — often driving attention to the brand on social media, the recent launch of Instagram Reels has also been a huge engagement driver, Zane said. 

How the outreach and gift team finds the right influencers

With the success of the brand’s outreach, it’s no surprise influencer relations and consumer engagement are important

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