Alec Kesheshian Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry With God’s Dream

MELROSE AVENUE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2020 / Brilliant ideas and remarkable vision are brought to life when they are sparked with passion, dedication, and grit. No matter how skilled and talented an individual is, the ultimate realization of a dream will always boil down to determination, drive, and discipline. And as someone who believes in the value of hard work and perseverance, Alec Keshishian, the esteemed founder of God’s Dream, shares with the world how he was able to reach the summits of success through his diligent efforts.

Although he has already made his mark on the industry, Alec Keshishian would always look back on his stark beginnings to remind himself of his mission, igniting creativity and promoting individuality. And for this reason, his clothing line is all about celebrating uniqueness and stirring confidence. With designs that speak volumes about his vision, God’s Dream is making significant strides towards the forefront of the fashion industry.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world had to impose health guidelines and take serious precautions. But before the pandemic resulted in international travel bans, Alec Kesheshian decided to unwind and take a trip to the Amalfi Coast and bask in its glory. He initially planned this escapade to experience the tight-knit nightlife and break away from his Bel Air roots. However, he stumbled upon something more valuable than peace and relaxation. Because of this trip, the visionary found the inspiration to build a high-quality fashion line.

According to Alec Keshishian, it was impactful and empowering to walk on the grounds where some of the most celebrated fashion houses in the world originated. With the time he spent in Milan, he found himself sampling premium fabrics and creating design flats for his production company. He then felt heavily inspired to bring such a world-class level of craftsmanship back to Los Angeles and start a brand that would bring people together.

Going back to the United States, Alec Keshishian brought out his creative flair and built God’s Dream-a revolutionary lifestyle clothing company grounded on utopian ideals. And proving to be unstoppable at his game, he developed a cut-and-sew line and within the span of a few months. On top of that, he also opened a brick-and-mortar store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

In an interview, Alec Keshishian shared that it took him a lot of failures before he finally created a successful venture. He admitted that those rejections left him feeling defeated and discouraged. But instead of wallowing in despair, the determined fashion designer tried to pick himself back up and pursued his dreams with a stronger and more resilient mindset. Had he given up on his creative endeavors, he would not have shaped God’s Dream into the empire that it is today.

More than just a clothing brand, God’s Dream is a lifestyle that aims to provide individuals with a voice. Alec Keshishian believes that his designs help people express themselves through creativity, boldness, and ingenuity. And as someone who has

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Kiddy Planet Revolutionizes The North American Market With Cute Bento Lunchboxes & Accessories.

Perfect bento lunchboxes & accessories for busy parents dealing with fussy eaters.

A mother and daughter team are on a mission to help parents struggling with picky eaters to end the mealtime battles for good.

Kiddy Planet is a Canadian company that helps parents making mealtime fun. The start-up offers bento lunchboxes, stainless steel water bottles, sandwich cutters & food picks.

In 2019, Youssy decided to create her company after multiple years working in the industry. The need for such practical products was obvious, Youssy responded back to the market by launching different products to make parents’ lives easier.

“As a mother of a 3 years old daughter, I am always keen to use my creativity to design the cutest and practical products while maintaining the affordability of our articles,” said Youssy, founder of the start-up.

Many American and Canadian parents have put their confidence in Kiddy Planet’s products. Even more, the company is seeing a growing demand from other parts of the world also. Plans are already on the works to make Kiddy planet’s catalogue available in Europe in the near future.

Youssy said “We have signed some strategic partnerships with leaders in the industry which will be announced in November 2020.” She added: “Our product development team is constantly working on adding very useful and innovative products to our catalogue.”

You can check their website for more information:

About Kiddy Planet:

Kiddy planet is a children products company founded in Canada by a mommy. The initial idea was to bring fun, practical & cute products for her little one.

As the passion for quality and uniqueness kept on growing, Kiddy planet evolved into a company offering several products such as carefully designed lunchboxes, stainless steel water bottles and amazing food accessories.

At Kiddy Planet, we believe that safety, durability, customer satisfaction & affordability are the most important.


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