Is there formaldehyde in my skin and beauty products?

A client gets a hair-straightening treatment known as the Brazilian Blowout. High levels of formaldehyde used in the original treatment has caused concern, both for stylists and their clients.

A client gets a hair-straightening treatment known as the Brazilian Blowout. High levels of formaldehyde used in the original treatment has caused concern, both for stylists and their clients.

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Most people know formaldehyde as a chemical commonly found in cigarettes, some building materials and used as an embalming fluid.

What you might not know is that this colorless chemical compound could also be lurking in your beauty and skin care products.

See how formaldehyde can affect your skin, how to spot it on an ingredient label and which formaldehyde-free skin care products are my favorites.

What is formaldehyde and why is it used in skin care?

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring gas that consists of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Because of its effectiveness as a preservative, liquid formaldehyde is used in a variety of products, including some skin and beauty items.

When inhaled in its gaseous form, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and can cause a number of adverse health effects.

As more information has become available about the risks of using formaldehyde in personal care products, some big brands have stopped using this ingredient as a preservative in their products. However, many others continue to use it.

The European Union has banned formaldehyde-releasing ingredients in skin and beauty products.

Formaldehyde and skin allergy

In both its gaseous and liquid form, formaldehyde is a known skin allergen and can cause contact dermatitis even at low-exposure levels.

If you are struggling with a skin allergy, consider checking your products for formaldehyde-containing and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, many of which are included in this list from the Environmental Working Group:

DMDM hydantoin

Imidazolidinyl urea

Diazolidinyl urea


Bronopol (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol )



Formaldehyde can also be found in nail polish, eyelash glues, soaps, hair products, shampoos, lotions and many other personal care products. So be sure to check the ingredient lists on all of the products in your daily routine if you think formaldehyde could be at the root of your skin allergy.

How to find formaldehyde-free skin care products

There are plenty of formaldehyde-free skin care products out there — you just have to sift through ingredient labels. Avoid the ingredients listed above when choosing new skin care products. If you’re not sure about a particular product, ask your dermatologist for formaldehyde-free recommendations for your skin type.

For more skincare tips and tricks, be sure to follow Baumann Cosmetic on YouTube, or follow @BaumannCosmetic on Instagram or Facebook.

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez ‘fight’ over beauty products

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez are posing for a picture: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez “fight” over beauty products.

The couple – who have been engaged since March last year – both love keeping their skin healthy by using a variety of products, and Jennifer has admitted she’s even had arguments with her fiancé over who gets to use their stash of creams and oils.

Jennifer spoke after she announced she is set to launch her own beauty and skincare line named JLo Beauty, as she said she and Alex fought over the products in the range whilst testing them out at home.

Speaking to E! News’ ‘Daily Pop’, she said: “He loves skincare products. As we were trying all of the products, he was always like, ‘What are you doing? What are you using? Let me get two. Give me some. Give me some! Don’t be cheap, come on.’ I’m like, ‘It’s a sample! I have to try it for five days. Like, leave it alone!’ And we would be fighting over the products.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer recently revealed she and Alex have postponed plans to tie the knot twice because of the coronavirus pandemic, after they were originally supposed to marry in Italy over the summer.

She said: “You know, we’ve talked about so many different things cause we had to cancel the wedding last year because of COVID, because of the quarantine, and we actually did it twice, which people don’t know, where we had it in different times.

“First one cancelled and then second one cancelled as well… We kind of have let it go for a second.”

But the 51-year-old singer and actress insisted she and the retired baseball star, 45, are in no rush to get hitched.

She said: “I think we just feel like, ‘Let’s just wait it out’. There’s no rush. We’re good. Everything’s cool. It will happen when the time is right.

“I feel like it’s not a huge priority to go and have a big wedding right now. That’s not what life is all about, life is about just enjoying each other and spending time and really being grateful for all of the things that we have.”

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Jennifer Lopez Revealed All the JLo Beauty Products

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

“Get an ageless glow that has no limits,” reads the unequivocal tagline on the newly launched JLo Beauty website. Clearly, the brand is tapping into a fascination with its founder, who’s sparked headlines about her youthful appearance for years. Now, Jennifer Lopez has revealed the skin-care products that are made for anyone who’s pined after the JLo glow. In an Instagram Live on Wednesday, she shared the details of every product in her upcoming JLo Beauty line.

Before breaking down the collection, Lopez said her skin-care line is informed by her experiences trying products that run the gamut from low- to high-end, and her belief that fighting inflammation and dehydration is key. “I am spilling all the secrets, all the things that I’ve learned over the years, [including] what I know from using drugstore products when I was growing up — and even now, because I still use some — to the most expensive products,” she said in the IG Live. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Used This $30 Mascara to Achieve Her Voluminous Lashes at the PCAs)

Lopez said she combined her extensive skin-care experience with “some secrets” from her mom — including the notion that olive oil is “nature’s magic ingredient” (it’s now a hero ingredient in JLo Beauty) — to bring the beauty line to life.

The first drop in Lopez’s skin-care line will include eight products, which will be available for pre-order starting December 8th. Come January 1st, the full line will be available to order on the JLo Beauty site, then at Sephora a few weeks thereafter. But for now, you can always tide yourself over with a bottle of good old extra-virgin olive oil.

Ahead of the official launch, here’s what Lopez shared about JLo Beauty on IG Live.

JLo Beauty That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum

“A lot of you asked me to bottle ‘that JLo glow,'” Lopez said when introducing her first product on IG Live. The brand’s multitasking serum is meant to do just that, leaving skin feeling tightened and lifted.

JLo Beauty That Fresh Take Eye Cream

Lopez said she wanted an eye cream that’s actually effective after finding out from personal experience that they often seem to do nothing. Her eye cream hydrates to reduce the appearance of fine lines and tightens up the under-eye area instantly, she said.

JLo Beauty That Blockbuster Wonder Cream

The face cream in Lopez’s line is meant to leave skin looking smoother, brighter, and plumper. It’s apparently so good that Lopez’s mom has been stealing it from her.

JLo Beauty That Big Screen Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer

In her IG Live, Lopez said she counts religious SPF wear as “one of [her] secrets that have kept [her] super youthful and young over the years.” She also knows that a lot of formulas with sun-blocking ingredients leave a white cast,

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Zendaya’s 3 Go-To Beauty Products Are All Under $40

Does your makeup routine need something new and fresh? Are you stuck in a rut but don’t want to spend too much cash on a magic product? Zendaya knows how you feel, and the star is sharing her go-to beauty picks with Glamour to potentially help you find a new staple for your makeup bag. The best part? Each of her faves rings up at under $40!

Glamour asked Zendaya a whole bunch of beauty-related questions, including what her favorite trends are (answer: she doesn’t really follow them) and her favorite nail shades (answer: bright or deep red, depending on the season), and then inquired as to which three products she’d bring with to a proverbial deserted island.

Z gave a practical answer for her first product of choice. “SPF, SPF, SPF! This is absolutely my ultimate non-negotiable,” she said wisely. “I’m really loving the Lancôme UV Expert Aqua Gel SPF 50. It’s amazing on its own, but also serves as a really great primer under makeup.” (Z is a spokesperson for the brand.) “Otherwise, I’d bring mascara, of course, and a tube of Aquaphor — I carry it on me at all times.” Smart! Aquaphor is a great way to keep your entire body moisturized, which is especially important on a lonely island!

product image

Lancôme UV Expert Aquagel Defense Primer & Moisturizer SPF 50

Image may contain: Bottle, Lotion, and Cosmetics

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Zendaya is the face of Lancôme’s new Lash Idôle mascara, and she told Glamour that mascara is one of her favorite parts of her routine; Z prefers her lashes long, to “open up” her eyes and make them “pop.” She’s also learned some great mascara-related tips during her time on sets and prepping for the red carpet. “One of the best tricks I’ve learned over the years is to use a face or cleansing oil to remove mascara, and to move slowly. It really helps keep them healthy and soft, plus it keeps the skin around my eyes nice and moisturized.” 

These days, Z does her own makeup for shoots and even feature films — she played makeup artist for her latest role in the forthcoming Malcolm & Marie.

As for the rest of Zendaya’s budget-friendly beauty picks, she told the mag that if she had $20 to spend at the drugstore, she’d go for the essentials. “Probably hair ties, you can never have enough. I literally stash them everywhere,” she shared. “Also just a bunch of beauty tools—tweezers, cotton rounds, nail files—you can never have too many of all of these things.” Truer words have never been spoken!

product image

Tweezer Guru Tweezers for Ingrown Hair

product image

Goody Ouchless Hair Braided Elastic Thick Tie

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Products For Her Upcoming Skincare Line JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez has revealed the product lineup for her upcoming beauty line, JLo Beauty! The range will officially drop on Jan. 1, 2021, with seven skincare products. 

The brand posted a photo of the skincare line on Instagram on Wednesday, revealing the gorgeous gold packaging and name for each item — That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum, That Limitless Glow Multitasking Mask, That Big Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer, That Blockbuster Wonder Cream, That Hit Single Gel-Creme Cleanser, That Fresh Take Eye Cream and That Star Filter Complexion Booster. 

Fans can sign up on the JLo Beauty website to get early access to the That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum and That Blockbuster Wonder Cream and pre-order the rest of the collection on Dec. 8. 

Lopez shared stunning campaign images on Instagram. The multi-hyphenate is absolutely glowing and fresh-faced in the photos as she poses in water. In a video, she talks about the tagline of her brand, “Beauty has no expiration date.”

“As women, people are so ready to write us off. I just kept waiting for that to happen, and I realized, no, I’m not gonna let that happen. It’s about being limitless. It’s about being powerful and understanding beauty really doesn’t have an expiration date,” Lopez narrates in the video.

Lopez captioned the post, “This isn’t just a passion project, it’s a 30-year dream. I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you!!”

Last month, Lopez was honored with the People’s Icon Award at the E! People’s Choice Awards. She looked beautiful in a red ruffled Christian Siriano dress. For her beauty look, Lopez used her upcoming JLo Beauty skincare products.

Back in December 2019, the JLO Holding Company, LLC filed a trademark for cosmetics and skincare products, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including skin moisturizers, beauty masks and skin cleansers.

In December 2018, Lopez teased she was launching a skincare line during a speaking engagement in New York City, reported by Refinery 29.

“I will be coming out with a skincare line. I’ve been working on it for a long time because I don’t want to put [just] anything out,” she told the moderator, who asked about her skincare routine. “I get that question a lot, especially as I get older. I want it to be something that encompasses all the things I’ve learned and all the secrets I have. And it doesn’t have anything to do with needles.”

The “On the Floor” singer is no stranger to launching beauty products. Lopez has had multiple fragrances, including the popular Glow by JLO, and a makeup range with Inglot. Additionally, the style icon recently collaborated with Coach on the Hutton Shoulder Bag. She also has a shoe line at DSW. 

Check back as ET Style keeps you updated on the latest news on Lopez’s new beauty brand.



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8 Skin-Care Products Coming In Hot From JLo Beauty

“I am youthful and timeless at every age.” That’s the affirmation that Jennifer Lopez tells herself every morning, and it’s also the mantra that’s she taking into her newest endeavor: a skin-care line. It’s been a few months since the multi-hyphenate star teased her brand, JLo Beauty, with a glowing selfie and cryptic caption. But the wait is finally over, and we learned everything about the anticipated brand — from the release date to the product details — straight from JLo herself.


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According to the founder, these products have been 20 years and 100 reformulations in the making, with skin care always being the most obvious choice as a business venture. “It’s the thing that people wanted from me,” Lopez told a small group of beauty editors during a virtual press event. “The number one question, no matter where I went, if I was promoting a movie or music, it was, ‘What are you doing for your skin?’ As I got more mature, the question came even more frequently.”

Now, all those questions finally have an answer: an eight-product line that’s launching January 1, 2021 at and at Sephora and Amazon on January 14, 2021. But you don’t have to wait until then to learn more about each of the products or the brand overall. Check out all the details, from the multitasking serum to SPF moisturizer, ahead.

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10 Skincare Holiday Gift Sets Under $75 Featuring The Best Skincare Products Of The Year

This year’s quarantine has meant a loooooot of time spent looking at myself in the mirror, coupled with a loooooot of time rejiggering and perfecting my skincare routine to nourish and protect what I’m looking at. Odds are, if that resonates with you, it probably does with tons of your loved ones, too. As the holiday rush grows and grows, along with your stress over what the heck to buy the people in your life who seem to have it all, let these skincare holiday gift sets under $75, each featuring some of the best skincare products of the year, take the stress and guesswork out of the equation.

Skincare is arguably one of the best, easiest avenues to explore when it comes to gifting any year, but particularly in 2020. More time at home has led people to spend a greater deal of time developing a solid skincare routine, trying and cycling through products at a rate they never would have otherwise. Chalk it up to a greater need for self-care or straight up boredom, but either way, skincare holiday gifts sets are a relatively low-lift, accessible way to make your friends and loved ones extra happy this season. And that goes for the skincare aficionado and the complete serum newbie in your life.

Below, you’ll find the best skincare holiday gift sets at a range of prices, some targeting specific skincare concerns like dullness and uneven texture, and others giving your giftee a complete routine to take for a test run. Just be careful — these are so good, you might end up keeping one, two, or even three for yourself.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Of course, no one is, well, traveling much these days, but that doesn’t tamper the intention behind Indie Lee’s travel-sized Discovery Kit. The beauty brand has quickly gained popularity among the skincare-obsessed for its clean ingredients and science-focused formulations. The Discovery Kit contains three of Indie Lee’s hero products and acts as an easy introduction to the brand for skincare newbies.

Looking for a glow that won’t quit? This set from clean beauty brand Honest Beauty combines the best of the best radiance-boosting essentials for dewy results in a flash. It includes the Prime + Perfect Mask (which founder Jessica Alba swears makes her pores look smaller), the skin-brightening Vitamin C Radiance Serum, and the lightweight Everyday Radiance Moisturizer. Not to mention, you’ll even get Alba’s favorite cat ears spa headband for the cutest skin-care routine ever.

In quarantine, #MaskMonday is now #MaskEveryDay. Patchology’s Nude and Improved Skin Perfecting Kit comes with a different mask for Monday through Friday. You get two variations of the FlashMasque Sheet Mask, two variations of the FlashPatch Eye Gels, and a Hydrating Lip Gel. Not to mention, the brand’s thrown in a pack of cleansing wipes for you

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Burn Care Products & Accessories Market Research With Size, Growth, Manufacturers, Segments And 2026 Forecasts Research

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Dec 01, 2020 (Heraldkeepers) —
The global burn care product & accessories market is predicted to witness a positive growth throughout the forecast amount. Rising incidence of burns, increasing healthcare expenditure, government initiatives, increasing number of burn units and growing advance care treatment choices are the factors which might attributed to growth of burn care product and accessories market. Increasing awareness level among individuals concerning advance treatment choices related to burn care management is contribute to boost the expansion of world burn care product and accessories market. Rising income and new burn care technology product contributing toward increasing demand.

The global Burn Care Products & Accessories market report provides geographic analysis covering regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. The Burn Care Products & Accessories market for each region is further segmented for major countries including the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., France, Italy, China, India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, and others.

Browse Full Report:

The global Burn Care Products & Accessories market is segregated on the basis of Type as Advanced Dressing, Biologics, Traditional Products, and Others. Based on Application the global Burn Care Products & Accessories market is segmented in Hospitals, Clinics, and Others.

Burns are one among the foremost common injuries characterized by severe skin damage that cause the affected skin cells to die. Burns are specifically damage caused to one or multiple layers of skin and flesh by external sources like heat and chemical. Burns are classified according to degree from minor to major, with every degree nothing a better level of injury starting at first degree and moving as so much as fourth degree. Understanding and characteristic burns degree properly can increase possibilities of productive treatment and care. First degree burns or superficial burns are known by redness, pain and minor swelling. Second degree burns produces slight thickness of skin and harm underlying layer of accomplished areas.

Third-Degree burns causes dermis and surrounding nerves harm. Fourth-degree burns are higher degree of burns inflicting charring and irreparable harm. First-Degree and Second-Degree burns treated with skin care product like antiseptic creams and antibiotic ointment moreover use dry cotton over the skin to safeguard the burned area. Treatment of third-degree burns may need the method of skin attachment or artificial skin. Burn care product & accessories embrace substance dressing, one the common dressing with gel forming agents within and versatile waterproof outer layer used for moderate burn wounds. Burn care product & accessories include water gel spray, burn dressings, wet burn pad, Non-adherent pads and substance, hydrogel, collagen and alginate dressings. For serious burns treatment might involve medication, wound dressing, medical aid and surgery goal of treatment are to manage pain, stop infection and remove dead.

Competitive Rivalry

Smith and Nephew, 3M Company, Baxter International, Convatec, Derma Science, Medtronic, Molnlycke healthcare, Coloplast, Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon), Hollister, and others are among the major players in the global Burn Care

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Travel Products Made By Women

As small business owners have been hit hard by the pandemic-related economic brunt, consider their products and services as holiday gift options. In buying what they make to give to others, it’s a way of giving back by financially supporting them in return. Here are our gift suggestions for travel-related or inspired products by women business owners and entrepreneurs.

“The Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico,” $39.95 

Food and travel writer Jessica van Dop DeJesus — also known by her brand’s name, “The Dining Traveler”  — enlisted documentary photographer Italo Morales to go on a month-long journey across Puerto Rico. The result of their collaboration is this pictorial guide to this island, which transports readers through photography, accounts from locals, and a more in-depth look at Puerto Rico’s lesser-known regions.

Customized Road Trip Guides, CrushGlobal, varied pricing

Through her travel company, Kristin Braswell has developed a series of U.S. road trip guides focusing on not only places to go to but also emphasizing inclusivity across the travel and hospitality spectrum. Each guide lists businesses that are black, women and/or LGBTQ-owned, recommendations for culinary, outdoor and other personal interests, and notes regarding any safety precautions and COVID-19 mandates. Custom itineraries begin at $299 and can vary based on how many days and experiences. Ready-to-use guides range from $29 to $59 and cover Northern and Southern California, the Northeast, and the South.

Food Tour In A Box Series, Global Tours Connect, starting at $35

Co-run by Midgi Moore and Lauren McCabe Herpich, to support fellow women food tour operators, Global Tours Connect offers themed and boxed epicurean experiences with food products from various U.S. destinations. Get wild Alaska salmon or goodies sold at Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market or key lime delectables from Key West.

Shampoo and conditioner bar travel sets, Unwrapped Life, $32

A plastic-free beauty brand by sisters Allison and Arden Teasdale, Unwrapped Life’s line of shampoo and conditioner bars suit various hair types and needs. The bars are described as being vegan and cruelty-free and can last at least up to 50 washes. They all come with a pair of rust-resistant matte gold travel tins.

Quick Dry Microfiber Travel Towel With Pocket, DryFoxCo, $39.95

Samantha Peck came up with a solution for making towels able to store your valuables — as in your phone — and be less susceptible to getting and staying soaked. Her lightweight and quick-drying design does incorporate a water-resistant pocket for securing valuables and can fold up to fit in a daypack.

Various Gift Sets, Naples Soap Company, starting at $30

Nurse-turned-entrepreneur Deanna Wallin started experimenting with making soaps to find a solution for treating her child’s

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Best things to buy on Black Friday: Gift cards? Gadgets? The best and worst products for deals

A fresh wave of COVID-19 lockdowns have shuttered stores and restaurants, but that doesn’t mean that Black Friday deals are shut down. They’re out there, and whether you’re buying online or willing and able to brave the crowds, there are deals to search for as well as ones to avoid. 

Before you firm up your list and whip out your credit card, it’s important to make every dollar work as hard as it can — especially if the coronavirus has put a squeeze on your wallet. Figuring out if you should get that gift card now or in a few weeks can go a long way to maximizing your holiday budget.

The good news: So many sales are starting early that you can snap up some great deals right now — without even having to brave lines and crowds. 

The bad: It can be tricky to figure out what sales to pass up. What’s slightly discounted now might be deeply discounted in a few weeks, and you never want to pay more than you have to. 

Best things to buy on Black Friday

Kitchen gadgets

Shhh, here’s an insider tip: Retailers tend to stock up on kitchen gadgets ahead of the holidays… and they need some way to get rid of that inventory quickly. That’s why Black Friday is a great time to look for deals on smart cookers, coffee makers, blenders, toaster ovens, air fryers and more.

One kitchen staple that’s bound to be on sale for Black Friday: stand mixers. If they aren’t on sale by Black Friday, you can generally count on snapping up a deal on Cyber Monday; do not be surprised if KitchenAid, for example, put some of their iconic models on sale then, as they did in 2019 and in 2018.

Green Plate Special
Kitchen gadgets tend to go on sale over Black Friday weekend and in the days following.

Portland Press Herald/Getty Images


If you’re looking for a new set of headphones, a laptop or a smart watch, Black Friday may be the time to snap up the best deals as long as you don’t have your heart set on a specific model. Apple traditionally launches a huge sales event starting on Black Friday and lasting for four days. The brand — not exactly known for deals or low-end options during most of the year — even tends to put its gift cards on sale during that window. That said, many other electronics deals may come from lesser-known brands. 

These deals often send waves through a whole retail sector, with rival brands striving to match prices. That goes not only for gift cards, but also TVs, TV accessories, smart speakers (last year saw a great deal on HomePods), smart phones, security devices, older video games and more. Big-box retailers tend to highlight these deals in their Black Friday ad buys.



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