Wrangler and Adult Swim’s ‘Rick and Morty’ collaborate on custom clothing

Denim brand Wrangler has collaborated with the Adult Swim series “Rick and Morty” on a collection of custom clothing that includes a laser-etched jacket.

“With art never seen anywhere else in the multiverse, this collaboration includes a custom-designed laser etched jacket and an exclusive, episode-inspired T-shirt featuring the incomparable NX-5 Planet Remover.

The Wrangler x Rick and Morty Collection will be exclusive to Wrangler.com and goes live today in anticipation of the excitement around the upcoming virtual Adult Swim Festival, streaming this Friday and Saturday on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel,” Wrangler said in a press release.

Tricia Melton, chief marketing officer of Warner Bros. Kids, Young Adults and Classics, said, “Our fans often wear clothes and they love Rick and Morty, so they’re going to lose their minds over the new custom clothing launching today.”

The Season 4 finale brought Wrangler into the spotlight after a NX-5 laser destroyed everything but Wrangler jeans, Wrangler said.

“Wrangler has always embraced pop culture as a way to reach new fans, and when we were organically part of the season 4 finale episode, it was the perfect opportunity for us to explore a larger partnership with Adult Swim,” said Holly Wheeler, vice president of global brand marketing at Wrangler.

“The collection is a direct play on the finale and inspired by the laser that was fictionally ‘sponsored by Wrangler’ in the show. We loved the tongue-in-cheek joke since lasers are actually a big part of our denim production – from digital wash applications to onsite customer customization with our nano-laser.

The collaboration was a fun and natural way for us to do something authentic with our brand that joins in on the joke.”

  • The 100% cotton denim jacket comes in sizes from small to XXL. Price is $79. – “Got the Galactic Federation on your mind? Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon the only armor you’ll need against the NX-5 Planet Remover. This Wrangler x Rick and Morty jacket comes fully equipped with a custom, laser-etched design–proof that it cannot be destroyed by a laser.”
  • The T-shirt is black, has short sleeves and also 100% cotton. Sizes range from small to XXL. Price is $29.
  • Men’s Wrangler jeans. “Disclaimer: Wrangler jeans are indestructible against the NX-5 Planet Remover but have not been tested against vats of acid, portal guns, cloning machines, or shrink rays.”
Wrangler Rick and Morty collection

Wrangler and Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” have collaborated on a clothing collection.


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William Frederick Clothing and Forma Apparel Manufacturing collaborate in Cleveland fashion scene

CLEVELAND, Ohio — To William McNicol, the designer behind Cleveland-based clothing line William Frederick, being a local fashion designer also means building his products here in Northeast Ohio.


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His latest collection “F20W21,” released on Tuesday, Nov. 10, brought all manufacturing, designing and development to Northeast Ohio. The brand worked with the small garment factory Forma Apparel for all 24 pieces in the collection — a mix of trousers, shirts, coats and accessories.

The collection’s designs, McNicol said, found inspiration in the overlap between beauty and utility.

“It’s essentially about finding inspiration and beauty in things you can use every day,” he said. “Things that are beautiful can still be reliable and in fashion, it’s often one or the other… all of the fabrication in this that we use, should last a lifetime, even down to the selection of buttons.”

At Forma Apparel, sewer Corrine Blackman and business co-owner Amanda Cowsert coordinated the production of the line, which was created using eco-friendly deadstock fabrics — or, fabric that is leftover at textile factories and not specifically manufactured for the brand. Though McNicol had worked with the company in past collections, he has moved to 100% local production on current releases, he said.

McNicol said he leaned “F20W21” toward sustainability and ethical clothing production, in a line of business that can often be rife with problems. McNicol cited sexism, unfair wages in the global fashion industry and ecological issues when it comes to water usage and pollution in textile creation.

Though his line is a small, steady step toward addressing these issues, McNicol said it’s important on a community level.

“I think people have really gotten caught up on blaming fast-fashion for a lot of the issues in the world, but it needs to be examined a little deeper than that. You have to do small batch production with fabric because it’s impossible to do mass production and be sustainable,” McNicol said. “I think with people being more focused on local manufacturing as well as ethical production, there’s a growing interest that’s been leading people to the brand.”

McNicol’s focus on local production glances back to Cleveland’s history in the garment industry; in the 1920s, Cleveland was a national leader in garment production, second only to New York, according to the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History.

Forma Apparel Manufacturing Company has found inspiration in Cleveland’s history, too. Cowsert said the factory plans to soon move to Cleveland, landing in the Flats or Warehouse District neighborhood to reconnect with the heyday of the city’s fashion industry.

Forma has been operating in Beachwood for six years, initially to support a small clothing label that Cowsert developed with her business partner. Eventually, the manufacturing side took over when Forma’s founders found demand for locally created, durable apparel.

“We really saw a need for manufacturing in the Midwest,” Cowsert said. “I think New York and California, if you have to deal with ship times, it causes a large delay and you don’t have the quality

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Sarah Flint, Samuel & Sons, and Morris & Co. Collaborate on a Fashion-Forward Collection

From Veranda

Sarah Flint, the designer behind the luxury footwear known for her impeccable style and handcrafted shoes, has teamed up with Samuel & Sons, the iconic trim and finishings company, to create a capsule collection of a beautifully decorated velvet and suede flat, pump, bootie, and derby boasting an autumnal color palette inspired by England’s Newby and Broughton Halls for release this fall.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Sarah Flint

Each trim used on the shoes—like the Palais cord piping as edging or the Annecy gimps as toe caps—are made by hand in Italy. “I am constantly inspired by interior design and have always admired the vast selection and exceptional craftsmanship that is signature to the Samuel & Sons brand,” says Sarah Flint, who founded her eponymous brand in 2013. “Because of our mutual love of design and dedication to detail, the partnership with Samuel & Sons was a natural fit.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Sarah Flint

Flint has also partnered with Morris & Co, which was founded by the Arts & Crafts pioneer William Morris in 1861, to dream up a limited-edition collection launching today of three styles featuring the brand’s iconic Blackthorn design. Created in 1892 and adapted for machine printing in 1972, the dark, small-scale floral feels decidedly modern, even today.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Sarah Flint

“William Morris firmly believed that nature and craftsmanship were paramount in creating homes and surroundings,” explains Beth Holman, President and CEO of Zoffany, Morris & Co’s parent company. Flint, who has decorated with Morris & Co’s patterns in her own home and office, also incorporated the brand’s wallpapers and textiles in her first New York City pop-up last year, which helped kick off this well-fated partnership.

All styles are available at sarahflint.com.

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