Fashion Intelligence strengthens applications for rural healthcare and epidemic prevention with IoT positioning services

Fashion Intelligence strengthens applications for rural healthcare and epidemic prevention with IoT positioning services

In operation for a decade, Fashion Intelligence has been developing smart services on the basis of IoT positioning technologies in recent years. For example, Fashion Intelligence designed and integrated the software elements of the Taipei Navi app, which provides indoor navigation services at the Taipei Main Station, the biggest application field in Taiwan. It is among the highly praised public services offered by the Taipei City Government.

In addition to being a public transportation hub connecting the Taiwan Railways, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taipei MRT, Taoyuan International Airport MRT and bus networks, the Taipei Main Station is also home to a huge underground market, making it a maze to travelers. Fashion Intelligence makes use of beacon devices combining Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies working in connection with the traveler’s smartphone to position the traveler and thereby enable functionalities including indoor navigation, traffic information, restaurant and store location, smart parking information and push notification. With Fashion Intelligence’s app, travelers can easily find their way to the exit closest to where they are going or navigate to their rendezvous point without getting lost.

According to Fashion Intelligence general manager Kent Chang, its positioning system delivers a +/- 2-meter accuracy, the best that BLE can achieve. However, in the lobby area with the black-and-white checkered floor, it is not easy to deploy sensors so a +/- 5-meter accuracy is acceptable to most users.

Fashion Intelligence has been experimenting with using IoT positioning technologies to solve a range of different problems. Elderly care in remote communities is one area that Fashion Intelligence is trying to put its solution to practical use. Leveraging Wi-Fi communication and beacons, coupled with IoT sensors to detect smart IC cards, can enable precise positioning. Moreover, a diversity of outdoor positioning devices in the form of amulets or incense bags from temples, inductive cards or key chains that are compact, lightweight, wearable and convenient can be carried by elders so that caregivers can keep track of their whereabouts anytime anywhere.

Fashion Intelligence has piloted the solution in Xishi Village, Zhutian Township, Pingtung County. Elders are more willing to wear the positioning devices offered in the form of amulets and many users have expressed satisfaction. Chang noted that the app provides two functions – positioning and self-reported positioning. It is a much more efficient and economical alternative to the old-fashioned approach of using video cameras to conduct searches and is therefore growingly adopted throughout Taiwan. Available at a monthly rental fee of NT$150, Fashion Intelligence is building up its user base and expects to connect the device with the smartphones of the elder’s families or children to enable greater smart IoT business opportunities.

Launching smart applications in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong

With the assistance from the Smart City Development Projects Office, Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Fashion Intelligence has successfully expanded into Southeast Asian markets by building regional distributor networks.

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