Poppy Delevingne interview: inside my beauty bag

If ever there was a year for wellness and self-care, it’s 2020. Poppy Delevingne has long understood the holistic importance of a good beauty regime and its capacity to empower, soothe and uplift – things that feel all the more crucial in times such as these.

“I’ve really learnt the power of beauty and make-up during lockdown,” she told us. “I had to read a story for an initiative with Save The Children, and I dried my hair with a hairdryer, brushed it, put on some make-up and suddenly I felt like another person. I felt strong, elevated and powerful. It made such a huge difference. Good hair and a good make-up moment can make you feel a million dollars.”

Her grandmother has spent years dishing out excellent beauty advice (her tip on how to achieve fluttery eyelashes are well worth noting) and her sisters, Cara and Chloe, love lotions and potions even more than she does: “Chloe has a nail polish addiction – she has more than god. Still to this day, I steal one when I go to her house… sorry Chloe.”

Delevingne’s latest project, season three of Riviera, expanded her beauty knowledge even further, including finding a scent that instantly takes her back to South of France set location – and quite frankly who couldn’t do with a slice of the Riviera right now? “Wood sage and sea salt by Jo Malone London reminds me of being by the sea, but also of pine trees in that overwhelming heat. It takes me back, I’ve got butterflies.”

From tan-enhancing cheats that require zero sun exposure (it’s time to dig out your brown eyeliner) to the perfect red lipstick to ensure instant glamour, here the actress and muse shares her ultimate tips and tricks, and what she’s learnt about beauty over the years.

“My views of beauty have changed as I’ve grown older,” she says. “I now feel that less is more. In my twenties, I was piling it on. Every picture taken of me in my twenties, I’m wearing a lot of frosted eyeshadow… I wish I hadn’t worn so much of it, but back then it was kind of cool.”

Season three of Riviera is available to watch now

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Liza Koshy One of One C’est Moi Beauty Interview

Liza Koshy has been a brand ambassador for C’est Moi since 2019, but this November, she’s launching her own capsule collection of skin-care and makeup products called One of One by C’est Moi. Although Koshy is an entertainer first and foremost, if you’re one of the 18.7 million people who follow her on social media, then you know she also moonlights as a beauty influencer. In between trying out the latest viral challenge and sharing new dance videos, Koshy likes to put her makeup skills to the test with various bold looks, and we think we can all agree: she’s really good at it.

The launch of her beauty line, One of One by C’est Moi, comes from her existing love for all things clean beauty and self-expression. “I’ve definitely been super experimental with my makeup during this pandemic and quarantine,” Koshy told POPSUGAR. “I’m doing it to make myself feel good, try something new, and feel and look confident while doing it. That’s the whole messaging around the brand is that it’s this party of one — and you’re invited to the celebration yourself.”

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Booboo Stewart Interview About Let Him Go

In our Q&A series Last Call, we get down to the bottom of every last thing with some of our favorite celebs — from the last thing they texted to the last thing they binge-watched. This week, actor Booboo Stewart takes our call.

From Twilight to Descendants to Julie and the Phantoms, Booboo Stewart continuously stars in some of our favorite, most addicting films and series. Now, the 26-year-old is starring opposite Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in a new suspense thriller, Let Him Go — which follows the story of George Blackledge (Kevin), who’s a retired sheriff, and his wife, Margaret (Diane), as they fight for their family, leaving their Montana ranch to rescue their grandson from a dangerous family in the Dakotas. Ahead of the film’s Nov. 6 release, we chatted with the actor about his last day on set, the piece of advice that changed his life, and more.

What was the last day filming Let Him Go like?

It was an all-night shoot. We shot until the sun came up. We burned down the entire house and I was so excited to eat normally again and not train as hard as I was training, because I lost 20 pounds. I remember driving back, we stopped at a Tim Hortons, which in Canada it’s like the Dunkin’ Donuts, and I was so excited to eat.

Last thing you took home from a set?

I just did this movie called Those Who Walk Away and I took home my shirt and my pants from the movie.

Last thing you texted?

I told my dad that I was on my way to the ranch this morning.

Last thing you watched on Netflix?

Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Last piece of advice you received that changed your life?

Something that keeps popping in my head, I heard it recently, is “Time is elastic.” That’s what my friend told me, and it’s interesting in the sense of when you’re like, “I have five minutes to do this thing,” you get it done in five minutes. Rather than if you had the whole day to do it, you would probably take half the day to do it. Depending on what the thing you are trying to accomplish is, but time is truly elastic. If you just rock what you have to do, you’ll get it done. And another thing, too, that I learned recently, it kind of put me more at ease with the day-to-day, is just there’s some kind of energy and balance and something beautiful in the ups and downs of the day-to-day. You’ll get great news and you’ll get bad news, and this will all be in the same day, but there’s something cohesive and the balance of that is comforting. Learning to be comfortable with the ups and downs of every day and knowing that’s just the mystery of life and how it is, you know?

Last thing you ordered online?

I just got a new

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Manish Malhotra on Pandemic, Luxury Clothing, Expensive Masks And Mentoring Youngsters in His Most Heartfelt Interview

Manish Malhotra wearing a suit and tie

© Vineeta Kumar | Anjali Thakur
Manish Malhotra

Ace designer Manish Malhotra has completed three decades in the fashion world. He has dressed almost every star in Bollywood and has continued to make headlines as well as enthrall people with his design in fashion weeks across the country, and beyond borders. The designer always manages to bring something fresh to the table for the fashion enthusiasts. His latest collection, Ruhaaniyat, received much love and appreciation from both the film and the fashion fraternity. In a candid conversation with India.com, Manish spoke about how pandemic has changed his outlook towards life, his take on minimalism, his association with Myntra Fashion Superstar, and more. Excerpts: 1. Tell us about your association with Myntra Fashion Superstar? When this lockdown happened, and people were clueless about what will happen, then this show came to me and I said ‘you know what I want to try different and new things… let’s do it’. By the time we started shooting, my stores had opened, my workshops had opened but I just went ahead and did the show. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I meet models, actors, brides, and grooms that I work with. Here, I was interacting with youngsters who had bad mood swings, who had anxiety, who had depression. I could chat with them; I could hear them out. I could share with them my experiences of the highs and lows of work journey, how not to pay attention to fail, and mostly connect. While I stepped in simply as a judge, this show became more of an experience of interaction, monitoring, mentoring, and advising the young minds. I’m hoping to let them know that ‘listen, if you want to be a fashion influencer, you have to bring something new to the table’. 2. What are the parameters you keep in mind while judging the contestants on a show and what are the real opportunities for them in the industry, especially now when it’s going through losses due to the pandemic? For me the parameter was to hear them, listen to them. And honestly, I am not a person who can pretend. So, I heard them, and I said what I had to say. I just speak what I have to speak from my heart. I was enjoying the fact that I was connecting with these youngsters. I am hearing their mind, I am speaking my heart out to them. I am directing them towards their passion, encouraging them, and telling them that even I am a learner, just because I am sitting on a judgment seat doesn’t mean that I know it all. I think the real opportunity for them will be the Fashion Superstar show because it connects a lot more than you think. The interaction sessions, discussions, whether on-camera or off-camera have been a great experience. Agar who yeh opportunity aaj value nahi karte, woh definitely aage jaake value karenge (They might not value this opportunity
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Prince Charles’s Reveals Commitment To Sustainable Fashion In ‘Vogue’ Interview

The Prince of Wales has long championed wildlife conservation and safeguarding the environment, but his thoughts on the importance of sustainability when it comes to fashion have remained less publicised. Until now. In a new interview, Prince Charles’s has spoken about his lifelong commitment to sustainable fashion and his latest, fashionable endeavour.

Prince Charles isn’t launching into a career in fashion just yet, but his foundation, The Prince’s Trust, has co-founded a training programme with Net-a-Porter called The Modern Artisan. Enlisting students and recent graduates of the fashion industry, The Modern Artisan is preparing to launch “a sustainable luxury capsule collection” on Nov. 12, with sustainability at its core. “It’s critical that we address the whole issue around how we produce clothes,” the Prince told British Vogue’s editor-in-chief Edward Enninful in the December issue interview.

Describing his style mantra as “buy once, buy well,” Prince Charles also gave us a rare insight into his fashion carbon footprint, explaining how he hates throwing things away. “I’d rather have them maintained, even patched if necessary than abandon them,” he explained. Enninful provides an example through the suit he wore to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding, which reportedly dates back to 1984. “I’m lucky because I can find marvellous people who are brilliant makers of the things that I appreciate,” explains Prince Charles, “and because of that, I try to keep them going for longer.”

“I happen to be one of those people who’d get shoes – or any item of clothing – repaired if I can,” carried on the Prince, “rather than just throw it away.” He even reminisced about his childhood and taking his shoes “down to the cobbler in Scotland” and watch on in fascination as the cobbler got to work, “rip[ping] off the soles off and then put new soles on.”

Speaking about the new fashion collection by The Modern Artisan trainees – called Yoox Net-a-Porter for The Prince’s Foundation – he said: “I felt very proud indeed of what they’ve been able to produce. There are some very beautiful pieces, and I will be interested to see how this collection goes and what the reaction is.”

The Prince of Wales also reflected on lockdown, the “new normal”, and his hopes for the future. “I rather hope it will accelerate awareness of what we need to do in order to rescue our world from disaster. We need to understand that nature and everything on this planet is interconnected; you cannot do one thing without having an impact somewhere else. We need to put nature back at the centre of everything we do in a circular bio-economy. Species are becoming extinct at a rapid rate. We can’t go on like this, but there are solutions, we just need to act – and now.”

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The Police Promotional Oral Interview: Pieces of a Model Answer

A very effective way to develop a winning answer is to break it down into pieces. This not only makes it easier to remember, but also ensures that the content has appropriate depth. Such sweeping answers help to distinguish between the average and the awesome. The following is a model answer about ethics and it is broken down into five simple pieces.


(Grabs the panel's attention; a unique start to an answer)

"Ethics encompasses right and good behavior and as the foundation of our integrity, principles, and values, I personally view ethics as being a key component of police professionalism.


(The main body of the answer; defines & describes the information needed)

Ethics are comprised of a combination of both personal and professional standards. These standards consist of morals, values, honesty, integrity, courage, principles, character, and honor. It's these standards or lack of them that allow officers, through their decisions and behavior, to be highly successful or to fail. A common byproduct of strong ethical standards is great leadership. As a supervisor, my ethical standards will be closely observed and modeled. My goal as a supervisor is to insure that through my standards, my actions are synonymous-integrated-with those of my organization and as a leader, will engender these same qualities and successes to those under my command.


(Draws full focus of the panel to what you are about to say next)

As lieutenants, I'm sure you would agree that …


(Expands your answer; brings in collateral issues; represents seeing the bigger picture)

Supervisors who maintain and model strong ethics will serve to decrease mediocrity while increasing performance. Part of the value of my supervision will be in my ability to transform the concept of ethics into reality and in coaching my officers to make great decisions. By doing this, my actions will help to shield my officers from internal or external complaints, improve their professional image to public perception, and protect my organization from exposure to potential liability.


(Prevents an abrupt stop; provides a smooth transition to the end of your answer)

Finally, having learned many lessons from the last fifteen years, perhaps one of the most difficult periods for law enforcement in recent history, ethics has never been as critical as it is today and will always be at the center of my leadership. "

This answer has 261 words and would take about 60-90 seconds to present. Compare this answer to your competitions, most of who usually begin and end their answer with only the core portion of the answer shown above. The difference, especially when delivered verbally, is like night and day. Test well !!

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